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While I still find it suspect why the ladies of Utah’s conservative women’s conference chose to invite David (and why David could agree to this event but not the private concert that so would have rocked), what an opportunity to see and hear David beyond the conventional picture of “teen pop star” or American Idol runner-up or any other limited image we have of him.

In two weeks, I too will be attending a women’s conference, but unlike yesterday’s events, the conference I’m attending will actually talk about gender issues and roles, what has changed, what has not, and what needs changing still.  As someone who has been recruited to organize such an event, had I let my ODD take over and suggested, “Why, let’s invite David Archuleta as one of our speakers!” I would be drilled and forced to make a good argument about why David would be an appropriate choice for our event. At least for the future, I have this women’s conference to point to – heh.  

And I would have offered the following (some points already made by some of my readers, like Dorman):

– He challenges the way we look at young men and masculinity

– He has mad respect for women and girls

– He respects and values the “feminine” with no regard for how he himself gets interpreted

And, as such, David would be invited to give a talk on “Young Men Challenging Gender Roles: New Directions.”

And David, not ever thinking politically about any of these issues (I’m assuming), will ramble through about how much he loves his mama and his sisters and his female friends and every diva who influenced his style of singing (he’s still giving praise to Tamyra Gray – dang!) before concluding that, yeah, young men like himself have so much to learn from women and to be inspired to take on different gender roles! He then would be requested to sing a song, and he would sing “A Thousand Miles,” the audience would swoon, and David would reveal that he could sway any group of women – feminists and conservatives alike. 

Nonetheless, what David delivered at yesterday’s Utah conference could have been delivered at a youth conference, a Christian conference, a gay conference, an AARP conference, a college student conference, whatever.  

And so now, we have David in his speaking voice, and he is as natural and as hypnotizing just listening to him as it is just listening to his singing voice.  The McFlys were right: listening to David “is like doing yoga.” It really is a calming effect!

My favorite anecdote: David revealing that he cried over winning Star Search because his main competitor who lost was crying.  Haha! Perhaps it’s for the best that he didn’t win American Idol after all. Cook wouldn’t have been as gracious as David in losing, and David would have spent his entire talk show circuit apologizing for winning!  That would have driven me nuts, so yeah, perhaps it’s good he didn’t “upstage” Cook by taking the crown.

And if every speech he makes concludes with a crystal-clear serenade, we need to get his asking price and book him pronto! What a treat! 🙂

Download Full Speech (thanks for the mp3, Marlie! Ugh, those cackling women in the audience need to shut it!)

Watch the Video! (thanks, Pattycake04, and thanks, Burkey, for alerting me to this): Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

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  1. (and why David could agree to this event but not the private concert that so would have rocked)…

    My question also, although I suspect that it’s because David and his family (ie., Jeff, who likely fielded the request) are also conservative.

    • Somehow my “conservative-dar” does not pick up David being conservative. His dad may be conservative and he may have grown up in a socially conservative church, but David famously sang Imagine. Anyone who sings Imagine with such conviction cannot be too conservative. Right? JMHO 🙂 Perhaps I missed certain things he had said that would indicate he is socially conservative?

      • Even if David is socially conservative, I don’t think he is judgemental. He seems pretty accepting, and open to different points of view.

        Jeff, on the other hand, is conservative? Could have fooled me. Then again, isn’t it always these types that are caught, literally, with their pants down?

  2. As if the private concert was political in any way.

    That said, I could see #manincap fielding this request and, being that it was a local event, accept the offer.

    Perhaps the next idea for a private concert should be an Archufanvention (as was discussed last year) held in Salt Lake City. #manincap (and especially David) might agree to that.

  3. HG, I should have clarified: Jeff may have known who was one of the event organizers and that brings up issues for him.

    • Ah! That calls for some strategizing then. I guess some of us will need to keep a low profile. Do we have any Mormon allies who could get the wheels spinning on a brand new private concert project? 😛

  4. At an age when most young adults are nervously delivering presentations in front of their peers in a college classroom, David is making a speech in a much more intimidating environment. I admire his courage.

    It brings to mind a Jerry Seinfeld quote, “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

    Kudos to David!

  5. Off-topic, sorry:

  6. Tab through as Jim Cantiello irreverently recreates Idol album covers. I’m sure the Lambert one will be in the next batch.

  7. Jeff has some nerve, mingling with fans at of all places, a women’s conference. Seriously dude????

    • was he actually there?

    • Father of the Year doesn’t have a life.

    • how embarrassing for David, I would think….

    • For some reason he felt comfortable enough in that environment to show his poker face there.

