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And the Fandom Slowly Begins to Implode…

davidwcI’m reposting part of MomJulee’s “Last Post” because her words are too important to dismiss (and seriously, I had no idea things had gotten this bad for some fans – I mean, really? There are “fans” reporting other fans to #manincap?  REALLY?! And if you are such a fan who does despicable things like this, let me be the one to tell you now: PUT DOWN THE KOOL-AID!!!):

I might offend some people with this post and I want it clear that that is not my intention. I am honestly telling you what I feel and have been thinking about for a long time. I am not trying to justify my decision or to convince anyone else to change their mind, but sometimes you reach a point where you have to decide whether what you go through to be an online David fan is worth it or not. This is simply my thought process. If I actually detailed everything negative that has happened since February of 2008, you wouldn’t believe me anyway. You’ll just have to trust me, if you feel so inclined.

I realize perfectly that my experience is not the experience of most of the fans. That is how it should be. And most of you will just think ‘Awww, that’s too bad’ and move merrily along the David-fan path. But I simply cannot anymore. I am not giving in or letting anyone ‘win.’ As far as I can tell, whatever imaginary competition fans are having, we’ve all already won if we have his music.  No one is taking that away from me. Any notions of one fan being better than another or of being closer to David than someone else are just bogus. I’m not sure why fans hurt other fans. It makes me sad, it makes me mad and sometimes it even just makes me laugh, but it’s simply not fun anymore.

When I hear David sing anytime, anywhere, anything, live, on CD, on Youtube or TV, I want to be an online fan. When I see others leave strings of nasty comments full of name calling to someone not even worth the time of day, who didn’t like what they heard, I don’t. I think my mantra has been “Some people have learned nothing from David’s example.” I’ve had to say it way too many times.

When I meet up with wonderful new friends at concerts across the country and we have more fun that should be allowed listening to David and spending time together, I want to be an online fan. When I learn that people who have never even met me have been gossiping about me and spreading lies, I don’t. And I have to wonder why they even care? Is it that imaginary competition again? Go ahead and feel like you’ve won it, I just don’t get it.

When I attend an event like the Women’s Conference and see how far David has come and feel inspired once again by what an 18-year-old can teach me and I feel lucky and blessed to hear his voice and admire his person-hood and David-ness, I really really want to be an online fan. When I see others ripped apart for trying to support David in their own way or falsely threatened for their actions or harassed online or blatantly using others to attempt to get to David, I really really don’t. Some people need to get a life.

When I am able to explain to others the impact David has on people and how I am so glad there is someone like him who rises above the pollution in this industry and they are impressed, I want to be an online fan. When I see any of that pollution anywhere close to David, I don’t. And please, I never ever want to get one of those phone calls again asking me if I’ve ‘heard the bad news.’

When I see people work their tails off supporting and contributing to charities or causes David has an interest in, I want to be an online fan. It warms my heart and restores my faith in humanity. When I realize that online fans are often at the bottom of the “people that really matter” list, I just don’t. We just don’t have the money and we just don’t have the clout. Or maybe it’s because we actually know how to spell his name? I’m not sure.

When I recognize how my life has been enriched and changed because of David, not just because of his music, but because of the friends I have made, I honestly want to be an online fan. When my friend’s email and facebook accounts are repeatedly hacked into, and private communications between us are sent to David’s dad on purpose to infuriate him, I honestly don’t.

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