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Legion: Pandemonium in the Archuniverse


Legion: reference to the heavy military unit that was the ancient Roman army, used metaphorically in the New Testament to refer to the multitude of demons inhabiting a possessed person.

Pandemonium: chaos, disorder; also, the capital of Hell, according to Milton’s Paradise Lost.

legion-posterI recently saw a trailer for an upcoming movie, Legion, which woefully gets it theologically wrong in presenting an apocalyptic vision of angels descending the earth to wipe out humankind.  Which means, of course, that I have to see this piece of illogical Hollywood horror flick. 

Warring angels have always fascinated the imagination, perhaps none more so than the arch angel Lucifer, aka “morning star” or “light bearer” and more infamously as Satan, the destroyer and evil bearer.  He is believed to have fallen from grace, expelled from Heaven, kicked out with a ban of other fallen angels, now known as demons.  He becomes quite the antihero in Milton’s Paradise Lost, someone who declares it’s “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

The various myths surrounding Lucifer’s fall from the light-bearing Arch Angel to Prince of Darkness are equally fascinating.  In Judeo-Christian belief, he falls from grace due to his pride and his lies and deceit, tricking humanity into thinking they too could be as knowledgeable as God.  In Greco-Roman mythology, we can find his parallel in Prometheus, who brought fire to humanity, and whose penalty for enlightening mere mortals is to be banished on a rock, where an eagle would eat from his liver.  In a Koranic tale, it is believed Lucifer’s fall from grace stemmed from his refusal to worship humans at God’s request.  When all the angels bowed down before God’s greatest creation – humankind – Lucifer refused because he loved God too much and refused to put anyone else before him.  Hmmmm.

I’m bringing up all these myths about Arch Angels because we, the “Arch Angels” of David’s fanbase, sometimes seem to behave in similar “mythic” fashion.  Without realizing it, there is an accepted decree that all Arch Angels must be like real angels in our Archuniverse – our role is to be the messenger of the good news that is David Archuleta and to defend him at all costs, even if that means getting into meaningless fights with college newspaper critics.  

paradise_lostEvery now and then, an Arch Angel behaves contrary to these main tasks, and when he does, he is vilified, taking on a Luciferian role in the fanbase – especially one that often showcases their homophobia.  Much like our Miltonesque hero, he is a bearer of light, bestowing upon us great knowledge.  But he too falls from grace, as it were.  And those who support him (myself included) sometimes wonder how that places us in Archuniverse.  Do we keep our celestial posts assigned to us behind the pearly gates, or do we risk exile in Pandemonium?  

Soul David is here because Noting David once was.  In fact, I distinctly remember participating in (and perhaps even instigating) one of the most controversial posts on that blog, which is rumored to have landed our Miltonesque hero on the blacklist of certain members in David’s inner circle. Things had gotten bad enough that Noting David had to shut down, and I helped start the conversation in keeping our ND community going, which led to the creation of Just David, which later evolved into The David Chronicles.  From TDC, I created my own Soul David blog, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Except certain Arch Angels are still banished from Heaven and treated as if they come from the depths of Hell.  Perhaps it’s only natural that in every fan community, there will be dissent, even pandemonium.  Still, I find it quite unfortunate that for some, certain fans have fallen from grace and can’t seem to redeem themselves.  Well, whatever one thinks of our Luciferian types, they do help to demarcate the lines that have been drawn.  They illustrate for us the unspoken rules and regulations of what is permissible and what is not in fan group think. I for one am glad that certain Arch Angels simply won’t play by the rules.