Be More Like David: Ignore the Haters!


Archies, I know how you feel.  David is simply amazing, and we want everyone else to know.  His latest efforts with Christmas from the Heart confirm this.  Yet, we must accept that our truly great artists are not going to be immediately accepted and adored on a mass scale.  Heck, our greatest and most influential people in history – think Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. – were GUNNED DOWN.  Heck, Jesus was CRUCIFIED!  

Perspective, my peeps.  I say this because I don’t know what’s more embarrassing: the knucklehead tone-deaf reviewers who give David’s Christmas from the Heart a bad review or the army of Archies who come out of the woodwork to leave hate-filled comments.  Let’s all learn to be more like David and respond to the haters by simply IGNORING them.  That’s what David would do.  Heck, David would simply say in response to their negativity, “Gee, that’s unfortunate,” or “That’s too bad,” and move on.

Seriously, any review that begins by describing first David’s physical appearance that amounts to the belittling of how young he looks for his age is not a review that is based on the music.  It’s based on his image, which they think is “uncool” and so, no way, no how is that reviewer going to have a heart that grows seven sizes like the Grinch.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  

So, let’s ignore the haters.  Pity them, yes, for clogging up their eardrums for no other reason than that they don’t want to admit to a “former American Idol’s” genuine talent, but honestly, leaving negative comments only proves their point that you have to be an insane cult-like Archie fan to like David’s music.  

One day, they too will see the light, but in the mean time, you can’t force the cave-dwellers to come out of the darkness. They must desire the light on their own.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to “dissecting away” at some of these awe-inspiring gems on the album.  

Another great selection: O Holy Night.

Not sure why this track hasn’t topped the Archie polls, but after What Child is This and Riu Riu Chiu, it is his most accomplished vocally.

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  1. I’m definitely ignoring the haters. As a matter of fact, I’m not even reading their reviews.

    Re. OHN, I’m biased on this one because this is my fav Christmas song regardless of who sings it. BTW, I’m still listening to David via my computer because my cd hasn’t arrived. 😦 I’m missing all the subtle nuances that you guys have been describing.

  2. I’ve stopped reading their reviews as well.

  3. I just listened to the whole album for the first time last night. I too have stopped reading the reviews but am now convinced that they are reviewing from the snippets only or have just listened to the first verse or less of each song on a computer with bad sound as they work distracted in a noisy office. Some must simply look at what others have written and crib from them. Forget opening eyes, how about opening ears and hearts? I almost feel sorry for them.

  4. CFTH has become unavailable on Amazon.

  5. I also am going to ignore negative reviews.
    No more comments from me…….on to dissecting……this is fun


    One Rich Song Publishing
    Produced & arranged by Richard Parkinson & Sam Cardon
    Strings performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Conducted by Kurt Bestor
    Richard Parkinson: Piano
    Sam Cardon: Synthesizer, Programming
    Lysa Rytting: Harp
    Todd Sorensen: Percussion

    • Ricardo is talented!!!!!

      • I didn’t realize how talented he was until this album.
        I really am grateful for this album. I am not sure how they negotiated it but they did. For me, I like this album better than the first album.

  6. Just so you all know this:

    BREAKING NEWS: David Archuleta’s Parents File For Divorce

    • OH no……….I hope not……

      David Archuleta Putting Career On Hold As Parents Divorce

      • I don’t think that’s true (the career part, I mean).

      • Well there is a tour planned, so it doesn’t seem as though they would have planned that. I’m sure David has known about the parents issues for a while. Plus he’s in Nashville recording, so it can’t be true.

    • What incredible timing. I saw 2 dates on those attached divorce docs, Feb. ’09, and July ’09. But the news breaks on the day after the Christmas CD debuts?

      Glad FOD didn’t have the chat. From what I can determine from a quick scan of the documents, Jeff wants sole custody of the minor children AND wants Lupe to pay him child support, sell the house, and pay 1/2 the outstanding debt – not having been employed for how long? oh, plus child care expenses.

