Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Hit Singles: Worthy Potentials from Christmas from the Heart


I will be preoccupied this weekend attending a family wedding.  So, I’m just posting in advance a new article until I’m back next week.  

There are so many goodies on David’s Christmas album that I’ve been debating which carol would be the best “first single.”  Any suggestions?  My own preferences:

1.  Pat-a-Pan –> I’m of the belief that David should be able to stand out this coming Christmas season, and what better way to do this than with an obscure French carol with a catchy groovy beat?  This is already “radio friendly,” to use an over-used phrase.

2.  Riu Riu Chiu –> Then again, why not a lovely non-English ballad, and this one is smooth as silk.  Still, what are the chances of radio featuring a carol sung in Spanish? Perhaps only on Latin stations?

3. Melodies of Christmas –> While this original song is not on the top of my list of CFTH (this so should have had a choir – gospel to be exact – accompanying David, instead of those cheesy backup singers), it would be a wonderful opportunity for David to have a single with an original song he co-wrote.  What are the chances?  This is another song that can be quite catchy.  

4.  What Child is This –> While I have a hard time imagine hearing this on Top 40 radio, I would hope they would make room for this stellar rendition just for the holidays.  It’s a tremendous gift that all the world should hear.

5.  Joy to the World –> I just love the vocal improvisation at the end of this carol, and I also love the blending in of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”  Any song in which David can do all kinds of runs on the word “love” is singles-worth, IMHO.  

So, those get my vote.  Thoughts?