David Dream Sequence #15


It’s been a while since I’ve had a “David Dream,” and seeing that I went to sleep early, who should pop into my subconscious? 😉

I dreamed that I won some kind of “date with David” contest, and for whatever reason, we ended up going to the Empire State Building.  I’ve been there dozens of times, but David never had and so I decided to delight the guy by taking him there since he wanted to see the top.  But we mostly spent a chunk of time waiting on long lines, and let me tell ya’: David is one calm and patient guy.  But, he was the cutest thing when we finally got to the top!  His eyes widened in that “amazed” way they tend to get.  And the sweetest thing: he held my hand in his.  I was too busy being giddy to pay attention to the view. Or, let me put it this way: I was too busy enjoying my “David view.” haha!

But, then I do something really girly (and pretty stupid).  Since Macy’s on 34th is just a stone’s throw from the Empire State Building, I force David to accompany me to the store since I wanted to exchange my purse, which I discovered had a hole in it, for a better one.  Again, long lines, and David’s patience never ran out.  Well, except to admonish me for actually spending “a whole 68 dollars” on a purse. (heh, guys!) But then, it was super crowded in there, and people were getting impatient and pushing, and I was starting to feel suffocated and I was losing my patience.  Then, once again, David grabbed my hand, and I looked up at him.  And he just gazed at me with his beautiful, intense eyes.  And I pretty much forgot why I was in Macy’s to begin with. So, he says, “Let’s head on over to the elevators,” and I obediently follow, my hand still in his.  And we’re finally alone in an elevator, and he’s just gazing at me with his intense eyes and patient smile.  My hand still in his, actually dwarfed by his big ol’ hands.

And then I wake up.

And I’m just kicking myself that I wasted a perfectly good dream about a “date with David” waiting around on pointless long lines!

Oh. My. Heck!

Photo: “Viva la Vida de David Archuleta” by Juan.

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  1. lol…….lucky you for being at the top of the Empire State Bldg with David.

    neat dream…..reminds me of……

    Sleepless in Seattle or Love Affair 🙂

    • Except with long lines! 😦

      Whatever could that possibly mean? Any interpreters of dreams here?

      • I don’t know what it is about this site that makes me want to get all “smart ass and sassy”. Maybe ‘cuz i know I can get away with it without fear of offffending… but girl, a dream about the Empire State Building and David??? Do I have to draw a picture???

        Someday when we meet I’ll tell you about my DA dream… The long lines?? All I can say is “take a number”!!!

        Oh I could weave a million stories around this one!!

      • BWAHAHAHA!!! I get the picture! 😆

  2. Sequence # 15? Are you kidding me? Hahahahah
    Big o’l hands, huh?

  3. hmmm … my 1st thought was Empire State of Mind; since i don’t know the lyrics to that song, i don’t know if it fits this dream.

    elevators and a very tall building may mean you’re both progressing or rather “moving up” in some area of your lives. anyway, i’m with Burkey, you’re very lucky to win that date w/David. 🙂

  4. I tried to post a new People.com video in the Current News section, but I guess I’m spam again.

  5. I’ll try posting the people interview.

    • Good Press for David…

      Rick says “your Mom’s kind of hot”

      then he says “is that out of line?”

      David says..”Well I don’t know, but it’s kind of awkward hahaha”

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