It’s Oh So Quiet …. Until



With David’s new Christmas CD, that is.  

Not to worry, David fans (those of you finding the fan sites eerily quiet).  Things are going to go “Zing Boom / Wow Bam” once Christmas from the Heart drops next week. (Fitting, I think, to reference one of David’s favorite music videos from Bjork.)

Anyway, thanks to Dorman for offering this go Hastings link, featuring new song snippets.  These samples sound much better, probably because they sample the songs’ openings.  And, as I said before, I would need to hear the original song, “Melodies of Christmas,” in its entirety to give it a fair verdict.  Already, this new snippet sounds so much nicer.  I have a feeling I will like it (not least of which is because management made necessary changes in its press to better market it).  

Next week, I will finally be done with my move into my new home, and nothing like a Christmas album (and one from David – GAH!!!) to really make me feel at home.

Just you wait, Archies.  All is quiet until …



Can’t wait! 🙂

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  1. The pressure on me just went up 100 notches to listen to the snippets! I will be strong! Reading all the fan chatter about the songs is great. I am waiting, no snippets for me. I am savoring the wait.


  2. Wow, Abrra! Your self-control is awe-inspiring! 🙂

  3. Yes, “Melodies of Christmas” sounds more promising, and everything else sounds fantastic. Nice work, Ricardo & Co.!

  4. IMHO

    I want to thank “management” for this Christmas album because somewhere I thnk I read that this was not part of the original Jive contract & was negotiated into the contract by maninthecap.

    So Thank You for this Christmas From The Heart album. 🙂

  5. We may be able to download the mp3 tonight at midnight——>

    “Christmas From The Heart
    by David Archuleta

    Original Release Date: October 9, 2009
    Format: MP3, 256 kbps — plays on iPod® and all MP3 players”

  6. It is very quiet in Davidland. I blame this economy. My job is actually going thru a 3rd round of layoffs and it’s a little stressful to say the least.

    Once we get our hands on the Christmas album, David begins touring, and the cellcasting begins again, the chatter will pick up.

    I saw the Tribune article on the Snarky site. Looks like Bestor is being recognized for his contributions to the album. I must say, I’d like to see Ricardo get a few kudos too.

    • desetrat…….do you know what songs Ricardo was involved with?

      • Burkey, I have no idea. My guess is that Ricardo worked on the arrangement for “O Holy Night”. He and David performed it together in that utube video taped in Dec 2007.

        From Ricardo’s tweets, he also did something with “What Child is This”. During the recording of that song, Ricardo mentioned that someone in the studio began to cry upon hearing David’s voice.

    • You’re definitely on to something here, Desertrat. I myself am totally immersed in a major move, so I’ll probably not even have time to go online (or even be connected) tomorrow in time to hear a full song leak.

      Of course, I invite all you fabulous blog sitters to keep my site up to date with your latest postings! 🙂

  7. Pat a Pan is still my favorite….there is a little flub in the French part…he pronounces “que” the Spanish way, not the French way. Its cute though 🙂

    • Yes. And I also noticed his French ‘R’ is not as perfect as his Spanish ‘R’ which is only natural. Charming all the same. Oh, David in Spanish is ‘just too much’, ‘just too much’.

  8. If the snippets reflect the order of the tracks I like the last ones best. Riu-Riu Chiu is my favourite, then Pat-A-Pan, the boys choir for Ave Maria sounds amazing and MOC sounds more appealing now. Agree with LittleM the traditional ones should’ve been a bit more spread instead of in a sequence that makes them sound alike.

  9. So, were any of you lucky enough to catch the leak that was posted on IDF? If so, how was it?

  10. Good Morning Everyone,
    You can listen to the entire MOC at Archuleta Fan Scene. JMHO – its not bad at all, I like it a lot just from the first listen.
    YMMV – haha!

  11. Joymus, thx for pointing us to MOC!! 😀

    I just listened to it. It’s a nice song and definitely has radio potential. With a more R&B arrangement, I could imagine the 1st few lines being a rap with David’s voice entering in on the chorus.

  12. Thanks for the links, everyone.

  13. Here is a link to listen to the entire album.
    It is not a download link just a “listen” link

    • My sincerest thanks (and exclamation points)!!!!!

