Ballad Boy, It’s Time to Stake Your Claim


Thanks, Burkey, for providing this English-subtitled video of David’s Contigo en la Distancia.  However, as I figured out, no translation was necessary.  Indeed, the part that had my heart crying out in response to his translates: “You have become part of my heart.”  

See, I didn’t even need to know the words, and my heart was embraced with his on those few notes.  Whew!

Remember how sick and wrong it was when David was pejoratively labeled “Ballad Boy” on American Idol?  Well, no shame in that game anymore.  Here is David, all melisma, runs, and intelligent musical ellipses, just letting loose and taking no prisoners with our hearts.  Ballad Boy, it’s time to claim that title with pride!

No more teen pop stuff.  None of that fitting into the current music scene.  What we’ve all witnessed, what we all heard in “Contigo en la Distancia” was the timelessness, the eternal flavor, and the undying soulful nature of music.  David, in all his vocal power and musical wisdom, has just reached a whole new level in the game.  And I pity anyone who still has not ears to hear.  

But this Arch Angel is sounding the trumpet and putting the world on notice:

Our favorite Ballad Boy is back, and he will take the world by storm, one ballad at a time.  Brace yourselves and open your hearts.

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  1. HG……, love your picture above for this post! Somehow I think that would have been perfect for Christmas in The Heart cover.

    I didn’t know one word of Spanish before Contigo En La Distancia, so now after watching it about 4 times with the English subtitles I now enjoy it more without the subtitles. I understand what you mean. One of my favorite spots is 4:08 to 4:12 in the video…….oh that run is breathtaking!

    At there have been 56,293 views so far…….

    BTW……..I love ballads and am very glad our Ballad Boy is back too!

  2. Good to see Perez promoting our David. And I’ll never understand why this pic wasn’t used for the Christmas in the Heart cover.

    Management seems hell bent on smothering him in cheese.

    BTW, I love those notes from 4:08-4:12 too! 🙂

  3. HG,
    Have you seen Rabid’s version of the christmas album cover. Just a change in background and fonts made a world of difference. I’m not sure I like this picture as the cover either. I still prefer the first one minus the bland bckgr and fonts.

    • I also saw Rabid’s cover; it’s really nice. I just ordered my cd from Amazon and saw this under the Editorial Review. I wonder how the gift box is designed.

      “The Christmas From The Heart album will comes in a limited edition Christmas gift box for the initial order.”

  4. I love that Perez is a fanboy and not ashamed to show it – lol!

  5. that pic could very well be on the album somewhere …here’s hoping.

  6. Have we exhausted by now the mature conversions of all the songs David did as a younger singer? I would still love to hear Nature Boy. Anything else?

  7. HG: These words are so true for me, also:

    “See, I didn’t even need to know the words, and my heart was embraced with his on those few notes.”

    No need for me to say more – you said it all 🙂

  8. I think that photo would have looked gorgeous on the cover with a dark colour or more of those lights showing in the background.

    Anyway, how many times have you listened to CELD? I’ve lost count.

  9. I saw this over at IDF……wow……hope it is true!

    “Hopefully, Mr. David Foster witnessed this amazing performance of David since Charice has done a duet with David for his Christmas CD. I also read that David was invited to perform at a David Foster Concert at the Gibson Theater in L.A. on November 5th but it was not confirmed from David’s people yet. I would think that he would sing the duet from his Christmas CD with Charice Hopefully other songs from his CD. Also that there was going to be a meet and greet after the concert.”

    • I sure hope it is true ’cause I just bought a ticket to the show! I’d go even if David will not be there but if he is………look out LA!!

  10. Burkey are you and Peter in training at the same school of David Info as Desertrat? – You guys surely keep your ears and eyes glued to all sources on the internet. Thanks for all you do.

    Anyways, I hope this info is true and more importantly that TeDA accepts the invitation. If he does perform maybe he’ll be asked to do other solo songs apart from a duet with Charice. If that is the case, then it may mean OHN or Ave Maria. It looks as if a round of appearances with Charice is very plausible. I’m wondering if she’ll play a part in his mini tour as well?

    • Joymus……..I am obsessed & possessed……..

      CELD has made my ODD go OTT 🙂

      ODD at it’s worst (or is that best..hmmm)

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