      Correct me if I’m wrong. (I hope so.)

      I know on many sites David’s personal life is off limits, but my heart just breaks for him, his siblings, and his dear, beloved, mother.

      I’m keeping them all in my prayers. That’s really all I can do. If I look for a silver lining hopefully this will free Lupe to find happiness.

    • Brightlight – that quote about the sole custody and Lupe paying child support are from the divorce papers filed back in the pre-starsearch days. It is not the current divorce info

      • Wow, the document is 25 pages long. If the dates on the documents are correct, the Divorce Complaint (with the terms I referenced) was signed by Jeff on 1/20/09 and filed with the court on 2/5/09.

        It appears a Settlement Agreement was entered on February of this year, with different terms.

        Then Jeff’s attorney was dismissed.

        In July, it appears that Lupe filed a motion to set aside the Settlement referencing some discrepancy in the earnings reported.

        Wonder where things stand now.

        Again, why didn’t this surface when Riekigate was news?

  7. The divorce is sad. It’s been a long coming, but still sad with kids involved.

  8. jeff archuleta is a despicable, sorry excuse for a man to ask lupe pay him child support… i despise this man now with the fury of 10,000 suns for his asshattery… hoping david comes through this ok, and i say good riddance to that buttwipe jeff… what a low, mean spirited thing to do…

    • He did the same thing before with the other filing: tried to ask Lupe for money. Maybe I am reading things here or way off, but I think it’s an attempt to try and control a woman who wants out of the marriage who may have fewer resources (money and career of her own).

      It’s sad because there are kids involved, but their marriage has been stormy for some time and sometimes it is for the best rather than have kids live in that conflict.

  9. FROM IDF:

    It’s Jeff who has to pay Lupe child support because he’s full-time employed and she’s not.

    For anyone who has doubts just click on the divorce papers that are linked in the Popeater article. It’s all there in black and white.

    • Maybe that’s what the court ruled, but that’s not what he asked for in his Divorce Complaint. I’ve read the documents.

      • Basically, Jeff wanted to have sole custody of the 3 minor children, Lupe to go back to work for minimum wage, and Lupe to pay him child support since he wanted sole custody.

      • Oh, and Lupe, of all people, should be entitled to alimony. That’s what it is for – for someone who has dedicated their entire life to their family and has been out of the workforce. If she agrees to no alimony after 20 years, that is too bad.

  10. USA Today:

    This is a really nice article where David talks about CFTH and a bit about each song. It is really informative and good.

    • Nice interview. Glad to hear a behind-the-scenes report from David. He should be very proud of what’s he’s created.

    • Burks,
      Thank You for the link to this article. It is quite interesting. There is also a link from that article to the divorce but the details do not appear as shocking as others have claimed. Go figure. Thankfully David and his older sister can make their own decisions about whatever domestic situation results. This too shall pass!

  11. I am in family law, albeit not in the state of Utah. While there are laws pertaining to each state, usually the general laws do not vary much. This case from what i can tell is not much different than the majority of cases. Yes, it is laughable for Jeff to petition Lupe for child support….however, not uncommon to do if he is seeking sole custody of the minor children. It is akin to a civil lawsuit in that what you petition for and what the judge deems is appropriate based on the financial facts is completely different. Until final judgment is reached, the two sides hash out the financial details between their attorneys and if anything remains unsettled, the judge makes the final determination. If Lupe did not petition for alimony, it is probably because she realizes (at least this is how it is done in the state I am in) that alimony is usually for only a preset amount of time, until the displaced parent has a chance to secure employment, and even then, money can still be paid based on wages and amount of custody/time that the children are with each parent. I doubt that Jeff actually ever thought that he might receive child support from Lupe, based on the fact that she does not work outside of the home. He may, however, it sounds, try to hide assets/income from Lupe in an attempt to forgo and/or reduce potential alimony payments that the court deems appropriate.

