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davidradioSo, I’m driving home from shopping today, and the car radio is on.  Right after singing along with Alicia Keys on her new song, “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” the DJs start talking about David Archuleta.

Like every ODD Arch Angel, I get super excited at the mention of my beloved’s name.  OMG! I naively think.  Are they going to mention his amazing new album, even though it’s early in the season to talk about Christmas music?

Alas, no such thing.  David was being mentioned in the context of his parents getting divorced.  My heart sinks, not least because of the DJs’ obvious glee in reporting this bit of gossip.  Sigh.

Here’s the thing: I don’t get it.  Why is this story even news? If you’re not an Archie, you don’t care! I am an Archie, and I’ve only paid this news just the slightest attention.  Yes, I feel bad that David and his siblings have to deal with their family breaking up, but in light of Reikigate, I have a feeling this is for the best.  I also get the feeling David’s been preparing for this for quite some time.  What I don’t get is why this story has grabbed any kind of headline.  The only explanation I can think of is certain people in his management or label leaked this to the press in hopes that it would generate him “publicity.” If that turns out to be the case, how lame!

All I know is, this divorce filing didn’t just happen this month. It seemed to happen early in the summer, just like Reikigate happened very early in the year.  And yet, here we have a musical masterpiece in the form of Christmas from the Heart, an album that David managed to produce with his father despite the family crisis.  Somehow, David kept going musically, and he put his heart and soul into this latest creation.  Had his work been subpar, I would then say we should worry about David’s family.  But, David is as stellar as he’s ever been.  He’s one tough cookie, and if there is personal turmoil going on, we should all applaud him for his courage and his work ethic in giving us this most excellent album.

But, what’s going on?  Media folks are gossiping, and certain fans are wringing their hands.  Whatever is going on is David’s family business, which has nothing to do with us.  What has to do with us is his music, and that’s what I choose to focus on instead.  I created a video, which forced me to skip reading any divorce proceedings made available online.  

What irks me the most about this “radio unfriendly” episode is that this station wouldn’t deign to play David’s music, but they think they can talk about his parents instead? Trifling! 

It’s incidents like these that make me question if “pop music” really is the appropriate genre for David to pursue.  There are many music artists out there, who are doing just fine not ever getting played on Top 40 radio stations or appearing on VH1 or any other music video channel.  If David can’t make headlines based on his art, then it’s time to rethink where he can “fit” in the music industry.  Because pop music, or at least the pop music stations that air pop music, is not worthy of his talents.

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  1. I don’t get it, either, and I totally agree with you about pop music stations not being worthy of his talents. It’s absurd that an entire segment of the music industry is aimed at pleasing radio stations and catering to their every whim. And the artists need to ingratiate themselves with the idiots interviewing them.

    I happened to notice somewhere that Rihanna is making a new music video, and her clothes (or lack thereof) are making headlines. Her clothes, not her music.

    • Britney Spears’ new song “3” has been the #1 song at itunes for a while now (a week or 2) & can you imagine…….that song is about a threesome. So you can see what the pop world wants & it certainly isn’t music.

  2. This was on MJ’s blog:
    I won’t pretend to be close to the family or drop names, but from what I hear among people who seem to know what goes on, this situation has been very hard on David, but he has learned to deal with it and has found peace about it.

    David is an adult now and is making his own decisions (some upcoming ones that may not be very popular among some fans) and managing his life the way he wants to, choosing to include his parents, but I would prefer we discuss David’s life and not his father’s and mother’s life.

  3. Any guesses what “upcoming decisions” might be? I would not be surprised if he did a formal two-year mission after he has satisfied the contract, and then went into the religious music industry afterward.

    • Do you really think he would go into the religious music industry?

    • A formal two-year mission would not be surprising either. And it might be what he needs – to take a break from both family life and the music business.

      But, heading into the religious music industry? I don’t think so. I believe he’ll do more inspirational music and even put out an album of sacred songs at some point, but to fully do Christian contemporary or even gospel, I’m not getting that. He takes his music too seriously for that, I think.

  4. HG,

    Great article. I agree with many of the points you have made.

    Today, pop music is more about edge and image than it is about singing or talent. I do think David could eventually break through, but it would take him doing something bold and unexpected. Right now, he has too many image problems, not only because of a lack of “edge” but also due to gossip dating from Star Search and AI days, many see him as just a stage-managed kid, not in charge of his own life or music. I’ve mentioned this before, but Janet Jackson, despite coming from the well-known Jackson clan, had only flop albums until she struck out on her own, took charge of her image and musical identity and made the smash “Control.” I would love for David to break out on his own in a similar fashion.

    On a somewhat related note, read a few interesting and frustrating tidbits on another site recently. First, did you know “Archie Songs” is not David’s publishing company as I had assumed (the songs he’s co-written are from “Archie Songs”), but that it is actually owned and operated by #ManInCap??? Why should #ManInCap own the rights to David’s songs? And why wasn’t this company reported to Lupe?

    Secondly, apparently no one in the family knew about Reikigate until it came out in the press….no one…. 😦

    • If David co-wrote Melodies of Christmas as I’ve been hearing everywhere, why isn’t his name include in the credits of the CD liner? I am disgusted that his name is not listed here. Here is what is in the liner notes for—>


      Published by Archie’s Songs (ASCAP), Picante Publishing
      Produced & arranged by Jeff Archuleta & Sam Cardon
      Assisted by Scott Wiley, Yoni Gileadi & John Hancock
      Sam Cardon: Piano, Synthesizer, Programming
      John Hancock, Scott Wiey: Guitar
      Rob Honey: Bass
      Todd Sorensen: Drums
      Jenny Frogley, David Osmond: Background Vocals
      Creative Consultant: Rob Honey

      • His name IS there. You are just not seeing it. Underneath the title in red and the text you copied that is in white is some black text that says…

        (David Archuleta/Z. Picante)

        Those are the writing credits.

      • thsnks dorman. your are correct it is there & I missed it. Good.

    • Just a theory, but perhaps that company was set up when David was still a minor. Now that he is an adult, when he is ready, those are the types of legal relationships that could change over time. I would think he may not make any significant business decisions, without a great deal of thought and weighing things out, JMHO.

  5. I would be really VERY sad to not be able to hear David sing for two whole years……..ugh……I’m feeling depressed already 😦

    Did you all see the review of CFTH from the MasterClass Lady?
    A very professional and thoughtful review:

    “If you don’t love and appreciate the season and true meaning of Christmas after you listen to this CD, I’m sorry, I can’t help you! As once quoted by Jerry Seinfeld, “you need a team of specialists” to help you.”

    • He has a great career going, so I don’t think he will do a two-year mission. JMHO and so on and so forth.

  6. raelovingangels

    Good article HG. I have also wondered if pop is the best place for David.
    Many of the stations just won’t play him. I am not sure why, probably a varity of factors, age, rep, too clean cut, etc… and just not fitting their
    “cool” image. I don’t know if more radio rounds would help, or if he should be more R & B or light jazz type stuff. I don’t personally see him doing religious music exclusively at all. He just has too much love for a diversity of music and loves to communicate to a wide as audience as possible. Those blepping DJ’s are just like so many others in the media- sensationalistic, and feeding on the pain of others. Manincap had a bad rep, so I am sure they are loving getting off on the misfortune of it all.

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