      Indescribably beautiful. I’m in tears.

    • Oh. My. Gosh.

      This is a masterpiece. Never before have I heard anything like this.

    • I’m feeling kind of bad about posting that link. I hope the music isn’t downloaded illegally. I want David to get the $$ he deserves for all his hard work.

      I, myself, am buying many copies.

      So I hope i didn’t do anything bad.

      • Burkey, I think people who listen to the leaked album are the same people who have already pre-ordered and/or will be buying multiple copies. So please don’t feel bad. Thank you again! I will never forget today — sitting at my desk during lunch break with ear phones on and listening to what heaven must sound like.

    • The link asks for a password. Where do you find that?

  14. Pat-A-Pan needs to be released as a single!

  15. I love all of the songs on the album. David certainly conveys the SPIRIT of the season. He is brilliant! The orchestration and accompaniment are top notch. If the album is meant to be reverent and ‘meditative’ it has achieved that goal.

    However, not to diminish the celebration of the CD, I have one small criticism, and it has nothing to do with David’s singing. The tempo of many of the songs is very sloooooow. Even ‘Joy to the World’ is slow – which, to me, is supposed to be a joyful, upbeat, song.

    That is the one overall impression that I have – that there is not enough variety in tempo (it may be why some people have commented that all of the beginning songs in the CD sound the same). I think that may be why ‘Riu-Riu Chiu’ and ‘Pat-A-Pan’ are so popular – they are a welcome change of pace – literally.

    Again, no criticism of David. And JMHO 🙂

  16. JIVE Promo…………yeah for them

    a tweet from JiveMusic

    It is never too early 4 XMAS w/David Archuleta! CHRISTMAS FROM THE HEART avail 10/13!
    Call David @ 801-386-8196 to hear his brand new msg!
    5 minutes ago from web

    • Hi Burkey,
      That listen link now requires a password? Unfortunately was at work so missed the earlier opportunity.

      • That kink was blocked earlier today. The link has been removed from all the David fans sites that I know of, except here. HG is busy moving.

        I felt bad after I put that link up, because I started thinking that others may try to download illegally & then David wouldn’t get the $$ that he deserves. Sorry.

  17. So we can’t listen to the songs anymore? There’s always a wet blanket in the fandom who decides to spoil the fun for everybody. If it leaked, let it be. Everybody who knows about it, will be buying anyway – multiple copies at that. It’s not like we’re waiting a month for the album, either. Bummer. This was looking to be a fun weekend.

    • Valbraz – You and I and most of the people who post on the fan sites will be buying multiple albums. The MAJORITY of his teen and pre-teen fans and quite of a few of the lurkers WILL NOT. They will get illegal copies. Why make it easier for them? We can’t wait three/four days?

      I know that it won’t deter them but at least it will delay them. I’m pretty sure David would be very disappointed if people who aren’t supposed to have it yet got their hands on it before they were supposed to and before promo kicks in. From reports at the time, he was not happy that DATA and the Crush video leaked ahead of time.

      I’m sure we’ve all had worse disappointments in our lives.

      “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.” Words to live by spoken by someone we all adore.

      Oh…and IMO, YMMV, etal… haha!

      • It is common now for most albums, songs, and demo mixes to leak before the actual release date. Sometimes the label does it purposely to generate buzz.

    • valbraz,

      if you’re here now, look at the YES site for a link to ave marie.

      • Thanks Desertrat!
        I’m on the second listen now.
        The choir is amazing.

        And, yes, Dorman, I’ve had far greater disappointments and I’m not given to drama. That was my attempt at dry humour ;). Many artists leak songs to create buzz and promote their albums. I’m sure the buzz has started for David.

        Ironically, Ave Maria can be found at a Charice Site. So much for delaying teens! Anyway, I’m just getting things off my chest. No need to pull the WWDD here, lol.

  18. Hey guys! I’m officially moved in to my new residence! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I missed out on all the fun from yesterday. But, I already ordered my CD so if is kind and gets me my CD on Tuesday, it’ll be a good good week!

