It’s Like a Musical Freedom of Speech…

DavidarchiepixDavid never ceases to amaze me with some of the expressions he uses in his twitter.  But “musical freedom of speech”?  And used in the context of “jamming with his buds”? Now, that’s saying something!

Of course, when it comes to David, I’m left to ponder what exactly he’s expressing here. Is there some “release” he needs to get out into the universe?  Some unloading he can only do in the context of music?  Is he just talking about song? Or is this also released through dance?

All I know is: when David “unleashes,” it’s a powerful thing.  Sometimes, there is often a sense that he’s holding back.  But when those shackles come off, what are we in for?

“Musical freedom of speech.”  I’m liking the sound of that.  Sounds like it should be the name of his next pop album.  Hope he’s getting some new inspiration!

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  1. I love his “musical freedom of speech” phrase. I immediately thought of him not following a set list, not holding himself to the notes on the music, and letting his musical self take the music down any detour he wanted. Like when he is invited on stage and at first just goes along but then can’t help himself, he has to throw out there a random musical run. I love that he is having a little break from the hectic pace so that his musical mind can wander.

  2. This also reminds me of the many people over the past year that refer to him as a Jukebox.

    I think he has much more to show us and it will be fun for us for sure.

  3. October 17 is, and I quote, “National and Worldwide Promo Day for the Christmas album!!! Start spreading the word everyone!!! We can do it!!”

    Why only two exclamation points after “We can do it”???

  4. FYI – Amazon changed the wording on the production description of the CD. No more Jeff.

    So has Walmart. They also now have the album art up…but no track samples yet and have not fixed the tract list for the duet.

    • Thanks for the update, Dorman. Something tells me someone in management is actually listening to all the fan “rumblings.”

      • Thanks for the great news. Seems that someone in the management team has more power than Jeff. There’s still hope!!!!!!!!!!!

      • woot woot!!!

        I bet #ManInCap is soooooo annoyed though. Look out peeps. This one won’t go down without a fight 😦

  5. A friend in Utah told us in chat that a musician commenting on David’s ability to change things on the fly, said “When he does runs, he is like a cat twisting in midair who always lands on his feet.” That is musical freedom at its best 🙂


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