    On a personal note, David is handling this like a champ, as usual. You would never know the turmoil that he must face when he is home. I am glad that Lupe and his siblings have him as a support. He seems to be the man of the house from what I can tell.

  12. …forgot to add. The dates that the petition are filed with the court do not mean that the divorce is final then. In my state, there is a six month waiting period, which can be extended as long as there are unresolved issues in the way of it being finalized.

    • Thanks for your input on this. I think it is also ludicrous for Jeff to petition for sole custody of the minor children. Plus, he also asked for Lupe to pay 1/2 of any child care costs he might incur.

      I understand that a lot of this is negotiation strategy, but it smells like intimidation.

      From the papers that were attached to the article, it looks like: 1) Jeff filed. 2) Then there was a settlement reached – which Lupe signed, 3) Later she re-thought the settlement based on financial information she was discovering and then filed a Motion that the Settlement be Set Aside . I would imagine if there is a financial dispute that there would need to be some kind of audit/discovery of the finances.

      What I don’t see is any final ruling. So, theoretically, this might still be in negotiations.

      Lupe seems like such a sweetheart. I hope she isn’t railroaded.

      And, yes, David seems to be handling things well. Again, the family is in my prayers.

      • Copies of the documents that were filed with the court are attached to the ‘radar’ article. That’s where I’m reading the info. They are public record. (I’m assuming the documents haven’t been doctored.)

      • You’re welcome brightlight. If Jeff filed, it is not uncommon for the filing party to ask for “the moon” and negotiate down from there. Theoretically, Jeff never expected child support and/or 1/2 of child care costs, only that the judge would take it into consideration and maybe order Lupe to begin to secure a job outside of the home to contribute to a portion of the kid’s expenses. Right now, with her seemingly unable to contribute financially, the burden lies on him to prove/disprove his earnings because that is what the court will use to decide the final numbers. If he indeed is underestimating earnings/assets, a more indepth financial audit will be ordered.

      • Looks to me in reading the documents that Lupe hired her own attorney and is going to investigate Jeff’s hidden financial assets. He perhaps lied on his initial income statement of $3K a month and was trying to rush the case through when Lupe filed to halt it after getting her own attorney.

        When she wanted out of the marriage before, he tried to intimidate her financially then, too. But encouraging this time that she got her own attorney, a woman.

  13. Uh huh. This kind of news breaks one day after Jeff was supposed to have a “chat” and two days after David’s CFTH debuts? 😦

    David can’t get a break, can he?

    • HG I find that really odd that it would happen now. I sometimes wonder who is out to hurt him…or maybe someone who does not like Jeff is trying to get to him thru hurting his son. Hmmm….I don’t know. It’s not a coincidence I don’t think. He just can’t get a break it seems!

    • One more thing…I wonder why Cook is going to be on a Christmas show when that is not his type of music. David is the one who put out the Christmas album and was apparently not asked. Guess cause Fox is the network.


    Utah’s most famous American Idol will speak about reaching his dreams during the Annual Conference for Women later this month.

    David Archuleta will join former first lady Laura Bush, Utah’s first lady Jeanette Herbert and pianist Roger Williams at this year’s conference, which is sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch and his wife Elaine.

    “I am so pleased that David Archuleta was able to fit this conference into a demanding concert schedule,” Orrin Hatch said. “He is an unbelievable talent and a special performer who has a great story to share.”

    The Murray teen will address the morning keynote session on how he “accomplished reaching his dreams, while staying grounded in life.” He was the runner-up during the seventh season of the popular “American Idol” TV show and is currently preparing for a winter concert headlining tour featuring songs from his newly-released Christmas album.

    The conference will be held Oct. 26 at Abravanel Hall. To register, call 801-413-9133.

