Legion: Pandemonium in the Archuniverse


Legion: reference to the heavy military unit that was the ancient Roman army, used metaphorically in the New Testament to refer to the multitude of demons inhabiting a possessed person.

Pandemonium: chaos, disorder; also, the capital of Hell, according to Milton’s Paradise Lost.

legion-posterI recently saw a trailer for an upcoming movie, Legion, which woefully gets it theologically wrong in presenting an apocalyptic vision of angels descending the earth to wipe out humankind.  Which means, of course, that I have to see this piece of illogical Hollywood horror flick. 

Warring angels have always fascinated the imagination, perhaps none more so than the arch angel Lucifer, aka “morning star” or “light bearer” and more infamously as Satan, the destroyer and evil bearer.  He is believed to have fallen from grace, expelled from Heaven, kicked out with a ban of other fallen angels, now known as demons.  He becomes quite the antihero in Milton’s Paradise Lost, someone who declares it’s “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

The various myths surrounding Lucifer’s fall from the light-bearing Arch Angel to Prince of Darkness are equally fascinating.  In Judeo-Christian belief, he falls from grace due to his pride and his lies and deceit, tricking humanity into thinking they too could be as knowledgeable as God.  In Greco-Roman mythology, we can find his parallel in Prometheus, who brought fire to humanity, and whose penalty for enlightening mere mortals is to be banished on a rock, where an eagle would eat from his liver.  In a Koranic tale, it is believed Lucifer’s fall from grace stemmed from his refusal to worship humans at God’s request.  When all the angels bowed down before God’s greatest creation – humankind – Lucifer refused because he loved God too much and refused to put anyone else before him.  Hmmmm.

I’m bringing up all these myths about Arch Angels because we, the “Arch Angels” of David’s fanbase, sometimes seem to behave in similar “mythic” fashion.  Without realizing it, there is an accepted decree that all Arch Angels must be like real angels in our Archuniverse – our role is to be the messenger of the good news that is David Archuleta and to defend him at all costs, even if that means getting into meaningless fights with college newspaper critics.  

paradise_lostEvery now and then, an Arch Angel behaves contrary to these main tasks, and when he does, he is vilified, taking on a Luciferian role in the fanbase – especially one that often showcases their homophobia.  Much like our Miltonesque hero, he is a bearer of light, bestowing upon us great knowledge.  But he too falls from grace, as it were.  And those who support him (myself included) sometimes wonder how that places us in Archuniverse.  Do we keep our celestial posts assigned to us behind the pearly gates, or do we risk exile in Pandemonium?  

Soul David is here because Noting David once was.  In fact, I distinctly remember participating in (and perhaps even instigating) one of the most controversial posts on that blog, which is rumored to have landed our Miltonesque hero on the blacklist of certain members in David’s inner circle. Things had gotten bad enough that Noting David had to shut down, and I helped start the conversation in keeping our ND community going, which led to the creation of Just David, which later evolved into The David Chronicles.  From TDC, I created my own Soul David blog, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Except certain Arch Angels are still banished from Heaven and treated as if they come from the depths of Hell.  Perhaps it’s only natural that in every fan community, there will be dissent, even pandemonium.  Still, I find it quite unfortunate that for some, certain fans have fallen from grace and can’t seem to redeem themselves.  Well, whatever one thinks of our Luciferian types, they do help to demarcate the lines that have been drawn.  They illustrate for us the unspoken rules and regulations of what is permissible and what is not in fan group think. I for one am glad that certain Arch Angels simply won’t play by the rules.

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  1. I have now read the latest “controversial” review and most of the comments. Here’s what I think:

    1) The review is passive-aggressive.

    2) It is colored by narcissistic rage at times, which makes it seem like an act of revenge.

    3) The writing style is too pompous and pretentious for my taste. I feel that the writer uses writing as a mirror to admire his own reflection.

    4) Much of the review is based on assumptions. These assumptions are treated like facts, which always annoys me greatly, regardless of the topic.

    5) Judging from the liner notes, the information about synthesized orchestrations is incorrect, as is the information on the “orchestral software reportedly used” for the album.

    6) The writer is not simply expressing his opinion. For some reason, he regards himself as an authority of some sort.

    In this particular case, I feel that the writer got exactly the reaction he wanted. In the comments section, people who disagree with the writer are criticized for doing so. Personally, I’m tired of these tempests in a teapot.

    Anyone who knows anything about creating commercially successful songs or arrangements does not spend his or her time giving unsolicited advice to a young singer on the Internet.

    Anyone who knows how to successfully manage a singer’s career does not spend his or her time giving unsolicited advice to a young singer on the Internet.

  2. Oh, all this to say that some people simply don’t like his writing.

    Or, some people simply don’t like him no matter what he writes.

