David Archuleta: A Christmas Masterpiece

Here is a video I created, inspired by David’s Christmas CD.

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  1. Love it! CFTH is a magnificent album. I really have never heard anything like it. Great video, HG & thanks for the new post.

    • Thanks for commenting in the wee hours of the morning! haha! I worked on this all evening and night, and now I need to get to bed.

      G’night all! 😀

  2. HG- I love this video! The sounds of David’s voice – a voice well-suited for Christmas music – flow beautifully with the pictures and photos and words that you selected to highlight this extraordinary album. It’s just wonderful… and truly heartfelt.

  3. Thanks, Bluebarsa, and it’s good hearing from you in these parts! 🙂

  4. Nice masterpiece – thx for sharing! It’s funny how that CELD video meshes so well w/the Rui Rui Chui.

    David seems to be making the most out of the trip to Nashville by extending his network. In this photo, he’s w/ John Huie, the prez of Creative Artists Agency-Nashviille. http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/14/david-archuleta-country-music-man/

    With the news yesterday, this may have gotten overlooked so I’ll bring the twitter comment here. I hope it’s true; this guy has a photo w/ Prez Obama on his facebook. He also has pics w/celebs who visit DC.

    “David Archuletta coming to Washington for either the XMAS tree lighting or Christmas in Washington”

  5. Here is an example of why we should ignore negative reviews of anything to do with David. I guess it is better to have no comments than end up in this pickle. This is not good for David:


    • I must admit that I find this entertaining.

      I did not read the review, but if I understood correctly, it was really nasty and not based on the album or even music.

      So, they publish a “review” that’s riddled with cheap shots but they cannot handle the feedback?

      I guess Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell them how the world works. Good luck with a career in journalism. Maybe Mommy or Daddy owns a newspaper.

      • the original review was worse than terrible.

      • raelovingangels

        I agree. If you are putting out your editorial, be prepared for the responses. Maybe fans should tone down their responses but from what I have seen of David’s fans, is a professional, but well reasoned criticisms are accepted. They just don’t have alot of patience for what seems to be a personal attack, below the belt, for ulterior motives.

    • I didn’t read the review but I just read the newspaper’s follow-up response that included the “F” word. I hope they learned that for every action, there’s a reaction. Even an alum of the school wrote in to say s/he was embarrassed by the unprofessionalism of the newspaper staff and was turned off by the responses of some of David’s fans.

  6. This is foolishness. Plain and simple. The reviewer is what? Some college student who thought she was being “cool” berating David’s new CD and then got her feelings hurt when all the Archies came a running?


    1.) A college student writer has no musical or even journalistic credibility, so who cares that she was negative? I thought her review was utterly knuckleheaded, and once I realized it was published in a campus newspaper, that simply proved my point.

    2.) That said, David’s fans need to get a grip. We really do need to distinguish between the reviews that matter and the ones that don’t. While I realize fans feel the need to defend David from personal attacks, it’s just not helpful to feed into the stereotype of our “rabid” cult-like obsession.

    This situation has definitely gotten out of hand, and it’s just plain stupid.

    Sigh. I keep forgetting how young so many Archies are (and apparently how young some reviewers and “editors” are themselves).

  7. raelovingangels

    Nice video HG!!

  8. Great job on the promo video, HG.
    You’ve chosen the right parts to highlight, too.
    Although I understand the rationale behind the order of the tracks I really wish that these tracks came earlier.

    • Which tracks are you referring to, Valbraz?

      • I was referring to the fact I like the tracks you started with on the video the most, and wish they came earlier in the cd too as they are the most interesting. I realise now I hadn’t been clear.

  9. I wonder what will be today’s DOTD (Drama of the Day).

    Listening to CFTH is like meditating.

    • …and you forget that it’s actually October now.

    • I agree Peter.

      I fell asleep listening to it and I could never do that before now. I must turn off lights, tv or any music playing before sleeping. I have already listened twice through this morning. It is simply…. breathtaking.

      I really believe David will be a profilic recording artist. Its amazing that at age 18 he already has two recordings under his belt and is currently working towards a third. In the midst of his pop recordings, I hope he considers an inspirational, popular covers, jazz and spanish cd’s whenever the fancy strikes him.

  10. A Masterclass Review of David Archuleta’s Christmas From The Heart

    from MasterClass Lady

    If you don’t love and appreciate the season and true meaning of Christmas after you listen to this CD, I’m sorry, I can’t help you! As once quoted by Jerry Seinfeld, “you need a team of specialists” to help you.


    • I’ve just read her review. She’s a doll and yet very professional. And she’s right about her closing remarks you quoted. Some reviewers need to grow a heart first and then listen.

      I respect MCL even more now for her honesty. I’d noticed the breathing issues she pointed out but I didn’t want to be the first to say it. Any choir conductor would’ve immediately had David correct the breathing in ‘di-vine’ and ‘ven-tris’ so I was really upset that none of his musical producers paid attention to such a basic thing. I hope they correct these minor flaws for next year.

      Anyway, I’m more and more in love with Riu Riu Chiu and WCIT – for me the most perfect among David’s beautiful renditions in the album.

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