Sweaters and Smiles

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  1. I’m one of those fans who gets annoyed by the constant patronising of David by fans.

    Having said that I must add he is impossibly cute, aww-worthy and adorable on this video and on the conference photos, too. As another fan has said today ‘It’s embarrassing how much I love this kid’.

  2. “As another fan has said today ‘It’s embarrassing how much I love this kid’.”

    I hear ya on that one! 😆

  3. I’m just loving the Cantiello Chronicles! Christmas carols, sweaters, MTV, making the yuletide…happy! I think I even heard a subtlety.

    Is it hot in here or is it me?? Must be the sweater.

    HG you’ve given me another great one… “one hot minute” from TDC. That and “shut it” are two of my favorites. If we are EVER at the same concert we MUST meet.

    • *Blushes.* So you witnessed my bad behavior over there, huh?

      See what happens when you try to call me “dumb”?

      Oh, and it’s not just you (or the sweater) that’s all hot and bothered. 😉

  4. I’m 15 minutes into listening to David’s speech. Wow! Those women are gigling so much. The audience seems to be hypnotised by his sweetness and break into laughter frequently.

    Back to listening 😉

    • Val,
      I just listened to the whole thing – speech ending with his breathtaking acapella – Oh Holy Night. The part about him praying in his room about the decision to audition on AI or not and wondering if God would listen to this 10th Grader. Also about visiting his neighbors when he goes home just to check on them – GAAAH!!! so moving. I have to concur – “It’s embarrasing how much I love this kid”.

      • Breathtaking, indeed. What a voice! His tone is perfection. Check the video, Joymus. Had he been wearing white, people would’ve taken him for an angel. That’s how beautiful he looked and sounded.

    • Thanks for the vid! And this comes after nearly speaking for an hour with no discernable sips of water beforehand. David is truly a study in contradiction. Outwardly immature to the eye, but most definitely a deep thinker about life. He is a quivering mass of upper-level consciousness just waiting for the right moment to share his thoughts. Its no wonder he is becoming more in demand as a motivational speaker. Its also unfortunate that for the most part his radio and tv interviews don’t usually reach deep enough to engage David on this level.

      • I really liked reading this comment Joymus, thanks for sharing!

        To this day, I still feel the Snarky Archies interviews with David were the most revealing. He didn’t seem as “on” as he usually is in TV interviews, where he turns up the volume just a tad too high (JMO). He seemed a bit tired maybe and this was perhaps why he had his guard down, but it gave a much better sense of his thought process and serious way he approaches his music. Would love more interviews like this. Calling Charlie Rose! 🙂

        One other thought….I’ve been thinking about how so many fret about David potentially being “dropped” from his label if the second pop album doesn’t pan out. But could Jordin Sparks, despite having more radio hits, sell out venues for a Christmas tour? VIP tickets within days of going on sale? I just think sometimes we worry so much, when really David is proving himself to be a versatile and in-demand performer. A decision on HIS part, eventually, to move from JIVE to another label more suited to his talents and style could be the best thing to happen.

      • Kris Allen’s first single hasn’t been a huge hit, and neither has Jordin’s second album, I think. I don’t think Jive expects every artists to sell in the millions. (AI fans do, but they are a very special breed.)

      • David is one of a kind in the music industry and in the world.
        I agree with something Rascal said,,,,he is the first person I have ever felt worth following. He touches our hearts and souls. He shares the wisdom of the ages in a low key common sense way. Let’s see what did he say.
        1. Face your fears- it starts with taking that first step, As you push yourself you will grow and become something you did not think you could
        2. Be true with yourself. That little example he gave about excecising- like wow! If you cannot be true to yourself and keep your own commitments, you will start lying to others,
        3. Journal. ( loved that whole part, about tellling your own story- wow)
        4. His trials and tribulations with music and his voice, his history.
        5. His prayer about AI. Thank God he followed that lead. How many lives has he touched and yet to touch?
        6. His strong work ethic and the importance of having goals and being productive,
        7. The road less traveled, which David fully recongnizes he is on. He knows it will not be easy, but he will do it his way.

        I even enjoy his speaking voice.

      • Great job summarising main points in David’s speech, Rae.

        I love his speaking voice, too. I actually enjoyed listening to more than watching the speech. His gestures can be distracting, along with the glow of his flawless skin. Heh.

    • Where is the full speech?

  5. Video anyone?

  6. listening to the speech now….just adorable! hehehe the part about scrapbooking is so funny 😀

  7. David speaking at Utah conference; Part 1 of 6

  8. Someone from IDF who attended the conference said that #manincap was there mingling with David’s fans while David was autographing his cds. Unbelievable.

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