    • Yes, that’s possible, too, although the comments I saw on TDC were about his writing.

      Anyway, I’m done with his writing and what in my opinion is his cult-like following. Will I be banished from Heaven now?


    • Perhaps Rascal should read your article on internet etiquette. YMMV, IMO, etc. would have gone a long way in this instance.

      (snip) There was huge rant here…but I deleted it. heh

      He says there are some things to enjoy on the album. Maybe he should tell people what those things are with the same attention to detail that he spends outlining his vast dissapointment.

      • Oh, please. So the analogy between David’s vocal work and the reputation of one of the world’s most beloved spiritual gurus amounts to nothing, I suppose. Adjectives like “sublime” and “riveting” are apparently meaningless, hmm?

        It’s you people who have an agenda, not me.

      • It’s not an agenda. It’s a conspiracy.

  3. You hypocrite. The majority of your comments are entirely personal and rife with assumptions. You’re the one with the obvious vendetta, my friend, and it couldn’t be more obvious. Physician: Heal thyself.

    • Hey Rascal! Glad to see you posting here, but could you please quantify your comment? Are you responding to this article or to a certain commenter?

      • I am responding to the commenter who itemized his list of mostly personal attacks based on mostly baseless assumptions, which amounts to precisely what he was condemning me for in the first place.

    • JMHO. YMMV.

  4. IMHO, some of those Arch Angels who are treated “as if they come from the depths of Hell” seem to do quite a bit of baiting. I dare say that some seem to enjoy the attention they receive and the pandemonium that arises as a result of their comments.

    I’m not talking about anyone in particular. This is just something I’ve observed on FOD, TDC, IDF, Pulse Boards, MJs, TWoP and YES.

    • I don’t deny that this is in some cases true for me, especially back on nD. Anyone who writes a blog for long enough begins to sense how to generate commentary. As far as the current review is concerned, however, I am quite literally shocked at the reaction to what, in my view, is a very balanced, rational, and essentially non-controversial take. And despite reactions to the contrary, the only comments being criticized are those condemning the very fact of doing an analysis AT ALL, not the comments that simply disagree with the analysis.

  5. IMHO, some of those Arch Angels who are treated “as if they come from the depths of Hell” seem to do quite a bit of baiting.

    Desertrat, I can understand how you and others might see things this way, but honestly, we’re talking about the Arch Angel fan community. It doesn’t really take much to “bait” anyone in this admittedly rabid fanbase. All you have to do is be contrary, regardless of the nature of that contrariness (whether in a mocking or respectful sort of way).

    • Yes, doesn’t take much the rile up the Archie masses. Just mention the possibility of David being gay *and* Mormon (gasp!), anything related to David’s family troubles, problems with David’s image, or anything remotely related to religion.

    • I also think this goes to show that if someone doesn’t like a particular David fan site, then don’t read it. I can’t take the right-wing religiousity and sometimes homophobic conservativism of CDC or FOD (which I know David reads on a regular basis), so I just don’t read them.

    • I argue that quite a few fans make comments that are “contrary”, however, they aren’t treated as if they “come from the depths of Hell”. Why? Because they don’t “bait”. They simply state their honest opinion, argue it and move on. Tibitibi and Jackryan are prime examples of this and I mean it in the most complimentary way.

      As for baiting, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. It actually makes the fab sites more fun some times.

      • I’m glad we agree on the “baiting” aspect as not necessarily being a bad thing. What else is this latest post but a “bait” of sorts?

        I am quite literally shocked at the reaction to what, in my view, is a very balanced, rational, and essentially non-controversial take.

        Yeah, I feel you on that, Rascal. You weren’t even criticizing the VOICE as you were basically taking issue with the musical production.

  6. See you in the next thread. Have fun. Need to plan the next stage of my vendetta.

    • Now who’s being a drama queen? Or, has Soul David suddenly become “Hell” for you? 😉

    • No drama here; the comment was intended as a joke, but it obviously didn’t work. I have expressed my opinion, and I have nothing to add. I’m tired of this particular topic, because it’s never-ending, and disagreement within the David Archuleta online fanbase doesn’t bother me.


  7. Not engaging in the argument here – just wanted to say that I find it humorous that an article defending Rascal makes a comparison between him and Satan lol. 🙂

    • Oh, and a thanks to HG about the mention of homophobia. By no means do I think this characterizes people who disagree with Rascal *as a whole*, but some individuals and the bitingness (is that a word?) of their comments really gives me the feeling of spitting on somebody out of disrespect. Perhaps an analogy is when a woman senses she is being “talked down to” by a man. I personally feel the sting myself as well in the face of such comments, and I have a gut sense where that is coming from. And in my 32 years of life, I’ve learned to trust that gut sense.