      • Well I have a question though. I hate to even ask this, but, shouldn’t David have also thought about it being inappropriate for Jeff to be there? That it might be offensive to some of the women in the room? I know he probably was so nervous about this speech that he didn’t want to deal, and I could totally understand and give him a pass. But at some point, won’t David have to put his foot down on this type of thing? JMO, please don’t hurt me, it just ran through my head when I heard about this….

      • Probalby #maninthecap really wanted to go because of all the big political figures there he would like to impress.
        It would have been much more appropriate for David to have taken his mother.
        David is probably not strong enough yet to say no to #maninthecap.

      • Burkey I agree with you. I hope he gets stronger. He’s such a talent and great person, I just hate his image being tarnished by association.

      • LittleM…….I have my doubts that he ever will. David is too “nice” to sever that connection.

      • Well, that would be a shame. Will Jeff be hovering around David when he is 21? 25? Sheesh!!!


      • Yes it would be a shame & it is a shame right now. He is the one thing that turns me off that is around David. I even hate thinking about him being there. Wonder if he wore a suit today & still left that stupid ball cap on.

      • LM,
        Don’t you think that, in the same way some women might feel offended by Jeff’s presence, there would also be plenty of certain types available, who would be very understanding and welcoming of him willing to engage him with all sorts of praise and questions about the album? I see some of them at David’s sites everyday who seem to care about being proper and civil more than they care about being actually moral.

      • LOL Burkey! Sounds like you have as much pent-up anger about this as me.

      • Val,

        Yes, there were probably some of those types there. Why don’t these women realize that by fawning over him, they are hurting David rather than helping him? How would they react to his shenanigans if it was impacting someone in their own family? I don’t get it. It’s a joke, really. It’s such a shame. For every one fan who fawns over #ManInCap, there are 10 people that won’t give David’s music a chance BECAUSE OF him. Can’t he see this?? When it comes right down to it, he’d benefit his own income if he stayed behind the scenes.

        And don’t even get me started about the legal paperwork that leaked recently. Ridiculous.

      • I believe I do. lol…..

  8. Hilarious!!! The responses to Adam Lambert’s album cover, that is. I mean, after Prince’s Lovesexy

    Exhibit A:

    Adam is relatively tame, and yet, the commentary all over the Internet is a delightful mix of outrage, shock, anti-glam phobia, and all kinds of silliness.

    Oh, how quickly we have forgotten the days of androgynous, make-up-wearing, too sexy for their shirts days of 80s rockers, swooners, and the British new wave.

    I’m sure Adam is channeling a mix of Bowie, Prince, Boy George, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. His cover is wickedly campy and so wonderfully, how shall I put it…


    Good for him. Wave your rainbow-colored freak flag, Adam! 🙂

    Now, that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to go buy his music. Don’t care for his voice, but I appreciate his audacity.

    I imagine if anyone asked David what he thought, he’d say, “Wow, that’s really different! haha!”

    • “fun stuff!” 😀

    • I can see the humor in all this too, but he looks like a porn star to me.
      Just not my type……even if I liked his music, I think this “look” would turn me off.

      • Gee, Burkey, when was the last time you’ve seen a “porn star”? 😉 They’re all about silicones and hairlessness. And they certainly wouldn’t be sporting blue hair!

      • hahaha……..touche’

        I guess I have only ever seen a porn star on TV sometime or other.
        I seem to be out of that loop. Must me my imagination of a porn star. You don’t think they would like blue hair? lol….

      • BTW…….Adam doesn’t have any armpit hair……haha
        did you ever watch any of his live summer tour performances?

      • Burkey, stop it please.
        That’s too much information. No armpit intel, please. Ha ha

      • LOL Val!

        I wouldn’t mind the cover if he had on at least a shirt, or an alien space suit, whatever.

        “modest is hottest.” 😉

    • GG, come out and admit you scanned that Prince album cover from your collection.

      The thing is, this is not the 80’s, so what once was original and bold now looks cheesy and laughable. There’s no flag to wave proudly. Ideologies are all pretty much dead and no one cares. People have been shocked into numbness.

      The whole Glambert circus is just corny and awfully anachronistic. IMHO

      • Sorry, no GG but HG. Got ma sistas mixed.

      • I see you got your sistas mixed up. haha!

        No, that Prince album cover was not part of my collection (hated most of the songs on that one album actually).

        I agree the Glambert schtick is all about creating a “circus” which is why I think it’s funny.

        And if people really were “shocked into numbness” I wouldn’t be reading the silly things I’m reading on TWOP, MJs, EW, et al.

