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Some David Wisdom


While I still find it suspect why the ladies of Utah’s conservative women’s conference chose to invite David (and why David could agree to this event but not the private concert that so would have rocked), what an opportunity to see and hear David beyond the conventional picture of “teen pop star” or American Idol runner-up or any other limited image we have of him.

In two weeks, I too will be attending a women’s conference, but unlike yesterday’s events, the conference I’m attending will actually talk about gender issues and roles, what has changed, what has not, and what needs changing still.  As someone who has been recruited to organize such an event, had I let my ODD take over and suggested, “Why, let’s invite David Archuleta as one of our speakers!” I would be drilled and forced to make a good argument about why David would be an appropriate choice for our event. At least for the future, I have this women’s conference to point to – heh.  

And I would have offered the following (some points already made by some of my readers, like Dorman):

– He challenges the way we look at young men and masculinity

– He has mad respect for women and girls

– He respects and values the “feminine” with no regard for how he himself gets interpreted

And, as such, David would be invited to give a talk on “Young Men Challenging Gender Roles: New Directions.”

And David, not ever thinking politically about any of these issues (I’m assuming), will ramble through about how much he loves his mama and his sisters and his female friends and every diva who influenced his style of singing (he’s still giving praise to Tamyra Gray – dang!) before concluding that, yeah, young men like himself have so much to learn from women and to be inspired to take on different gender roles! He then would be requested to sing a song, and he would sing “A Thousand Miles,” the audience would swoon, and David would reveal that he could sway any group of women – feminists and conservatives alike. 

Nonetheless, what David delivered at yesterday’s Utah conference could have been delivered at a youth conference, a Christian conference, a gay conference, an AARP conference, a college student conference, whatever.  

And so now, we have David in his speaking voice, and he is as natural and as hypnotizing just listening to him as it is just listening to his singing voice.  The McFlys were right: listening to David “is like doing yoga.” It really is a calming effect!

My favorite anecdote: David revealing that he cried over winning Star Search because his main competitor who lost was crying.  Haha! Perhaps it’s for the best that he didn’t win American Idol after all. Cook wouldn’t have been as gracious as David in losing, and David would have spent his entire talk show circuit apologizing for winning!  That would have driven me nuts, so yeah, perhaps it’s good he didn’t “upstage” Cook by taking the crown.

And if every speech he makes concludes with a crystal-clear serenade, we need to get his asking price and book him pronto! What a treat! 🙂

Download Full Speech (thanks for the mp3, Marlie! Ugh, those cackling women in the audience need to shut it!)

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