      I appreciate the opportunity to decompress and share some of my emotions here that I know would set off nuclear bombs at TDC. 🙂

    • Well, isn’t Satan the most interesting of the archangels anyway? 😀

      • Yeah, and all the real fun is in hell anyway. That’s where the party’s at. (Wow, did I just say that?)

        Am I allowed to be naughty here? Am I in Hell? lol

      • Interesting with a bottom line, a catch and fine print? No, thanks. I’ll take Michael, Gabriel or David any day lol.

      • I’ll take Michael, Gabriel or David any day

        Me too, Valbraz. Me too! 😉

    • ronaldsf- that brought a huge chuckle from me, As I was reading the article and remembering my celestial being history, I was thinking hmmm, OH NO SHE DID NOT….

  8. I love the second half of the album. I particularly like the collaborations with Kurt Bestor.

    I read MCLs review, and I feel she it spot on. As a singer myself, I have been trained that phrasing is very important. A singer needs to plan where to take breaths in order to ensure enough breath is available when needed, and also that the phrase (and the feeling it conveys) isn’t unnecessarily interrupted. Actually, it is Singing 101 – something of which David is probably aware. David usually sings phrases (even long phrases) beautifully. To me that demonstrates that the breaths to which MCL refers are not a matter of David’s physiology, but, rather of a result of lack of planning. I’m guessing if David Foster were involved, he would have asked for a ‘re-take’. (JMHO)

    I believe that David is a stellar vocalist. At 18 is he perfect? Almost 🙂 He recognizes a need to continue to grow and is still taking vocal lessons. (Heck, Tiger Woods still takes golf lessons.) Just because we recognize areas for improvement doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the effort and beauty of the current work.

    People who want to be better public speakers often enroll in Toastmasters. Maybe they already have a natural gift, but through feedback they hone their skills. Someone in the Toastmasters group actually counts the number of ‘um’s and ‘you know’s in a presentation. This is valuable feedback to the speaker. Those little habits can get in the way of people receiving the message intended.

    David used to have a nervous habit of licking his lips while he was performing. Die-hard fans found it endearing and defending him against critics. However, it was distracting to a general viewer and it didn’t cause David any harm for him to master NOT licking his lips.

    Any one on any path of mastery is willing to listen to feedback and incorporate what works for them and what doesn’t.

    Constructive, caring, informed, feedback may be difficult to hear, but it is one of the ways people grow. I think many of the fans have become so accustomed to battling the likes of VFTW, that they knee-jerk attack any one who expresses a less than glowing opinion.

    No one can top David for the Spiritual connection he conveys with his music. All the rest is just refinement of his craft.

    • ITA. 😉

    • Great post, I esp. relate to what u said about Toastmasters. When David mentioned that he talks too much w/his hands, my 1st thought was how something like Toastmasters could help him to make the best use of those hand mannerisms.

      Re. CFTH, count me in as one of the many who “appreciate the effort and beauty of the current work.”

  9. This is waaay off topic, but the final week’s sales numbers are in for CFTH.

    CFTH ended up as #32 with 16,254 albums sold.


  10. When can we celebrate Benton Paul joining David on tour? Anyone else as excited about this as I am??

  11. Anyone else getting a kick out of the fact that Adam Lambert hasn’t even cracked I-tunes top 10 yet? Not that he won’t eventually sell multi-platinum but I’m so fed up with the hype about the ‘Glittery Allien from planet Fierce’ that I can’t help the irony.

    Remember our boy’s Crush climbing all the way to #1 before noon? I was overjoyed.

    • His first single was released today? “Crush” was #1 for a week.

      • And sold a lot in the subequent weeks, too. Gold and Platinum status were quite easy. Double platinum not so much, and that’s where Jive is to blame. Had they released a 2nd and 3rd singles to radio, I mean, for real, not like they did with ALTNOY, he’d be past double platinum by now.

        Peter, I can’t bring myself to listen to TFM. I’m that mean. Sorry, David and angels.

      • No need to apologize. IMO, that’s not mean. That’s perfectly understandable. (I was surprised at how traditional the song was, though.)

    • If it’s the song I listened to yesterday, it’s a very, very traditional power ballad. Very much like an AI coronation song.

    • It’s still #11. I’m surprised. Wasn’t this supposed to be one of the greatest successes this year?

  12. Valbraz, I too blame Jive for David’s album not reaching platinum and Crush double platinum. Considering that Carrie Underwood’s label is releasing a new single each week until her album drops, and that so many other artists have multiple singles out and about, it’s a travesty David had only one hit single from his debut album, thus making him a “one-hit wonder.”


    I don’t care what anyone says, something went downhill with his management starting this year. I blame AI/19/Simon Fuller/Jive (they’re all in bed together).

