And the Fandom Slowly Begins to Implode…

davidwcI’m reposting part of MomJulee’s “Last Post” because her words are too important to dismiss (and seriously, I had no idea things had gotten this bad for some fans – I mean, really? There are “fans” reporting other fans to #manincap?  REALLY?! And if you are such a fan who does despicable things like this, let me be the one to tell you now: PUT DOWN THE KOOL-AID!!!):

I might offend some people with this post and I want it clear that that is not my intention. I am honestly telling you what I feel and have been thinking about for a long time. I am not trying to justify my decision or to convince anyone else to change their mind, but sometimes you reach a point where you have to decide whether what you go through to be an online David fan is worth it or not. This is simply my thought process. If I actually detailed everything negative that has happened since February of 2008, you wouldn’t believe me anyway. You’ll just have to trust me, if you feel so inclined.

I realize perfectly that my experience is not the experience of most of the fans. That is how it should be. And most of you will just think ‘Awww, that’s too bad’ and move merrily along the David-fan path. But I simply cannot anymore. I am not giving in or letting anyone ‘win.’ As far as I can tell, whatever imaginary competition fans are having, we’ve all already won if we have his music.  No one is taking that away from me. Any notions of one fan being better than another or of being closer to David than someone else are just bogus. I’m not sure why fans hurt other fans. It makes me sad, it makes me mad and sometimes it even just makes me laugh, but it’s simply not fun anymore.

When I hear David sing anytime, anywhere, anything, live, on CD, on Youtube or TV, I want to be an online fan. When I see others leave strings of nasty comments full of name calling to someone not even worth the time of day, who didn’t like what they heard, I don’t. I think my mantra has been “Some people have learned nothing from David’s example.” I’ve had to say it way too many times.

When I meet up with wonderful new friends at concerts across the country and we have more fun that should be allowed listening to David and spending time together, I want to be an online fan. When I learn that people who have never even met me have been gossiping about me and spreading lies, I don’t. And I have to wonder why they even care? Is it that imaginary competition again? Go ahead and feel like you’ve won it, I just don’t get it.

When I attend an event like the Women’s Conference and see how far David has come and feel inspired once again by what an 18-year-old can teach me and I feel lucky and blessed to hear his voice and admire his person-hood and David-ness, I really really want to be an online fan. When I see others ripped apart for trying to support David in their own way or falsely threatened for their actions or harassed online or blatantly using others to attempt to get to David, I really really don’t. Some people need to get a life.

When I am able to explain to others the impact David has on people and how I am so glad there is someone like him who rises above the pollution in this industry and they are impressed, I want to be an online fan. When I see any of that pollution anywhere close to David, I don’t. And please, I never ever want to get one of those phone calls again asking me if I’ve ‘heard the bad news.’

When I see people work their tails off supporting and contributing to charities or causes David has an interest in, I want to be an online fan. It warms my heart and restores my faith in humanity. When I realize that online fans are often at the bottom of the “people that really matter” list, I just don’t. We just don’t have the money and we just don’t have the clout. Or maybe it’s because we actually know how to spell his name? I’m not sure.

When I recognize how my life has been enriched and changed because of David, not just because of his music, but because of the friends I have made, I honestly want to be an online fan. When my friend’s email and facebook accounts are repeatedly hacked into, and private communications between us are sent to David’s dad on purpose to infuriate him, I honestly don’t.

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  1. It’s been happening for months now HG. Julee is just one of a long list of people who have stepped back from the fandom or been driven out.

    • And the ironic thing is that some who drive out other fans carry on how religious and holier-than-thou they are, carry the whole faith and family mantra. Someone please back me the bucket.

  2. wow… this is really disheartening, and disturbing to read, because what isn’t being relayed outright regarding her frustration is palpable. there are so many currents and undercurrents beneath the surface of this fanbase one wonders how the center has held as long as it has… thank god it has… i feel a day of reckoning like mom julee’s approaching in the online fandon, i feel it in my bones… there are too many issues and unresolved frustrations regarding various people surrounding david that are making it hard for those dedicated to supporting david to keep in check… i fear julee won’t be the last worn down by this kind of petty and juvenile behavior from sycophants or those who want to be in what they feel is the ”in crowd”…

    • Counting David’s Character closed also. Wonder why that happened?

