My Own Christmas from the Heart Playlist


First, thanks, Valbraz, for giving me the idea to rearrange the order of the songs on Christmas from the Heart.  I highlighted the songs in my video, “Pat-a-Pan,” “Riu Riu Chiu,” “What Child is This,” and “Joy to the Word,” as the opening tracks, then reassembled the other songs.  It sounds heavenly (JMHO and all that).  Just thought to share since I did the same thing with David’s debut album.  Here is the new order on my playlist:

1. Pat-a-Pan

2. Riu Riu Chiu

3. What Child is This

4. Joy to the World

5. O Holy Night

6. Ave Maria

7. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

8. Silent Night

9. Angels We Have Heard on High

10. The First Noel

11.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

12. O Come All Ye Faithful

13. Melodies of Christmas

What this new ordering does is give David’s most original songs a chance to shine and, hence, set the tone for the rest of the album.  Also, I tried to break up the church-heavy carols and intersperse them with the more personal carols.  Honestly, this playlist and the original both work wonders, and Melodies of Christmas sounds like the kind of song that needs to close the album, hence why it’s the last song on both my playlists.

Anyway, the new playlist is worth a listen. 🙂

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  1. Copying this over from other thread:
    His name IS there. You are just not seeing it. Underneath the title in red and the text you copied that is in white is some black text that says…

    (David Archuleta/Z. Picante)

    Those are the writing credits.

    I am wondering who “Z. Picante” is. I looked up the wording on Google and “z picante” is Portuguese for a plant.

    • Juliet:
      “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet.”

      Wasn’t fun poked at David for a time when Archuleta was translated: a “Porkchop?”

      Regardless, David is given credit. And, while many, many others are acknowledged who contributed to this album, David also shares his reverence and excitement with us. I think it’s a win/win.

    • Hmmm. Interesting. And what happened to the “two other writers”?

  2. See, I can disagree with Rascal once in a while, and I definitely disagree with his assessment of the orchestra on CFTH:

    So, what say you my peeps? Are the orchestral arrangements in many of the CFTH songs overdone or just about right? 🙂

    • In my opinion, the orchestral arrangements are perfect. Simply brilliant.

      If an instrumental version of this Christmas album were made available, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    • I am going to listen again to the whole album, (because I cannot seem to leave my top choices yet, for a second or third listen) with his review in mind, but one thing I dont agree with is the arrangement of WCIT. The only way to really know what the producers/arrangers were getting at there is to ask them, but this is how it hit me. I agree with you HG that the contrast between David’s vocals and the full orchastration is brillant. In my mind, that whole thing paints a picture. David’s simple loving vocals focuses on the scene and beautiful simplicity of the manger and event. The take away sweeping orchastration, pulls the listener back to the magnitutde of the event, the worldwide/historic impact as it were. Then it goes back to the simplicity again. It is simply brillant, with the contrast of yin and yang.

      I do love Rascal’s use of love song for these songs. He put his finger exactly on what I had been feeling. The tender touch that David uses on many of these songs.

      • David’s simple loving vocals focuses on the scene and beautiful simplicity of the manger and event. The take away sweeping orchastration, pulls the listener back to the magnitutde of the event, the worldwide/historic impact as it were. Then it goes back to the simplicity again. It is simply brillant, with the contrast of yin and yang.

        I love this description, Rae! 🙂

      • About WCIT, because of 3:15 – 4:13 in the version HG posted earlier, Ricardo is forgiven for any future Twitter campaigns or other acts of self-promotion.

        Also, after listening to WCIT once again, I’m glad that so many of David’s fans spoke their mind about the review in the college paper. Take that, Barbie-becomes-a-journalist-and-a-music-critic!

    • I did read rascal’s review. I have to really concentrate to “get” the full meaning of his explanations. When I was through reading it I was saddened at the negative vib I got from his review.
      I know I am not knowledgeable in the music world & would be considered “just a fan”. I am so captivated by this album that, like someone else said over at TDC, I am just going to enjoy it without trying to find the faults in it.
      I love the big orchestrations interspersed with David’s gorgeous voice. I have longed to hear David sing with a full orchestra & here I got my wish.
      I am love this album, flaws and all. 🙂

      • woops…. “I love this album, flaws and all. “

      • I’m surprised that Rascal didn’t care for the orchestrations. They’re never overdone and support the Voice just right. JMHO.

