Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

For Your Consideration


I’m not ready to pat Jive on the back yet for merely submitting David’s name to the Grammy Awards contender list for such illustrious categories as “Best New Artist,” “Record of the Year” (for ALTNOY),  “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” (for ALTNOY), “Song of the Year” (ALTNOY), “Best Pop Album,” and “Album of the Year.”  I have a feeling this is routine for labels to put up all their possible contenders – hence why  a bunch of American Idol artists with records out, including David Cook and Melinda Doolittle, are also in the running for Grammy consideration.

See, this is when I get on the label and/or management for failing to promote ALTNOY on radio.  There was even a sweet little music video that never made it to VH1 or any of the other music video channels.  David’s vocals are impressive on A Little Too Not Over You, and had the song actually caught on in the way “Crush” had, it would have been very easy for David to not only get nominated but actually win one of these categories he’s being entered in the race for.

That said, sometimes the Grammys go against the grain and actually pick quality over popularity every now and then, rather than just selecting the obvious contenders (the ones we hear all over the radio and see all over TV) for Grammy nominations.  Think how the Grammys brought to the limelight artists such as India.Arie, Tracy Chapman, Nora Jones, and Adele (although even these artists got nominated because they had at least one song playing prominently on radio).

We shall see how this all plays out.  If Jive had failed to enter David’s name at all, that to me would have removed all doubts about their support for his artistry.  However, if the Grammys do nominate David for something or – gasp! – all of the categories he’s being considered for, then my faith in the music industry will have been restored.  Because that would mean somebody in their academy is actually listening and discerning that a promising “rising star” is indeed on the rise.  If that happens, I will be giving the praise to the Grammy Awards nominee committee, not Jive.

Besides, if Jive was really working towards building up David as the kind of Grammy-award-winning artist he’s so capable of being, they could have released “Somebody Out There” or “Running” or “Desperate” as singles.  Then, nominating him would have been a no-brainer.