New Vlog! A Hyper, Shorter-Haired, Out-of-Breath Cutely Awkward David Here

As usual, there’s always something in his vlogs to make me LOL (it occurs near the end):

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  1. JMHO

    This is one of his best vlogs ever, if not the best.


  2. Like with each of his performances, David’s vlogs just keep getting better. He’s like an exponential number that keeps growing and growing…

  3. David + Benton = Too Cute!!!

  4. That was hilarious. 😆
    And I need to pre-order my copy of the Christmas album.
    Next Monday is a holiday for me and I’d love to spend it enjoying the songs, so I hope they leak this weekend.

  5. Besides, I find David’s fanboards eerily quiet right now.
    We need something really exciting soon!

    • Yeah what’s going on?? I can’t find a good convo going on anywhere! (well except here at SD, of course, but still, it hasn’t been too chatty around here either).

      What’s up with that??? 😦

  6. !!

    New snippets!

    I still think Pat-a-Pan has the most potential (listen to the little bit of French!) followed by Riu-Riu-Chiu. Why the heck are these two gems hidden towards the end of the album. The first six songs get a little repetitive….JMHO 🙂

  7. YYMV

    But, Hot Da…!

    Gaaaaah! I Say! Gaaaaaah!

  8. Seriously…


  9. I mean it.

    WCIT is seriously making me cry.

  10. Love this vblog. He not only GLOWS, he SHINES! The hands are so expressive. Did I mention BIG hands? David please never change. I love the awkwardness that is you.


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