Whatever Shade David Appears…

It’s all good! 🙂


So, why in blazes is he complaining about his “farmer tan”?  I’m sure he looks hot, hot, hot in a deeper shade.

David, sweetie, learn to love yourself!

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  1. My guess is that he isn’t complaining about the deeper shade, but rather the contrast between his white shoulders and tan forearms. Another way to get an even color would be to suntan shirtless, but I think he is loath to do that. So, to make his shoulders match his arms, he’s trying sunblock.

  2. This is really off topic from David’s farmer tan, but I thought kind of interesting:

    A tweet from Daniel Bedingfield:

    Writing for/with @DavidArchie with @kinagrannis in november – they are two of the coolest and most talented people i’ve ever worked with.
    33 minutes ago from web

    Nice compliment!

    Then he tweets:

    This next Album will be a worldwide release
    34 minutes ago from web

    Hope that second tweet is referring to David 🙂

  3. Worldwide release? I hope he’s referring to David. This sounds like it’s going to be phenom! 🙂

    Bright Light, isn’t it much, much easier to just go shirtless? haha!

  4. David went to Kendra’s show in Utah tonight & did a surprise guest appearance singing TBWY.

    Becky was there & has a video. It should be up at You Tube soon.

  5. I like how David supports his friends. Guess he wants to have fun before having those wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.

  6. TBWY David & Kendra at Provo, Utah 9/28/09

  7. Gawgus video close up and audio from tonight

  8. This is what he’s trying to avoid. ROFL

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