What Child is This: Since It Needs Its Own Thread

Dissect away! 🙂

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  1. I love David’s interpretation of this song . His vocals are very tender and sweet – as if he were whispering about the babe in front of him – or singing a lullaby. David’s voice is front and center, and the arrangement/ accompaniment provides just the right tone. Kudos to Richard.

    This is the song that elicited the most emotion from me – chills and tears. David achieved his goal of ‘feeling the spirit’ with me on this one.

  2. Producers:
    What Child Is This – Richard & Sam Cardon


    One Rich Song Publishing
    Produced & Arranged by Richard Parkinson
    Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Kurt Bestor
    Sam Cardon & Richard Parkinson Synthesizer, Programming
    Michael Dowdle, Guitar
    Daron Bradford, Solo Woodwinds
    Jim Hardy, Cello Solo

  4. I know very little about music, but here goes anyway.
    Beautiful voice control and tone. I love how his voice is very prominent with little overproduction. Love the orchestral arrangement. Nice soft humming by David towards the end & great different ending that David makes his own.

  5. ‘Dissect away’ – HG, you’re too funny 😆

    I haven’t had the time to properly appreciate CFTH yet, but so far this is the most delicate and profoundly spiritual of the tracks in the album, for me. David’s breathy voice is the perfect vehicle for the dreamy, meditative mood of this melody. The Celtic-inspired – I also here Spanish -arrangements transport the listener to that divine place where contrite sinners find peace. David is our Grace facilitator here!

    Favourite lines, if I must pick just a couple:

    3:06 the Baby, the son of Mary – oh, my heart! – followed by rapturous orchestration. Kudos Ricardo!

    4:41 And loving hearts enthrone him. – David, you’re one of a kind!

  6. From the lonely, distant flute in the beginning to the final long-held soft note at the end, this arrangement is truly beautiful. I especially love the way the big orchestra comes in the middle of it at the bridge. It’s so melancholy and peaceful.

    I fell asleep listening to this on repeat, so it works wonders as a lullaby.

    It would be perfect to play at the stroke of midnight Christmas morn. It’s simply stunning…

    Or, perhaps in the latest adaptation of A Christmas Carol, just before Scrooge has his epiphany about the meaning of Christmas (actually, it would work well on any soundtrack for a movie – either one that’s Christmas-themed or one that includes a Christmas scene).

    • This is I think my favorite of the album. ( Love Pat a Pan – THAT is the one that I think should be released to radio- and love the duet- smooth like honey). Yes HG from the first moment of What
      Child is this, I was capitivated and transported. I swear I listen to it and I see a stable, a baby, the animals the night sky. It feels like watching a movie, or actually being there. The first time I heard it, I really was almost reluctant to listen again! Odd but it felt like something precious that you tread carefully into. The orchastra (sic) and arrangement was stunning. David’s vocals breathtaking. NO artist that I can think of, could do what David did with that song. Any critic who has anything but rave reviews, really is souless- There is no other explanation.

  7. look at this terrible review……what is wrong with this person?


    • I’m on ignore mode.

      Too bad the reviewer is so unhappy with his life. These songs are mirrors, and if you don’t like what you see in the mirror… well, it’s not the mirror’s fault.

      May an asteroid fall on this gentleman as well. And just before this happens, may he mistake the asteroid for a shooting star and make a wish.

      (I never said I had a beautiful soul.)

  8. 3:15 – 4:13
    4:13 – 5:06

    These parts touch the essence of what makes us human, as does the whole song. Beautiful beyond words.

    • I totally agree, those sections are definitely “beautiful beyond words”

      I am listening to this album with a Bose headset on. What an experience.

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