David on Piano: Finally!

So, speaking of “Love in any Language,” why was this never released as a single?  Here is David with Kendra, singing “To Be With You” (thanks, faithful readers, for this link!)

In other news, here are some Samples from the Christmas CD! (Thanks, Burkey!)

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  1. Soooo, just from the samples, what are your thoughts on “Melodies of Christmas”?

    Of the samples, I love, love, LOOOOOVE “Ave Maria,” “Riu Riu Chiu” and “O Holy Night.” I would have gladly swapped “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” (not a favorite of mine) for “The Christmas Song” (he performed this as an encore at the Jingle Balls concert I attended), and I wish, wish, WISH they had room for one more carol on this CD, like “Feliz Navidad.”


    • I love anything David does. HG I like all the songs you’ve mentioned. I particularly like the songs with a ‘lighter/joyful’ delivery – like “Pat-A-Pan” and “Riu Riu Chiu”. “Ave Maria” is an all-time favorite of mine – interesting that David chose the Bach Gounod version versus the Schubert version. Love the simple piano accompaniment. I imagine the complete song is stellar!

      As for “Melodies of Christmas”, the song itself is difficult to evaluate from a snippet, but the background vocals kind of remind me of songs by The Carpenters. But I think radio is ready for a new Christmas standard. For David’s sake it would be great if, over the years, this became a Christmas staple.

  2. I’m enjoying the clips!

    The duet w/Charice should definitely be released as a single. I can’t wait to hear the full version of O Holy Night. I love Riu Riu Chiu. The question mark for me is Pat-A-Pan; from the clip, I’m not sure if this one best suits his voice.

    Does anyone know which song (if any) may incl. lyrics in French?

    • desertrat..

      I think I agree with you that the duet should be released as a single.

      Charise has a beautiful voice also……with the two of them together…….wow

      Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas may help it on the charts??

  3. Have to give it another listen when my head is clearer. Too many troubles right now. So far, not digging the clips. Joy to the World seems to have an interesting arrangement, but the others sounded too common.
    Riu-riu is beautiful. Anyway, it’s a Christmas album. How ground-breaking can it be? 😉

  4. Excellent! Certainly doesn’t like a rush project, which is good.

    David’s voice sounds amazing. I like practically every song. Based on the samples, I think “Ave Maria,” “Silent Night,” “O Holy Night” and “Pat-A-Pan” are my favorites. I don’t like any kinds of bells in arrangements; that’s the only minor complaint I have, and it doesn’t matter.

    “Melodies of Christmas” sounds like an outdated pop song. A little amateurish. I hope it will not be released as a single, because all the other songs on the album are better.

  5. A tweet from Kurt Bestor………

    “Thanks all Archuleta fans for the kind words. And you haven’t even heard the WHOLE CD yet! Proud to be a part of it. He’s an amazing talent.
    about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck”

    • Don’t forget Ricardo!!!!!!!!!

      “So many kind words this morning. But I have to be honest, as amazing as they are, the little snippets really don’t do it justice. Just wait!”
      about 6 hours ago from web

  6. I love the fact that the songs do not seem to be overproduced
    and David’s voice is clear and prominent.

    Just the way I like it. 🙂

  7. My computer speakers aren’t the best but the sound on this utube clip is much better than Amazon’s snippets.

  8. New David Vlog………now we know EVERYTHING about David’s teeth



  9. Full mp3 album to be released?


    “Fr Amazon.com download mgr: Complete #ChristmasfromtheHeart album mp3 will b avail 4 dwnload Oct 9th! NOT physical copies…just mp3 dwnld.”

    25 minutes ago from TweetDeck

  10. see this tweet from JIVE:

    “JiveMusic The Grammy-nominated Backstreet Boys return w/6th studio album “THIS IS US” in just one short week! Hear a sneak peak! http://bit.ly/JwaI
    6 minutes ago from web”

    Why couldn’t they do a tweet like that about David’s Christmas Album??

    • Maybe because they’re not interested in promoting the “exec producer’s” work?

    • Gee…that’s a scary thought…….but on the other hand maybe it’s a tactic?

      I’m so dense about this music business.

      Would they be willing to forgo any $$ that this album might make for them??

      • Burkey, I don’t know any more about this music biz than you do. You just wondered if Jive wasn’t trying hard to promote David (and sometimes, that’s what it feels like), so I’m just going out on a limb guessing that their issues may be less with David and more with someone else?

        Then again, maybe there’s no real issue. Obviously, David sells himself. Isn’t his Christmas CD already dominating the pre-order holiday charts? I think this album is going to do fine.

  11. ONTD posted David’s album on the main page

    Check this out:

    “Godric David is currently working on his sophomore studio album, set to be released sometime next year. ”

    You see, HG. Some other people saw the semblance. lol. Not just me and the journalist.

  12. I am pleasantly surprised at how much better the snippets sound on your utube version above than they do on Amazon. I was so UNimpressed when i first heard them that I felt I would not buy it (can’t believe I’m saying that about a David album). I have to say I was prejudiced in advance because of the whole manincap credits situation. From the snippet, the song sound good because David makes it so.

    Did anyone catch the moment when David makes an error on the piano, hiding a quick smile and then gettin back into the song like a trouper at around the 3.50 mark.

  13. u tube version BELOW. haha I get mixed up on what order the posts go.
    Up or Down. I’m a newbie poster, but longtome lurker.

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