  15. InspiredbyDavid

    HG – I agree with you. If the fans do not stop leaving tons of comments on a bad reviewer’s site, we are only enforcing what the media has been sayin for a while…that we are rabid, crazy, obsessed fans.If someone writes a bad article and we go and leave comments, such as, calling he/she names, or saying they don’t know good music, just whatever the case may be…we are only enforcing what they say. The reviewer has a right to their own opinion, even if it is not ours. It is hard not to be defensive when it comes to David. I read an article today and tried to comment, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. There were so many comments firing back at that person. One person commented about all the Archie fans coming to his rescue and saying bad things about this writer. The fans were doing the same thing that they were accusing the writer of doing. The article was way over the top and down right mean to David. I think she just didn’t like David more that the fact she didn’t like the album, because some of her comments about the album were inaccurate. If she had really listened and bothered to do the research, and told why she didn’t like it, instead of being mean…then it would not have bothered me so much. As long as they are giving a fair review and being objective that is ok to me. Afterall, I don’t like a big majority of the artists out there today either.

  16. i’m praying david and his mom and siblings endure this with as much grace, dignity and strength as possible. i feel a strange sense of … relief… relief that lupe, david and kids can now begin to find some peace, and happiness on their own terms – not those of a dictatorial, controlling head case like jeff… would love to see david and lupe get as far, far, far away from utah as possible too… strike out on their own in a new place, away from the prying eyes of their church and those who may still be loyal to that jerk of a dad… sorry, i can’t find anything good to say about jeff right now -if ever… i have no reason not to believe that all the stuff idol leaked about him, all the stuff arsenio said in the video, and what naomi judd said about him is not true… i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for david’s sake, because i care about david, but i’m not gonna be that naive anymore… makes one wonder what kinda hell he’s been putting his family through all these years… i just want david to be ok, for lupe and the kids to be ok… jeff can go to hell. i’ve purged, thanks for the opportunity to do so, now i will leave.

  17. I can’t believe this mess!
    And we thought that the live chat at FOD was a problem!
    IMNSHO, Jeff seems to be an egotistical control freak and Lupe comes across as weak and aloof to me. Hopefully David will be able to strike a balance between these extremes and continue to gain confidence as he matures. He needs trustworthy friends and relatives that support him. I totally agree with abcxyz that he needs to move away from Utah, even if for just some time. What hurts the most is that David is extremely responsible and will find himself overburdened here.

    • Last summer I saw a short clip on TV with Brook & David together. In response to some question Brook said that David was “getting stronger each day”. I never forgot that statement & always had the feeling that it related to his father. More & more I believe that is true. I hope David gets the strength to be independent of his father professionally.

      • I wonder if Lupe would want to move back to Miami. I wouldn’t blame her, isn’t most of her family in that area? It would be hard to go through all this with your side of the family so far away.

      • I think she has 3 sisters. I would think it would be nice for her to have them around her.

  18. This is a sad day. Lots of prayers for David and his family. These types of cases can get so ugly. I hope things can be quickly resolved for the sake of the kids. Lord give David strength, wisdom and peace.
    I am sure there have been difficult undercurrents and challanages for years, but having this come out now, of all times, during what should be a joyful time in David’s life with his fantastic second album, in the media spotlight is just heartbreaking.

  19. I am glad David saves his money. As he said, you never know when there may be an emergency. I hope those TMZ and fish wrap papers don’t have a field day with this, but that is wishful thinking.

    • I HOPE David’s money is not managed by Jeff…….

      • raelovingangels

        Contracts always have term limits and outs. IMO,
        not completing school is a small price to pay to live your dream.
        Yes, SF prayer always a great comfort. Have a restful night all.

  20. I was thinking fondly of that “donkey” also. #manincap seems unable
    to help himself. Not the divorce, the terms. Lupe will be flipping burgers
    with 3 teen/tween kids at home while David pays his father ~10% of his
    sizable income? Oh wait-#manincap “forgot” to put his income from
    that in his first declaration. I do hope they get divorce finalized and
    start rebuilding their lives. A lot of kids have to go thru their parents’
    divorce, most are not the sole support of the family. One more gripe-
    how ironic that David has to pay for his sibling’s college when he didn’t
    have time to even finish HS. Done. Going to read SF’s prayer twice
    a night for a while… Thanks HG

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