    • I always feel bad for Wanda at Archuleta Avenue. She dedicates so much time to running her site, yet I don’t think any of her efforts are ever acknowledged by David’s peeps. Plus, didn’t something weird happen recently with a guy who works on her blog? Wonder of it was the same type of thing going on. Sheesh!!!

      I have no agenda to “get to know” David. Just have fun discussing him and listening to his music. Doesn’t everyone??!

      Oh and Peter – someone I know (cough moi cough) would love to see that “For Your Entertainment” in glorious Comic Sans! 😀

  3. “Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing.”

  4. Assumption alert!

    I’m beginning to think that Jeff is jealous of David’s success and is subconsciously trying to sabotage his career.

    • raelovingangels

      I realize that subconcious is the pivitol word hee, but I disagree. I realize this is not a popular opinion but IMHO, manincap would not have spent money & nutured david as he did, if he did not want david to succeed. I also believe he does believe he has David’s best interest at heart. I think it is more a situation of how difficult it is for anyone to see their own flaws and the impact of those, especially in the extremely highly visible world of David.

  5. This is really sad. It is so hard to understand. Why would “people” around David drive out fans? I don’t get it

  6. This is so sad, I always enjoyed reading julies posts. I do not understand what happened here. I just hope that this does not continue to happen. Not only does it hurt the people involved but at some point it could ruin Davids career!

  7. Previously when I mentioned some of the “baiting” that occurs on fan sites, I wasn’t referring to the posts that fan bloggers make generate conversation. I was referring to fans who visit other websites for the sake of insulting the regulars on that website. For ex, I’m not into #svb as a promotional tool so I’ll keep my thoughts here on this blog. There are some fans who will go to a site where that is the practice and criticize the regular poster’s efforts to promote David.

    Also, some fans seem to take pride in the fact that they know someone (eg, a family member) who knows David. I believe it gives them a sense of power & influence to report to #manincap, siblings, etc., who they don’t care for in the fandom.

    Last, I don’t think David is scared to drop some of those who surround him. I believe that David realizes that at the moment, #manincap really needs him. If he were to let him go, what else does #manincap have?

  8. I confess that I’m reading between the lines and making assumptions, but it appears that anyone with something negative to say about #manincap is systematically banished from the fandom. It also appears that some fans who are in the inner circle, and some who want to be there, ensure that their postion won’t be usurped (and also demonstrate their loyalty) by passing along information regarding anyone who is not toeing the line and has the audacity to hold #manincap responsible for his actions.

    As I write this, I am reminded that an abuser will always isolate the ‘abused’ from outsiders who might provide a different perspective from the agenda of the abuser. Strong words, yes, but controlling people brook no interference.

    You know, I’ve always enjoyed listening to Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. I know absolutely nothing about their personal lives or career decisions. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

    • I know practically nothing about other artists I like. I simply like their music.

      • That’s the way I see it, too. I think he won’t step aside until he has no other option. His subconscious goal may be to taste a little fame and then ruin David’s career. (Assumption alert! Assumption alert!)

    • I’m past the point of being a “good fan” and now call it as I see it. The way I see it, if David does not remove Jeff from management, he will have a short career because Jeff is going to ruin his career.

      • Oops. Wrong place.


        That’s the way I see it, too. I think he won’t step aside until he has no other option. His subconscious goal may be to taste a little fame and then ruin David’s career. (Assumption alert! Assumption alert!)

  9. Assumption alert!

    I’m beginning to think that Jeff is jealous of David’s success and is subconsciously trying to sabotage his career.

    I’ve always assumed that.

  10. Well, this finally pulled me out of eternal lurkdom. I don’t know momjulee, but I’m saddened by her experiences with other “fans”. Not surprised tho’. I’m betting that this behavior is rampant among lots of fanbases, not just David’s, so imho it’s a bit of an overreaction to think it could ruin his career.

