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Ballad Boy, It’s Time to Stake Your Claim


Thanks, Burkey, for providing this English-subtitled video of David’s Contigo en la Distancia.  However, as I figured out, no translation was necessary.  Indeed, the part that had my heart crying out in response to his translates: “You have become part of my heart.”  

See, I didn’t even need to know the words, and my heart was embraced with his on those few notes.  Whew!

Remember how sick and wrong it was when David was pejoratively labeled “Ballad Boy” on American Idol?  Well, no shame in that game anymore.  Here is David, all melisma, runs, and intelligent musical ellipses, just letting loose and taking no prisoners with our hearts.  Ballad Boy, it’s time to claim that title with pride!

No more teen pop stuff.  None of that fitting into the current music scene.  What we’ve all witnessed, what we all heard in “Contigo en la Distancia” was the timelessness, the eternal flavor, and the undying soulful nature of music.  David, in all his vocal power and musical wisdom, has just reached a whole new level in the game.  And I pity anyone who still has not ears to hear.  

But this Arch Angel is sounding the trumpet and putting the world on notice:

Our favorite Ballad Boy is back, and he will take the world by storm, one ballad at a time.  Brace yourselves and open your hearts.

Rascal Asks, “Are We There Yet?”

The ALMA Awards Show

I’m loving this reflection piece from Rascal over at The David Chronicles (I have a similar article coming out later this week over there as well):

Some Archuleta fans are a thousand-percent supportive of anything and everything David does, and cheer just as loudly for an adorable tweet as for a stunning performance. It’s all good to them, and that’s a beautiful thing. Then, there are those of us who hang on, rather more enduring the random tweets and the cheap, horrible album covers (don’t get me started) to get to the moments of sublime transcendence such as occurred last week when David sang Contigo en la Distancia at the ALMA awards. For those of us who see this young man as having the potential to stand in history alongside the true greats of the world’s vocalists, it is performances like these that not only validate our obsession, but remind our hearts why it matters.

The broadcast recording of the performance has already become so addictive to the fan community that ABC Television ought to be brought up on drug distribution charges. Families are going unfed, lawns un-mowed, workout regimens discarded (raises hand), all because people can’t seem to tear themselves away from just one more play. But it’s not just the fan base this time. The whispers and gasps and spontaneous cheers you hear in the audience at Royce Hall were matched by the sound of jaws dropping all over the world. Rapturous reviews are peppering the web, and even the one-time anti-Archies at places like MJ’s have not only acknowledged the sheer magnificence of the performance, but have suddenly undertaken the debate familiar to any hard-core fan of just what it is Jive is doing with him and why.

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