    • Congrats HG,
      I remember when i moved into my own place (condo). Its a great feeling of achievement. Best of luck to you!

    • Congratulations on your new home!

      You’ll be able to have CHRISTMAS FROM THE HEART echoing through the rooms of your new home. 🙂

    • Congrats, HG!
      I’m kind of in the same situation as I’m moving to the new floor I added to my little house. It’s a nice feeling.

      May all good things come together for a grand holiday season and end of year in your new home.

  19. raelovingangels

    Hi familar friends and new ones, Wow I love that duet with
    Charise. I cannot believd how nice their voices go together and how silky smooth it sounds …amazing. That so should be played on the radio and they need to do the duet on prime time or late night tv. (or Oprah)

    • Hi Rae, Glad you found your way here! That duet is hauntinginly beautiful. I heard the whole album, and it is the one song that’s stuck in my head. I feel like I am floating in the air when I listen to it. It needs to be on prime time, or better yet, theme song for a holiday movie!

    • peter

      your evil…….. 😉

      I’ve been trying to wait until Tuesday at midnight when I can get my very own album from itunes

      so far I have only listened to HTAMLC & MOC

      David is such a talent……..just even hard to put into words…….

    • Thanks to the link you posted earlier, I had the opportunity to listen to the full CD, for which I remain forever grateful.

      • really…… heard the full CD?

        I hesitated, then I felt bad for posting the link, so I have only heard 2 full songs…….

        I may lose my grip here & succumb to Ave Maria……we’ll see…..

        What do you think of Ave Maria? Is it beautiful?

      • Yes, it’s beautiful, brilliant, like all the other songs on the album. Not one of my absolute favorites, though.

  20. I’m in love with Riu Riu Chiu. Listening on repeat! What Child is This sounds so Celtic. Beautiful orchestra arrangements.

    • raelovingangels

      I cannot wait for the whole version or Riu Riu Chui, I loved it in the mini clips. eeek… really would like to hear it now. I have not seen any concerts anywhere near Fla yet, Joymus! What will we do??

  21. raelovingangels

    Congrats on your new home HG. Hope you are having fun getting settled in. Well I have listened to Ave Maria and Have yourself a merry little chrisitmas but I was not able to find any of the other songs posted.
    Anyone have any links that have not been pulled yet? One required a password. I think the argument that people won’t buy if the music is posted is a bit silly, If that was the case Crush would not have had a million & a half sales. People who will buy, will buy. People who will nap, will nap either way. IMHO.

  22. And the passive-aggressive folks at MJ’s blog are out. It’s Archuleta hunting season. You know the type…”I was hoping to enjoy it but I’m disappointed’ or ‘Not my style. His voice is immature for this songs. But I hope he does well’.

    These people should listen to themselves. They’re hilarious! 😉

    Anyway, I need to share about Pat-a-Pan and all the other GORGEOUS songs. Where are you people? 😦 I know, you waiting for Tuesday, aren’t you?

  23. Thanks everyone for your well wishes on my new home. The important thing today was getting my Internet hookup and, hence, my David fix.

    And oh what a fix that was! 🙂

    Ave Maria…GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Voice of an Angel, and that is no figure of speech!!!!!


    I’m going to wait, wait, WAIT for the entire album.

    Now, Valbraz, what is this madness I’m hearing about folks on MJ’s blog not liking the songs? Are they TONE DEAF or something?

    I understand David not being everyone’s “cup of tea,” but come on! What kind of musical ignorance is this, and have they no shame in displaying it?

    • Apparently not. They take pride in their musical snobbery, which is utterly ridiculous since they’re posting on a blog dedicated to AI.
      They just can’t be nice. If it’s about anybody but their favourites they can’t keep away or say something constructive.

      The ones that get me especially incensed are those who post links to performances by other singers. What’s the point? It’s David’s album not anyone else’s!

      And then there’s the Archies who try to reason with these people. Just ignore them and say you love the album – they just want to hurt you!

    • MJ’s Big Blog = One of the most irrelevant things in the world

      MJ writes about American Idol throughout the year. These people discuss American Idol throughout the year. Hel-looooo?!

      I’m sure they would like David if he were puffier and wore tons of foundation.

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