      • Burkey,

        Even with my music background, I lOVE EVERYTHING about the orchestration on this album. The only flaw that I found myself agreeing with MCL is the vocal on OHN. When I first heard it, something David seemed a bit strained. But when she mentioned it it clicked. I think his best OHN vocal was at the Christmas Tree Lightning.

        Even with that being said, after a couple listens my ear has now attuned to what David does on the album. When we first hear something we may have heard in another context we immediately make comparisons which is also what happened to me during Ave Maria at first. But like I said, this album hits all the rough spots in my life and is a definite balm to my soul. Kudos once again to David and TeDA.

      • I agree, Joymus. While I love OHN on CFTH, it’s not nearly as superb as the Christmas Tree Lighting performance.

    • You know what, I actually somewhat agree with Rascal…(don’t kill me peter!!). On David’s original material and most moving performances, he typically has a more spare, acoustic arrangement. I still think it’s possible to incorporate strings and keep the overall sound more acoustic and haunting (a la “And So It Goes”). I would leave Pat a Pan, Riu Riu Chiu and Ave Maria alone, I think they are great the way they are. I do think it would be interesting to hear the other songs with arrangements more along the lines of CELD, Imagine, or Somebody Out There…

      YMMV 🙂

    • I like the tone of the arrangements. They have an exotic feel to them which makes CFTH’s offerings revelant. But I also agree with Rascal that David’s voice shines all the brighter when the accompaniment is stripped down. I can’t explain it but there’s something about David’s voice that obviates embellishments.

      I’ll never forget his ‘Heaven’ performance because his voice vibrated so richly he made you believe there was an orchestra backing him.

  3. (I didn’t read Rascal’s review, though. I tried to, but my problem is that I nod off after the third or fourth word that has been handpicked from a thesaurus.)

  4. David Achuleta?

  5. Hi HG,
    Can you check your e-mail? Thanks!

  6. HG, I like your rearrangement of the songs by putting the more upbeat ones first. Riu Riu Chiu is now my current fav.

    Re. the album, IMHO, the tempo of some of the songs seems too slow. On occasion, David’s voice seems out of sync with the music (eg, Silent Night). Overall I LOVE the cd and find the music and his voice very calming and heartfelt. I will definitely be listening to many of the songs year round.

    I noticed that Disney is sponsoring the Ann Arbor concert that incl. the symphony. I hope that means they will broadcast it live or have clips for viewing on the Disney Channel during the holidays. For the San Fran concert, David is listed as part of the Budlight Concert Series. I’m glad to know that he has sponsors for some of the venues.

    • Desertrat, very interesting find.

      On a recent thread Freo asked what “big changes” might be ahead for David that some fans might not agree with, after a comment from an “insider” was posted on MJ’s. Could it be possible that David will be strengthening his ties with Disney? Hey, this I wouldn’t mind so much…at least they are a promotion machine..

      • Desertrat – oh go on and leave my Silent Night alone! -haha! Truly, that song IS my morning, noon and night meditation. I love it a smidge more than WCIT – and that’s saying something.

      • LittleM, I never even thought about Disney as a possibility. I was thinking just about religious lines, like putting music on hold to go to BYU, to go on a formal-two year mission (I think he would love to do one if given the opportunity), etc.

    • Riu Riu Chiu has now overtaken WCIT in the race for my devotion.

  7. raelovingangels

    My favs in order are WCIT, Pat a Pan and then Riu Riu Chiu
    After that too many close ones to say.

  8. Why didn’t Jeff consider a pseudonym for the other 18 times he is credited on the album? Sheesh. It seems a bit like overkill to me. I mean really – did he have to be credited for helping out on the Spanish pronunciation of Riu Riu Chiu?

  9. Okay. I’m done with The David Chronicles, much in the same manner as I’m done with American Idol blogs.

    You can simply enjoy David’s music. You can also use David and his music to polish your ego in an effort to highlight its grandeur, true or assumed, especially if you actually have a following that can see no wrong in anything you do. Then you can all celebrate the wonderful gift to the world that is — you.

    Gimme a Y. Gimme an M. Gimme an M. Gimme a V.

  10. Just curious…….are any of you going to a CFTH concert?
    No need to answer if you choose not to, of course.

    I am going to a VIP (my first) at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania December 18.

    This will be my first ever solo concert & my first ever VIP.

    • I usually go with Rae but none of the dates suit me for this tour. Besides, I will be travelling out of the country by that time so only YTubes for me.

