Daily Archives: October 15, 2009

Be More Like David: Ignore the Haters!


Archies, I know how you feel.  David is simply amazing, and we want everyone else to know.  His latest efforts with Christmas from the Heart confirm this.  Yet, we must accept that our truly great artists are not going to be immediately accepted and adored on a mass scale.  Heck, our greatest and most influential people in history – think Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. – were GUNNED DOWN.  Heck, Jesus was CRUCIFIED!  

Perspective, my peeps.  I say this because I don’t know what’s more embarrassing: the knucklehead tone-deaf reviewers who give David’s Christmas from the Heart a bad review or the army of Archies who come out of the woodwork to leave hate-filled comments.  Let’s all learn to be more like David and respond to the haters by simply IGNORING them.  That’s what David would do.  Heck, David would simply say in response to their negativity, “Gee, that’s unfortunate,” or “That’s too bad,” and move on.

Seriously, any review that begins by describing first David’s physical appearance that amounts to the belittling of how young he looks for his age is not a review that is based on the music.  It’s based on his image, which they think is “uncool” and so, no way, no how is that reviewer going to have a heart that grows seven sizes like the Grinch.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  

So, let’s ignore the haters.  Pity them, yes, for clogging up their eardrums for no other reason than that they don’t want to admit to a “former American Idol’s” genuine talent, but honestly, leaving negative comments only proves their point that you have to be an insane cult-like Archie fan to like David’s music.  

One day, they too will see the light, but in the mean time, you can’t force the cave-dwellers to come out of the darkness. They must desire the light on their own.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to “dissecting away” at some of these awe-inspiring gems on the album.  

Another great selection: O Holy Night.

Not sure why this track hasn’t topped the Archie polls, but after What Child is This and Riu Riu Chiu, it is his most accomplished vocally.