      • Let’s just say that this cover makes Comic Sans look good.

      • Does EW still unconditionally love anything he does? Did they think TFM was revolutionary?

      • I think they’ve refrained from commenting and preferred to have a poll instead.’What do YOU think?, they ask. Ha ha Rolling Stones was equally non-chalant. They must be having second thoughts, but will never admit to that, of course.

  9. Wow, that is some over the top album cover for Adam. I actually think he has uite an amazing voice, so I am not sure whey the rest of the stuff is necessary, except it is his “sthick” (sic)
    I went to see U2 a few weeks back. Yes the music was amazing, but the set and lights and videos were just too much for me. Guess I like the focus to be more on the music and less on the production. If I want to see a play/musical, then that is what I will see. Maybe I am just out of step.

  10. Anyone here read Momjulee’s last post? And I mean LAST post. She is leaving the David fan community. See this

    • oy vey. wonder what happened.

    • Man she has mad writing skills.

      • think bell curve….sound like some people have been over the top for some time and her e-mail erc was hacked.

        She should be doing something with her wonderful writing talnets.
        Those disceting David’s blogs were something else.

    • sad. sorry it had to come down to this but i guess she reached her tipping point. i expect that pretty soon, david will reach his.

      • I don’t know what to say. For quite some time I have felt the faint stirrings of weariness when it comes to the drama surrounding David and on the fansites. Why is it that people feel the need to “get” to him by any means necessary, including lightning the stick of dynamite that is already JA?

        Unfortunately David’s personality and talent is such that it inspires the best as well as the worst in people. I understand the draw because in some ways I consider myself an OTT fan just by the super close following of his career. I have also reached the point that kvetching about career decisions or the people he chooses to surround himself with, will not change anything significantly. David will do whatever makes him comfortable and that is the truth.

        Other people have definitely become groupies in an attempt to gain constant access to David. Their actions and the imuendoes that it raises are definitely hurting the fan community. We have already heard in David’s speech how he reacts when perceives that he has hurt others. Will he ever grow the courage to kick those hangers-on to the curb if need be?

  11. He does look pretty though….

  12. After looking at Adam’s red carpet photos, I believe he needs to share some glam tips w/Cook some. Really, is this the best Cook could do?

  13. Appears that the promo is starting to kick in…..

    Saw it on Twitter and now Snarky’s is now reporting it.

    David will appear on Kaleidoscope on Thanksgiving day after the NFL game on Fox. It is an ice skating/music show done by David Foster. It’s for cancer awareness for women.

    A fan from Seattle is in contact with someone involved in the production. He was told that David would be a part of it and that it was OK to spread the word.

    @DavidArchie to appear on Fox TV special following NFL game on Thanksgiving day! More deets to follow!
    26 minutes ago from mobile web

    @DavidArchie will appear on Kaleidoscope. See Show tapes Nov 16 at Verizon Ctr in DC, airs on Tgiving day

    He’s not on the website yet, but @DavidArchie will be added shortly. It is official.

    @janey79 Someone involved with the event. Was told it was fine to spread the word.

    From the site –

    “Kaleidoscope is a completely unique Thanksgiving special on FOX. Imagine the beauty of Skating with legends like Scott Hamilton and Dorothy Hamill returning to the ice joined by Superstar Skaters: Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan and Olympic Hopefuls: Rachel Flatt, Johnny Weir, and Brandon Mroz.

    That beauty is merged with the excitement of Song as Mega Star Olivia Newton-John and GRAMMY winning song-writer David Foster perform some very special and magical musical numbers.

    But the reason for Kaleidoscope is the brave message of Survivorship. This show was created to help raise awareness of the key issues surrounding women and cancer… to inform, inspire, and influence women to take action for their health.”

  14. New book authored by David is listed in Due May 2010.

    Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance (Hardcover)
    David Archuleta (Author)

    • The publisher is Celebra:

      “Penguin Group (USA) has launched Celebra, the first imprint to exclusively publish mainstream Hispanic personalities. Showcasing the appeal of today’s most fascinating Hispanic personalities, Celebra will publish books by well-known leaders in a number of fields, including entertainment, politics, health, and business. The goal of the new imprint is to publish books for mainstream readers that will also resonate with the vast population of Hispanics in the United States. Celebra will be run by Publisher Raymond Garcia, who comes to Penguin Group (USA) from HarperCollins, where he served as Associate Publisher of Rayo.” (03/04/2008)

  15. Naturally, EW likes it. Hilarious.

    Is EW financially connected to AI? Michael Slezak practically is David Cook’s and Adam Lambert’s publicist.

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