Hit Singles: Worthy Potentials from Christmas from the Heart


I will be preoccupied this weekend attending a family wedding.  So, I’m just posting in advance a new article until I’m back next week.  

There are so many goodies on David’s Christmas album that I’ve been debating which carol would be the best “first single.”  Any suggestions?  My own preferences:

1.  Pat-a-Pan –> I’m of the belief that David should be able to stand out this coming Christmas season, and what better way to do this than with an obscure French carol with a catchy groovy beat?  This is already “radio friendly,” to use an over-used phrase.

2.  Riu Riu Chiu –> Then again, why not a lovely non-English ballad, and this one is smooth as silk.  Still, what are the chances of radio featuring a carol sung in Spanish? Perhaps only on Latin stations?

3. Melodies of Christmas –> While this original song is not on the top of my list of CFTH (this so should have had a choir – gospel to be exact – accompanying David, instead of those cheesy backup singers), it would be a wonderful opportunity for David to have a single with an original song he co-wrote.  What are the chances?  This is another song that can be quite catchy.  

4.  What Child is This –> While I have a hard time imagine hearing this on Top 40 radio, I would hope they would make room for this stellar rendition just for the holidays.  It’s a tremendous gift that all the world should hear.

5.  Joy to the World –> I just love the vocal improvisation at the end of this carol, and I also love the blending in of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”  Any song in which David can do all kinds of runs on the word “love” is singles-worth, IMHO.  

So, those get my vote.  Thoughts?

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  1. Let’s see if I can embed the MTV Christmas carol video here…

    (The link is in the news section.)

    MTV Shows

  2. I love the art work, HG. Can I use it for my covers?

  3. So hard to decide which tracks are the best… I’m drawn to the foreign language ones myself because of David’s immediate mastery of singing in French and Spanish.

    The video of him with Jim Cantiello is a riot. David being himself, having a good time, great duets! Would love to see more spontaneous moments like this with David as he is on his amazing journey.

  4. One of my local radio stations plays Christmas carols 24/7 after Thanksgiving. It would be great if one (if not more) of David’s songs becomes part of their annual rotation of songs.

    ‘Pat-A-Pan’ has been my favorite since I first heard it. It is not as obscure as ‘Riu Riu Chiu’ (although that is my 2nd pick), and it is presented in a fresh, contemporary, way. Just as Jose Feliciano’s ‘Feliz Navidad’ is a holiday standard, I think David’s versions of ‘Pat-A-Pan’ and ‘Riu Riu Chiu’ could also achieve that status. ‘Melodies of Christmas’, being an original composition, has a lot of potential, too. I think many stations are looking to add to the variety of Christmas songs they play.

    The tempo of ‘Joy to the World’ is a little slow for my preference, but there is no denying the artistry and spirit demonstrated – so that is also a candidate.

    I think different songs each have potential appeal for a variety of markets: Pop, Latin, Adult Contemporary, and even Disney. That is no small feat for a Chistmas CD.

  5. I think David needs a new fansite: DDC (David Drama Central).

    Eric and Kathy forgive David for missing the radio interview:

    Fa la la la laa, la laa laa laa.

  6. I like HG’s list & wouldn’t it be great to hear any of these songs on the radio.
    I would especially like to hear Pat-a-Pan on the radio.

  7. I love the way David ended Joy to the World.

    Check out from 3:50 to the end. Love that “out of breath” sound at around 3:55.

  8. Where did you get that cover HG???? Gah! Now why couldn’t that be the real album cover??!

  9. CFTH will be on an Ireland radio station tomorrow at 8 am EST

    “This Week In The Heartbeat Cafe: Pat Marino celebrates Christmas a little early, with a very special preview of David Archuleta’s new release “Christmas From The Heart.” On Sunday October 25th Pat Marino will dedicate the first hour of his radio show “The Heartbeat Cafe” to playing his favorite cuts off of “Christmas From The Heart.”


  10. I have no opinion about radio play, but my current favorites are “Angels We Have Heard On High,” “What Child Is This” and “Pat-A-Pan,” and I’m glad that Bestor and Parkinson had the guts to go for the larger-than-life arrangements.

    • peter…..I love the Big arrangements also. I think David’s voice is prominent and beautiful. Pat-a-Pan is a fun song & sounds like it would sound great on the radio.

      Did you read HG’s post over at TDC?
      “Taking Us to Church”
      “The Spiritual Dimensions of Christmas From The Heart”

      It is really good. I like the way HG writes.

    • Peter and Burkey,
      I love the arrangements but… Yes, there’s a but. The more I listen , the more I get annoyed by how loud the orchestra is, especially in JTTW where David is taking us to church while the dang bells & co. try to smother my angel’s larger-than-life runs.

      • I’m going to listen to JTTW & try to figure out where it is that you say it is too loud. Bells……hmmm…….I’ll have another listen.

        I love this album so much that it is hard for me to be critical of any of it.

    • I forgot to say I agree, Burkey. HG is an awesome. That’s one of the reasons why i followed her here.

      Also forgot to add to my previous comment that I’ve been listening to an i-Tunes version. I’d heard people complaining about the quality of this specific i-tunes album, and now I can say it’s true. When you burn it to a cd it’s even worse. So, yeah, I’m waiting for the cd so I can play it to my family who are all fussy like me.

      Loving the album anyway. I listened to JTTW yesterday as I read HG’s article and cried like a fool.

  11. Somewhere I read that radio stations don’t like to play songs that are more than 3 1/2 minutes unless you’re a Beyonce or Britney. The reason is because they have to squeeze in a set number of ads each hr. If that’s the case, one of my favs, Pat-a-Pan fits right in.

    I just read that MTV showed Jim’s caroling video. Good promo for David!

    This week, David tweeted about having lunch w/Nicole & Tom. I believe he’s referring to Nicole Bilzerian; he thx her in his liner notes.

    Nicole Bilzerian – Marketing Manager, Zomba Label Group
    “In her current role as Marketing Manager she has expanded into the physical, digital and mobile marketing development for American Idol Season 7 runner up David Archuleta and newcomer Asia Cruise.”
    Source: http://www.newmusicseminars.com/speaker.php

  12. David running in a park……

    what’s he getting so pumped up for lately, hmmmm? 😉

  13. Ireland’s radioshow Heartbeat Café to preview CFTH on air today.

    Listen live—->
    http://tinyurl.com/lxnl6e 1pm & 2am local time (8am/9pm US EST)

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