“I Look Like a Chipmunk”

davidcutieSo, uh, any guesses which chipmunk David would most resemble? Chip?  Dale?  Alvin? Simon? Theodore? 














In other news, David joins Katy Perry in Manila for a fundraising concert to benefit victims of a recent typhoon.

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  1. Hmm .. Chip has spiked hair but Dale’s hair is darker. I say he resembles a cross btwn the two of them. 😀

    Funny blog post. A very young couple saw David at the humanitarian dinner last weekend w/David Osmond. The wife lost her sensibilities.

  2. Did you see this cute cartoon:

    “davidarchie I MADE YOU ADORABLE


    about 15 hours ago from Echofon”

  3. “DavidArchie Is that really me? Am I really that round and puffy? Weeeird lol.
    37 minutes ago from txt”

  4. You said exactly what I was thinking about all these submissions for ALTNOY, HG. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Jive had actually gotten behind the song? Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled for David, even if getting a nomination is a long shot. Maybe he’ll have a chance in the vocal categories. Who knows. In any event, the submissions keep his name out there.

    I also envisioned David singing Somebody Out There on the Grammys. That was way back when I thought ALTNOY would have a nice long stint on the radio. I guess Jive couldn’t see that far.

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