Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

Random Mentions: I Sense a David Archuleta Comeback!


First, it was Pop Watch taking a dig at David in that “backhanded” way (see my earlier post this week).  Then, I visit a link where some random writer laments that a favorite artist of his has David as her “biggest fan.”  Now, I see David’s bow tie is being compared to the one Chris Brown wore when he appeared on Larry King Live this week.  These sudden little mentions in the media seem as random as David’s tweets and song associations.

Hmmm, methinks David is making a comeback as Media’s favorite love child they just love to hate (or hate to love).

All this, and we still have a month before Christmas from the Heart drops.  

ODD is in the air – and  it ain’t just us Arch Angels feeling it. 🙂