Daily Archives: October 5, 2009

JMHO: A Few Thoughts on “Archuquette”

davidatthedoor It never fails.  Whenever we’re experiencing a “David Drought” in Archuworld (no new song snippets, no new performances or videos or photo shoots, no leaked songs or music videos, etc.), some kind of argument somewhere threatens to tear apart the fan community.  And it’s never about David the person, or David the artist.  The heated arguments are always projected on someone else.  So, what gives?  

Why is it that, anywhere else on the Internet, various forums, blogs, and discussion boards understand that one poster’s comments are really “JMHO” (that’s “Just My Humble Opinion” for those of you still learning Internet lingo) and not gospel truth or group think?  Why is it that here, in Archuworld, someone’s opinions can disrupt the whole group dynamic?  Is there an unspoken rule that all Archies must think the same way and like the same things?  Yes, we all love David Archuleta.  That is never up for dispute.  What are often up for dispute are:

1.) satisfaction with his management —> disagreements over whether or not management is making sure David is as “out there” as he needs to be in the entertainment world and general media.

2) satisfaction with his label —> disagreements over whether or not his label is giving him music that befits his talent and/or distributes his music as broadly and as shrewdly as possible.

3) satisfaction with his dad —> disagreements over whether or not Jeff Archuleta, who doesn’t have the best reputation out there, is a liability to David’s career, especially considering that he is also David’s manager.

Those tend to be the Big Three when it comes to Archuwars, so I wonder if we, as a fan community, might learn to develop some kind of “Archuquette” when the Big Three are mentioned.

I’m definitely not talking about censorship, which I abhor.  You know how I feel about silence. I’m talking about some kind of mediated communication where we can come to an agreement on how we will discuss our disagreements over the Big Three.

Perhaps as a start, it would help if a poster prefaces her/his post with JMHO so we’re clear that this is opinion and NOT based on empirical evidence (I’m usually just coming from that JMHO space and yet, I’ll have disagreeing posters give me the third degree, requesting “empirical evidence” and all sorts of “hard facts” to back up what is essentially JMHO).  

It may also help if, after stating our opinions, that we then conclude with YMMV, which literally means “Your Mileage May Vary,” which is part of “netiquette” speak, suggesting that, as a poster, we acknowledge that our HO will not be shared by others.  

Simple netiquette, but certainly something that can be transferred to the “Archuquette” of our social Archuworld.  I’m putting this out there because, in fan communities, these things are not always acknowledged.  There is an unspoken acceptance that our “mileage never varies” and when it does, there’s chaos.  As I’ve mentioned in many other posts, David’s appeal is universal, which means his fan community is as diverse as Mormons, gays, Latinos, blue and red staters, etc.  Surely, that kind of diverse fanbase cannot produce any other consensus but the one in which we all say in unison: “We love you, David Archuleta!”

Any other issues, well… let’s just acknowledge one basic Archuquette and agree to disagree.