Daily Archives: October 11, 2009

For Those Who Still Don’t Get It


There’s nothing more to say to those who aren’t waiting with baited breath for shelves that look like the above photo (courtesy of Ember).  There’s nothing more to say to those who don’t get “what all the fuss is about” when it comes to David Archuleta.  I mean, after listening to this, do we need further proof that angels exist?  I realize much of the anti-David bias is mostly coming from American Idol die-hards who have learned to value mediocrity and anti-American-Idol die-hards who want to hold themselves above the “popular” tastes.  

That is the paradox of one such as David Archuleta.  He has all the looks of what is “popular” in terms of current pop music, but he then throws out what he calls “heartfelt songs” and makes everything else sound like the manufactured fluff we always knew current music to be.  For those who don’t “get” David’s sweetness, they – like many Americans on poor diets – can’t distinguish between the sweetness provided by real sugar and the sweetness of corn syrup.  For those who don’t “get” David’s musical superiority, they – like many Americans influenced by shows like AI – can’t detect subtleties; they need everything screamed at them.

And make no mistake: David’s brilliance lies in his subtleties, which is why someone who has not learned to value quietly aesthetic presentations will proudly boast that they don’t like that Monet painting over there or think that James Joyce or Toni Morrison are over-rated writers.  David neither belts a note to show off, nor does he layer a song with a vocal run to impress.  He digs into the music, feels the lyrics, and colors it up the way the melody leads him.  That, my friends, is genius, and for those who still don’t get it: No amount of digging through musical and video archives showcasing how other singers sing the same songs better  (in some misguided attempt to discredit David’s greatness) will ever deny that simple truth.