Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

David’s New York Plans

davidnew12Now that we know David is singing “America the Beautiful” at the Men’s Finals in the U.S. Open, there is still another question: will he make an appearance or not at MTV’s VMA Awards on Sunday?  It would be crazy for David to miss this gig while he’s in town (plus, I’d love for him to be there when Janet Jackson is spearheading a Michael Jackson tribute on the show).

Jive, What is This Hot Generic Mess? And Is This Your Plan for David?!

First, there’s the ridiculous photoshopping of Jordin Sparks so that any hints of her plus-sized beautiful self are all gone:


Then, there’s the new Got Milk ads Jordin landed, which is a great endorsement (and when is David going to get his endorsements, huh?), but who is this generic model, and what has she done with David’s favorite label mate buddy? 


I mean, could you airbrush the blackness out of her anymore?

But, the most egregious offense has got to be that second single, “S.O.S. (Let the Music Play),” a blatant ripoff of Rihanna’s “S.O.S” (I mean, for real????!!) and Shannon’s “Let the Music Play,” and the remix is just one hot generic mess! 

Sigh.  A while back, I had suggested that following Jordin Sparks’s career might offer us a glimpse into how Jive would mature a young artist like David.  Now that I am seeing Jordin’s career unfold, I keep having these shaking-my-head moments because everything around her music and marketing screams “generic.”  They are literally forcing her into a cookie-cutter box, and it’s absolutely uninspiring.  If this is the best they can come up with in marketing an artist like Jordin, no wonder they couldn’t come up with anything more original for David other than “tween marketing.” But when he outgrows that teen idol label, what ridiculous photoshopping (because I wouldn’t put it past them to think David needs this for some reason) or horrendous recycled crap song will they have in store for his sophomore album?  I hate to say it: my hopes in this label’s ability to creatively support David’s mad skills are fast deteriorating.  

Don’t read my dismay as having any doubts in David.  I will always “Trust the Archulator.”  Jive?  Not so much.