This is Why I Love David Archuleta


When a public figure makes it so easy to make reprehensible remarks against his reprehensible behavior (and I’ve seen the most racist and homophobic remarks hurled at Kanye for behaving arrogantly, tactlessly, and crassly last night at the VMAs, as well as various profanities tweeted by some of our hottest celebrities at the moment), what does David say in response to his watching of these clips?

Check out his tweet:

Good morning! Watching some of the VMA clips.  How interesting lol. Beyonce is so classy and a true star.  Good for Taylor Swift too!!

God, I love him! And I wish more people would realize that this is the epitome of cool.

Photo: David singing “America the Beautiful” at the U.S. Open.

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  1. Hello Gorgeous I so agree. David has class and would never say anything bad about anyone. You just gotta LOVE HIM!! 🙂

  2. BTW I love your site!!!

  3. Thanks, Geri. And welcome to my blog! 🙂

    Love your avatar!

  4. I’ve never known anyone like David. Not in entertainment, not in life. What can I say? David is so irreproachable that I fear for the day when he makes a faux pas – since he’s only human this is bound to happen. As for Kanye, I don’t follow his career, but he comes across as defensive. Did he have a hard life growing up?

    Hi Geri! HG is da bomb! Ha ha!

  5. David has so much class. Most 17-18 year olds are in that stage of their life when they aren’t too classy. I think much of it just comes naturally to him. 😉

    it really is a so much fun to watch him evolve from a very talented shy 17 year old to a super mega star.

  6. 17-18 year olds aren’t “classy” you say, Burkey? What does that make Kanye West, who’s 32?

    Valbraz, I agree he comes off as very defensive and immature. I’m not sure what his inner demons are. He once confessed in an interview to having a mild case of Tourettes syndrome (or is it asperger’s?). You know that dysfunction where people just blurt out whatever comes to mind without any filter? Of course, it doesn’t help that he was spotted downing a whole bottle of whatever alcoholic beverage prior to the show.

    Not that such things, or even a hard life excuses bad behavior. I’ve heard David has had some hard struggles himself (don’t let the joyous, happy face fool ya), and he’s the epitome of grace. (Though I have seen fans question if he even has any anger DNA mixed in his genes – haha!)

    • Have you heard of the potato and egg metaphor, HG? It’s about how people respond to life’s hardships. If going through struggles and ordeals makes you malleable and softens your heart, you’re a potato type. If you come out hard-boiled and insensitive you’re an egg type. So, I guess David is a lovely potato! 😉 Poor Kanye is an egg. it involves choice but also your natural disposition.

  7. Someone asked Richard on twitter if he wrote “Melodies of Christmas.” Here was his reply:

    @angelinmi In the words of “Billie Jean”, but the kid…
    8:33 PM Sep 10th from web in reply to angelinmi

    What does this mean? Could mean one of two things:

    *He did not write the song
    *David’s father wrote the song

    any ideas from anyone?? I haven’t been around much lately so apologize if this has already been discussed!

  8. Well in Idol forums in the Christmas cd thread starting on page 121 Frogcooke quotes an artricle from “Fanscene” (which was subsequently removed from the Fanscene article) that the writer of the Melodies song was one of the same people who wrote Dream Sky High. They talked about this a little bit on idolforums over the next few blog pages and then the subject was dropped. The Fanscene article was the one where they listed Walmart’s track list a few days back and the removed hint followed the lines “we’ve known about Song #13, “Melodies of Christmas,” for a while, and it wasn’t on Wal-Mart’s track list yesterday.” Frogcooke quoted it on idolforums and someone later in the thread said that the hint was quickly removed. I don’t know what any of this means and all I care about is that David loves the song!

    • collegemom…thank you for the info…but….I think you just confirmed my fear that David’s dad wrote the song.


      • Also, if this is the case I am bummed. I think it would have been great to have a seasonal song written by contemporary hitmakers like Eman on the album. Something like that might have a shot of getting Top 40/Hot AC airplay around the holidays.

        Ah well….breathe in, breathe out, recite mantra…que sera seraaaa!!!!

        Nite all!


      • I hope this isn’t true, but the lame song title and all the posting and removing of information make me think it is.

      • Oh, boy. Jeff just can’t stay away, can he?

    • Thx Collegemom, I hadn’t seen those IDF posts before. Now I wonder who made the final decisions re. the album song list, Jive or the executive producer?

  9. Oops – page 101.

  10. FYI, Constantine Maroulis sang “God Bless America” at the US Open finals yesterday. His vocals are NO match for David’s. If want to view this, cut/paste the url without the “#”.


  11. Re: The rumored composer of “Melodies of Christmas.” There is a misconception in the fan community that either David or his father wrote “Dream Sky High”. According to her web site Sunny Hilden wrote that song for the young David. I feel bad that she hasn’t received due credit.

    If she wrote “Dream Sky High”, then the rumor about the songwriter of that song composing something for the Christmas album would apply to Sunny Hilden.

  12. You guys. I think it’s really bad if Jeff’s song is on the album. Not only is he “Executive Producer”, but he is a songwriter too? Yet has no credits for any other artist on any other album? I don’t like how this makes David look, and can only imagine how it will be spun by the critics. Just UGH!!!

  13. Wait. I’m confused. Where is this report coming from that Jeff contributed a song to the Christmas album? Are you sure this isn’t just a rumor? Where’s the proof on this? And doesn’t David’s label, Jive, have final say on what goes on the album?

    • HG, I’m going off what people have said in the thread, and my intuition just based on how things played out too. I mean, isn’t it strange that the only change to the walmart track list was a last minute addition of some original song? That a VRS kept saying to the fanbase “the track list is incorrect” unitl this song was added? Why would said reliable source be so invested? You’re right, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…but I sure don’t have a good feeling about this… 😦

  14. Yes, Jive does have final say on album.

  15. Based on info that’s been coming out, I’m starting to wonder about Jive’s level of investment in the Christmas album.

    Doesn’t being Executive Producer include handling the financing? Would that mean that Jive didn’t finance this album, or that Jeff co-financed it?

    • Collegemom said there was a thread at IDF in which someone mentioned “that the writer of the Melodies song was one of the same people who wrote Dream Sky High. ” If that rumor is true, then Sunny Hilden is the composer of the Melodies song since she is the composer of “Dream Sky High”. (that is if the rumor is accurate)

  16. I don’t know, LM. Maybe they think the Christmas album will sell on the strength of David’s name alone. Perhaps the label is spending more time on the pop album (though if one were to listen to the cynics, this may be an attempt to rush through their 3-album contract).

  17. So, the Christmas album has turned into Jeff’s personal PR campaign (that will inevitably fail)? I hope the rumors aren’t true.

  18. Well, if Jeff is heading David’s management, and they’ve been totally caught up in working on the Christmas CD and dropping all kinds of hints at VRS fan sites, no wonder David is not getting enough radio play or publicity for the places he is making appearances at or a spiffy new website (despite the rumors of an improved site, I still see no message on said site indicating that a change is gonna come). Seems like certain folks are distracted and caught up in their own quest for fame.

    Cannot wait till David finally takes a stand and takes the reins to his own career. He needs to (perhaps under a new contract, he will?).

  19. If you want to hear directly from Sunny, she’ll be on my radio show this Saturday morning @ You can listen online. Also, sign up today for my newsletter, which will be sent out tomorrow, in which she has an interview and mentions David. Blessings to you all!

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