Remembering Michael Jackson

Fifty-one years ago on this date, a legend was born.  Here is my tribute video:

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  1. still brings tears to my eyes thinking about his passing… thanks hg for this lovely, lovely tribute.

  2. Thanks, GG! 🙂

  3. Beautiful tribute for Michael.

    Oh boy, he had such talent!, but such a bizarre life….really too bad.

  4. Well, Burkey, I think at the end of the day, now that MJ’s gone, history will weigh the legendary talent against the life off stage. Something tells me, generations from now – when the off-stage stuff fades away – the on-stage magic will survive.

  5. Good job, HG. I like the music – so touching! And I agree that the art will outlive while the controversial off-stage persona gradually fades into the background.

    Will we ever see a shirtless, wing-bearing David?

    The question is, would we survive such vision?

  6. Will we ever see a shirtless, wing-bearing David?


    What a vision you have just presented me with!


    • Ha ha ha Yeah, I know. I freaked myself out.

      Can you imagine 3:00 – 3:07 with David? It’d be the perfect combination of innocence and sensuality.

      I was struck by that imagine because I think it took MJ a lot of guts to do that, since he was not physically speaking ‘desirable’, and I don’t remember seeing that before. I must’ve forgotten it.

      Having said that, I hardly ever say these things about David as it grosses me out when very mature ladies gush too much over his looks. Colour me judgemental, or hypocritical, but I believe certain things are better left unsaid lol. So, it’s your fault HG, you had to put that scene there for me to think of David. 😉

  7. Thanks for the beautiful tribute video – I’ve already watched it several times. I hope to hear a lot of MJ on the radio today.

    You mentioned Feliz Navidad in the Current News thread. I was wondering if you ever heard José Feliciano’s version of Billie Jean. It’s a really nice cover and unlike Cook, he keeps the rhythm of the song.

  8. Now that is a Billie Jean cover! Thanks for sharing, Desertrat. 🙂

  9. I have rediscovered so much of MJ’s music since he passed. My current favorite is “Will You Be There.”

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