      There are no VIP regrets other than you’ll wish you had more time. I did one this summer and two concerts. I will never forget how it feels to see, hear and interact David in the flesh. There are not enough words to describe how overwhelming the moment is….when YTube and blog pics become reality. We engage in fighting words over his career decisions at times, but when you see for yourself, the soft spot for him grows even larger if possible especially when you consider how much he has accomplished in his young life.

      I am obviously still affected from that experience…..

      • I just hope I remember my own name so I can introduce myself.

        My daughter is going with me. She loves his music also, but is not as nutty as I am about it.

      • raelovingangels

        Oh Joymus: I was so sad when the dates came out. I would have driven anywhere in the state of Florida and for that matter to Atlanta even! I just cannot justify the cost to fly this time of year with the holidays and all right upon us. Lord knows if I went to a concert I would be hard pressed to pass up VIP again.

      • raelovingangels

        yes, I so agree with you. In person he is so young and
        a kindheart just eminates from him. I know he is tough and strong, but the thought of anyone intentionally doing anything to hurt or embarras him is just more that I could bear.

  11. I went back to read Rascal’s review of CFTH and I think he was very considerate. But I’ve read people at FOD and other sites criticizing him for critiquing the album. Why do some fans insist on having everybody echo the same fangirling words? Gosh!

    I haven’t listened to the album straight through yet. I need to do that so I can work out my own playlist like HG 😉 There are a couple of tracks I don’t care about. Can’t explain why. Probably because, like Rae, I’ve been too absorbed in my favourites.

    The only things bothering me a bit are those pointed out by MCL, which I talked about on another thread – the fact that David sounds tired, even raspy in one of the tracks and that none of his producers were able to advise him on very basic breathing do’s and don’ts. That upsets me even more than #manincap’s many credit acknowledgements.

    • I agree Valbraz. I am going to listen to the album again with what
      rascal said in mind. I am not sure if I will agree with him or not, but I will see, Off the top from the first listen, I did not feel like it was over orchastrated. For the most part, David’s voice is the show piece, which was a huge step up from Album 1.

  12. Hi everyone! I rarely comment here but I try to come here when I can.

    I can completely see why folks would disagree with Rascal’s assessment, but then I think to myself how happy and content I was with David’s work between Imagine and CELD (the pop album, his takes on pop songs like Bubbly etc.), and then with CELD I just got reminded of how gosh-dang-powerful-and-transcendent a David Archuleta Performance truly can be.

    Because think of it: how his acappella Silent Night and 2 YouTube versions of OHN hit us in the gut. If a one-off performance can accomplish this, then certainly some of that can be replicated in a controlled studio setting. I love CFTH very dearly, but I also know that David’s album production in the future can surpass this as well.

  13. For me, the problem is that Rascal’s reviews are about Rascal, not David and his music. More precisely, Rascal’s reviews are about how great and wonderful Rascal is, in oh so many ways. If someone dares to disagree with him, his followers run to his defense, explaining how great and wonderful he is. Nothing wrong with that, but all this has nothing to do with David or his music.

    • In my comment, I said “I can completely see why folks would disagree with Rascal’s assessment.” I don’t think it’s fair to characterize my comment as “explaining how great and wonderful [Rascal] is.” And how can you evaluate my comment of Rascal’s article, when you admit you haven’t read it? Are you now dismissing everything people who agree with Rascal say as well? I hope time will pass and we can soon engage on all interesting questions Archuleta, my friend.

  14. But, Peter, you can say that about any reviewer, including myself. A review is essentially our take on something, and I didn’t find Rascal’s any more self-absorbed than my own.

    Besides, I thought you couldn’t read it beyond the fourth or fifth word. 😉

    • I didn’t read it beyond the fourth or fifth word that had been handpicked from a thesaurus.

      And I disagree. There are different kinds of reviews. Some focus on what is actually being reviewed, some don’t.

  15. Oh wow! The “infamous David Archuleta” incident with the Badger Herald campus newspaper has now become a “teachable” moment:

    • Wow. Even the associate professor seems to think that readers should only leave nice comments.

    • I love the headline. I was going to respond but couldn’t find the link to comment. Although the tone is still dismissive of David’s fans, it is certainly an improvement on the previous one.

  16. Thanks for the playlist suggestion, HG! I like the concept of the actual album – you can pretty much divide it in 2 halves, with the first culminating in OHN and mostly of traditional songs – but I think those first several songs, those sublime, are weak in relation to the rest of the album.

    And can I just add that David’s run at the end of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (at the end of AWHHOH) is one of my favorite moments in the album? Sorry, random! 🙂

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