    Many years ago, I was an avid Osmond fan. Whenever fans received some sort of special attn from an Osmond, the meanness and catty comments would come out. Pure and simple jealousy. It drove me to a less active (and more sane) level of fandom, and I was ultimately happier there.

    The difference btw then and now is the internet. News (and rumor) travels much faster and people hiding behind relative anonymity can be much more hateful. The other difference is that the Osmonds’ parents stayed above the fray. #manincap and David’s “peeps” need to memorize the mantra; “Thank you for your concern, but I don’t need to know that…” (And why wasn’t Lupe at the conference instead of #manincap?) (Does that immediately put me on the blacklist?)

    • Thanks for coming out of lurkdom to add this perspective about the internet factor.

      I also agree that a ‘Woman’s Conference’ would seem perfect for Lupe to attend. And, ever notice, Lupe stays quietly and unobtrusively in the background whenever she accompanies David?

      I did have a chuckle about your ‘blacklist’ remark.

    • You’re not on my blacklist. I’m not interested in being in his inner circle (nor would they want me) so I am am not afraid to speak my mind at the right time & place. HG offers us that spot here at Soul David (as long as we are kind to each other) Thank you HG . 🙂

      Your Osmond story sounds very similar to this fan thing going on with David now. It is too bad.

      And, yes, why wasn’t Lupe at the woman’s conference instead of manincap? Very good question.


      • Thanks for your comments. I, too, am glad that HG has provided a spot where we can comfortably voice our opinions.

        And, I have noticed that Lupe usually stays in the background. At least somebody “gets it”.

        One thought about the women’s conference…maybe Lupe feels awkward about seeing all the cougars in action? -jmho

      • BWAHAHA!!! Oh, the cougars! Thanks for delurking, Utahmom, and welcome! 🙂

  11. Hi everyone!
    Just reposting my comment from this morning as it better suits this new thread.

    “I don’t know what to say. For quite some time I have felt the faint stirrings of weariness when it comes to the drama surrounding David and on the fansites. Why is it that people feel the need to “get” to him by any means necessary, including lightning the stick of dynamite that is already JA?

    Unfortunately David’s personality and talent is such that it inspires the best as well as the worst in people. I understand the draw because in some ways I consider myself an OTT fan just by the super close following of his career. I have also reached the point that kvetching about career decisions or the people he chooses to surround himself with, will not change anything significantly. David will do whatever makes him comfortable and that is the truth.

    Other people have definitely become groupies in an attempt to gain constant access to David. Their actions and the imuendoes that it raises are definitely hurting the fan community. We have already heard in David’s speech how he reacts when perceives that he has hurt others. Will he ever grow the courage to kick those hangers-on to the curb if need be?”

  12. BrightLight,
    I am also a HUGE fan of Groban and slightly less for Bocelli, however like you said I know absolutely nothing their private life. Less is definitely more in this situation. I have come to the reliazation that all I can do from my perspective is buy his music, support his causes, go to concerts if possible, tune in whenever he appears on tv or vote in some obscure poll. I will give David undying support but he does not need my help to run his life or music career.

  13. raelovingangels

    Ode To Mom Julee

    Although we have not met,
    I have admired you from afar.

    In Archuworld, your mad writing skills
    have really raised the bar.

    You deconstruct David,
    better than the finest chef

    Breaking down each little piece,
    with lots of love, and a pinch of jest.

    Your skills were enjoyed
    from Florida to the Philllipines

    Your voice always rang true
    your support abundantly seen.

    You were refreshingly honest
    A trait to admire

    Kind hearted and funny
    which all Archie’s should aspire.

    I don’t need to know
    what has caused your departure

    And don’t want to know
    what you had to endure

    But wanted to send you
    kind thoughts from a distance

    And especially THANK YOU
    for your special imprint,

    your brightness and light,
    and I’ll especially remember your humor, just right.

    Dear Momjulee: Please keep up your writing. You are one talanted lady!
    Wishing you lots of peace.

    • That’s so sweet and clever, Rae. 🙂

      • raelovingangels

        thank you both.
        I did not put much time into it because I had a tiny slip of time before heading to my son’s game, but it was directly from my heart.