    • I agree, HG.

      Now why couldn’t they pick a song from this CFTH & release it as a single right now for the Christmas season?

      Must be it costs $$ to do that & they don’t want to spend it?

    • They certainly are.

    • raelovingangels

      Amen. They had better try to get David on TV to promote his Christmas album and sing Christmas songs. If they cannot figure out how to get him on the Tonight Show, Today show etc. for Christmas songs at the holidays, then something is very wrong.

  13. Today is the day for David’s photo shoot at MTV! Looks like it’s going to be fun, fun!

    Look at these recent tweets from Jim Cantiello of MTV………

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited for a shoot. @DavidArchie, I hope you’re ready for tomorrow’s epic with MTV News!
    about 20 hours ago from web

    They’re serving “chuleta” at the MTV cafeteria today. Even the company chefs are excited for @DavidArchie’s visit. Ha!
    about 19 hours ago from UberTwitter

    • See this screen shot Burkey.

      from a DM someone got from Jim.

      I’ll also post this on the next thread.

  14. Mikeseed….. Just an FYI, David gets excited about everything, Benton Paul is married and you need to get a life!

    • HG, I believe this comment from sassypants includes a personal attack against a regular poster MikeSD and is against the “House Rules” of this site. I felt the same about Rascal calling peter a “hypocrite.” Both take commentary on this site to a less friendly, inclusive place, IMO. Would you consider editing or deleting, per the house rules? What do you think? You’re the boss 🙂

    • Marriage has been a disguise for many people. Do I need to give you a list??

  15. I know that I am a new poster but I did not make a personal attack against Mike, I was just stating facts unlike him. I guess it was ok for Mikeseed to make assumptions about David (that I would call a personal attack) but not ok for me to state the truth. I guess it just upsets me when people make assumptions when they do not know the truth. He has done this in the past with David. I believe it was about Jason Castro. Poor David cannot be friends with another guy without Mikeseed assuming things. You know what they say when you assume! Sorry I do not want to start any trouble just speaking my mind. If that is not allowed, sorry again!

    • sassypants I am not in charge here so really just raised a concern. Any decisions on this would be up to HG and she may completely disagree with me – I am just a poster not an admin. I just raised a concern based on your comment to Mike telling him to “get a life.” Just thought this wasn’t super friendly you know? I think there are other ways to disagree or express an alternate point of view. I don’t think any assumptions made about David in the way Mike hinted would be a personal attack, it’s just speculating on him which is something all of us fans like to do in different ways.

      I think HG welcomes all points of view and new posters on this site and would certainly welcome you too.

      This is all of course JMHO and YMMV!!!


      • LittleM, Thanks for your comments and your attempt to “quell the flames”. I think you know me a bit to realize that I could not let a statement like that go unanswered.

    • sassypants…

      For the record, I do have a life, and a very happy and successful one at that. If that kind of statement is not a personal attack from you then I would hate to think what one would be. So I guess it is ok for every site to make assumptions about David with every girl he happens to give a second glance to and ASSUME what they so blatantly put out on every page every day. These folks do not know the truth, nor do you for that matter. You interpreted what you wanted in my post and it kind of makes you look silly. If you really have been reading the blogs you will know that this age old question is getting quite boring. I personally don’t care who David hangs out with, nor should you. Married?? So what. Since when has that been a defining characteristic TODAY? I simply call it as I see it, from a “takes one to know one” perspective. Just the fact that you called it a personal attack speaks volumes. Sassypants, you’ll have to be sassy with someone else because I’m not buying your grief!!

      • and just when I thought I had quelled the flames Mike!!! haha that’s okay you have the right to express you opinion too

      • …and you make a lot of good points, by the way.

        and that’s the last thing I’m going to say about THAT! For now, anyway 😉

  16. Little M, Thank u for the welcome. I am sorry, I did not mean to jump the gun, guess I was just a little fumed. Need to watch my temper better next time. I will choose my words more wisely next time.

  17. Welcome to Soul David everyone! We’re all grown ups here. If anyone directs anything at anyone, and posters can defend themselves, I’m not going to be pushing the “Delete” button.

    Both Peter and Mike can defend themselves without my referee (and I’ve been out all day so I’m glad they can take care of themselves). When I say I’m “deleting,” I’m talking about really offensive posts that don’t need to be on record anywhere. But things like calling someone a “hypocrite” (especially when that poster was doing so in self-defense, to some extent), and telling someone to “get a life,” well, those just need good old fashioned rebuttals.

    Now, had someone used a sexual or racial epithet and got really down and dirty, that’s when I start cracking skulls.

    Carry on! 🙂

  18. Thanks Peter and lIttle M for the welcome

  19. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.

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