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Sonic Ether’s At It Again!

Now, this is a remix I could get into:

Take it to da club, David! 😀

Again, thanks Fan Scene! :

Mr. Jukebox


If there is one major theme that continues to emerge about David Archuleta, it’s his love for music.  He’s immersed in it, he thinks about it a good chunk of his time. Heck, David’s own “bio” on twitter reads: “I’m David. I like music.”

As simple as that.  As profound as that.  So, in light of previous discussions about David’s musical identity – be it reflected in his website or his next album – I’ve been having this throwback image in my head of David next to a jukebox since he is so much like one.  Utter a phrase in his presence, and it’s very likely he’ll burst into a song featuring that phrase.  That used to be part of the fun in watching the candid videos recorded by fans when they met David in person.

So, wouldn’t it be fun if, say, a new David Archuleta website was conceptualized with David as a sort of human jukebox?  The entrance, or portal site, might feature David’s image at the center of a neon jukebox, with the navigation bar, designed to take us to different information pages, created as our jukebox selections.  Of course, with each mouse scroll, we would get different song snippets as they related to the different sections. 🙂

Even better would be a new album constructed around this theme of Mr. Jukebox, with each new track opening with the sounds of vinyl changing to a new tune.  Such an album would naturally have a finely balanced selection of originals and cover songs.

David may not be as flashy or bombastic as a Kanye West or Lady Gaga.  He may not even be as “artsy” as a Norah Jones or “smooth R&B” as a Maxwell, but what David “I like music” has, which has defined much of his charm and appeal, is that sheer joie de vivre that manifests itself whenever he opens his Voice in song.  I don’t care about the genre; David can anything and transform it into an ethereal quality of sound that only he can define as his own.


I think Juan Morales captures this essence of David best in his art work, “Music is Magic” (above).  Always transporting us to a whole new sphere, David redefines the power of music and brings it back to its divine origins.  While jukeboxes are old school and pale in comparison to the easy selections literally at our finger tips with the latest ipods and i-touches, they definitely create an opportunity for social and public sharing.  When you select a song on a jukebox, you hope that others in the room would share in the same glee upon hearing your choice music.

David, as our Mr. Jukebox, revels in live performances and delights in sharing his Voice with others, even accepting our requests.  This is, after all, the same endearing artist who, when he learned that fans wanted to hear the untelevised version of “Crazy,” or a reprisal of “Apologize,” “Imagine,” or “Angels,” he delivers.   And he pleases.  And he brings back the magic time and again.

There’s an old R&B dance song from a one-hit wonder group, Zhane, in which the refrain goes, “Hey Mr. DJ keep playing that song all night on and on and on.”

Well, to David, I say: “Hey Mr. Jukebox keep singing that song all night on and on and on.”