    • Rae, Great sentiments. I’m sure your writing does Julee proud!

      • Thanks, Rae! This is really sweet. I wish I had read her blog on a more regular basis. Her insights are spot on.

    • Rae, Joining you in your ode and I admire her for doing what she believes to be right instead of compromising when it comes to “people” around David.

  14. (I apologize in advance.)

    From FOD:

    We Need a Transcript of that Speech!

    Does anyone have the time to watch those videos and type out a transcript? Maybe you are home in bed with the flu and you’re tired of watching movies?

    We would love to have one for the archives, and we’ll post it as a PDF for anyone who wants it.

    (Talk about David duties!)

  15. I think too many people get caught up in a never ending cycle of trying to hash out their own petty differences and lose focus of why they connect with someone like David Archuleta. Who cares what another “fan” says or does. Who cares what other “fans” think about David’s father. Are you in competition with each other because you think you are the one who knows David best, is David’s best “fan”, and knows what is best for David career. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy David Archuleta for who he is and the artist he has become.

  16. I guess some of us didn’t read Julee’s goodbye…or at least comprehend it.

    Oh well…

  17. MomJulee had the right idea. Good for her for having the courage of her convictions and for following her head instead of just her heart. Her love & admiration for David has not diminished. She will still follow him, support him, but at a distance. It sounds very inviting…and something to think very seriously about.

    It gets tiring. All the drama. Friends turning on friends. Nasty stuff. David would not believe what goes on. Sad.

    Then when a fan starts to back away, the emails start coming..why? What’s wrong? We miss you! And you get caught up again.

    And I’m rambling..but Julee had the right idea. Good for her.

    • raelovingangels

      SF: You also have alot wisdom….but I hope you do not follow suit.

      • I was just about to say that. SF, it gets tiring. Actually, I totally understand where Julee is coming from. I too was prepared to walk away, but what I did instead is I created Soul David.

        So far I’m not tired with SD yet.

  18. (Off-topic again, sorry, but:

    “Time for Miracles” debuts at #21 on Billboard with 46,500 downloads sold. Not exactly the worldwide monster hit it was supposed to be.

    Eagerly awaiting the “real” first single, which I’ve read won’t be “Strut,” but “For Your Entertainment.”

    This fascinates me, because AI is giving this everything they’ve got.)

    • They also tried real hard with Cook, who didn’t sell that much more than David.

      The bottom line is: no one takes male artists seriously when they come off a show like American Idol. So, in a way, it’s a secret blessing when AI tries to distance themselves from David. It benefits David too! 🙂

      Being a female winner seems more acceptable (probably because female artists aren’t taken all that seriously anyway), but somehow Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, and Jordin Sparks have been able to find a space in the music industry without the title American Idol following them at every gig, in the way that it follows the male winners.

      At any rate, since “Time for Miracles” is on a movie soundtrack, I expect it to climb the charts once the movie, 2012, comes out.

  19. HG-hi 🙂

    This is my first trip here mainly because my David admiration has had to take a back burner (lurking). Trying to find a job in this economy really, really sucks.

    But…just want to say I love the comments.

    I’m off to see David tonight with my mom in Manchester. She adores him and wants only to enjoy his voice. Thankfully she is not into drama – she tells me all the time – at my age I have seen and been apart of enough drama to last me a lifetime… Word from the wise!

    Take care all and I will be back here 🙂

  20. I have been trying to read MomJulee’s blog for several days and couldn’t log in. I fortunately and accidentally found my way here and now understand – it makes me feel sad and sick. I am glad she is taking care of herself. I would really like to read the last post, but can’t log in her site (I have been there before and it recognizes me but won’t open). Sorry to ask, but if someone could direct me I would appreciate it. I was fortunate to meet Julee at two special solo concerts and she was so kind to include me with her group to enjoy his amazing show at HOB. I will never forget her kindness for a fan she did not know. I hope I get to say hello to her again.

  21. Can anyone help me find the entire blog to read – can’t log into Julee’s site – thanks so much

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