Up Close With David Archuleta! (And Rick Springfield…’Member Him?)

He is just too precious in this latest People shoot/interview:

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  1. Oh he’s a bit more than precious in that leather… I would have shown those girls how to tear at that jacket! And could we have even more younger elementary school girls around him. WHAT is up with that?? Poor David…what he has to put up with… I can just hear him thinking “Can we just get out of here now??”

  2. Methinks this will be the last time #ManInCap lets #HotMom out of the house! LOL!!

  3. Good Press for David…

    Rick says “your Mom’s kind of hot”

    then he says “is that out of line?”

    David says..”Well I don’t know, but it’s kind of awkward hahaha”

  4. Tweet from Jim Cantiello at MTV

    “Thought of the BEST idea for an Archuleta shoot. @DavidArchie make sure u stop by MTV when promoting your Xmas CD! We’ll have so much fun!!!”

    18 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  5. New Video Blog from David.

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