Between a Drip and a Flood

Davidarchie.641Every time I think I’m prepared for a “David Drought” (i.e. – OMG! The tour is over! What are we going to do when David disappears from the Internet?!) some new info. comes out letting his fans know his next appearance will be at so-and-so.  First, it was American Idol.  OMG! The season is over! What will I do without David on my TV Tuesday nights?!

And remember how the week after the season finale, David and Cookie were on all the important TV shows, riding the wave of their Post-Idol fame?

Not long after, it was the American Idol summer tour. Then, it was first-single-debut hoopla, followed by music video debuts, then the first album debut.  And, before we could catch our collective Archubreath, the Jingle Balls happened.  Then 2009 ushered in some guest appearances, like the Latino Inauguration Ball and the Pro-Bowl, a solo tour, a UK tour, a Southeast Asian tour, then a Disney teen tour.  

And just when Archies consigned themselves to the “David Drought” in which there would be no David news or events to look forward to once the Demi Lovato tour wrapped up earlier than anticipated, somewhere around the corner was the next unexpected appearance.  So now, we’ve got not only a music nomination to look forward to at the ALMA Awards, scheduled for September 18, 8 pm EST on ABC, we have a performance as well! 🙂  

We’re now going on two years of following David Archuleta. Isn’t it time to recognize that this drip, drip, drip of leaked David news and events will one day lead to a steady flow, maybe even a flood of news should he ever get catapulted to super stardom?  

I’m now learning to accept that David is finding meaningful ways of staying relevant and building up a steady flow of buzz via these tours and appearances.  I have to give David serious props for knowing to skip an appearance at the TCA awards while weighing the importance of participating in the ALMA Awards.  I don’t know the viewership numbers for either show, but something tells me that, for David, what’s more important is his public persona and what he most wants to be known for. In other words, Archies, he’s no longer  a teen star. He fully embraces his Hispanic heritage, and I’m sure the next step is to ask the rest of the world to watch out as he fully unleashes his Archugreatness on some awesome holiday tracks.

After that, let the flooding begin!

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  1. Great post- A week ago, I was feeling anxious over the possibility of a David drought.

    I’m glad he skipped the TCA awards too; I don’t recall that any of the musical artists who rec’s awards actually attended. I also believe that his lessened visibility in teen mags is part of his doing. By the time his next pop album comes out, he will be positioned to be viewed more as a young adult artist (vs. tween idol).

    BTW, CCD has new photos up of David and Dean Kaelin in the studio. David looks a little older w/out the spiked hair; I like it. 🙂

  2. We’ll get a little “drip” of David tomorrow from his Alaska solo concert. I see the reserved seating is sold out. I think Archuleta Avenue is going to try to do a cellcast and I hope some concert goers take lots of videos & post them on YouTube!

  3. Bob Dylan’s “Christmas in the Heart” will be released on October 13 as well?

    • I saw that Peter.

      Don’t these management teams do a little research on what albums are being released & what their titles are going to be?

      Doesn’t seem like that would be too hard to me.

    • It’s obvious that this management team doesn’t.

      You know what this means: we need to SVB like crazy to get little morsels of publicity for the Christmas album. Mainstream media will focus on Bob Dylan’s album, but maybe a blog or two somewhere on the outskirts of the Internet will mention David’s album if we try really hard.

      • hahaha… your snark!

        You are probably correct…….more s.v.b.

      • peter, you are so funny! LOL! I wonder if they’d really start promoting Christmas albums that early though. Maybe David should throw a remake of “The Monster Mash” on there to get some Halloween play! oh boy I crack myself up 😛

  4. Another “Christmas in the Heart”? Unbelievable!

    Is it too late to change the album title? I’m still in favor of the one-word minimalist title:


  5. peter & Burkey…I saw that too…it’s really not too late for David to change the title of his. I just watched “Garden State” which I have on DVD and hadn’t seen in a while (I recommend it if you like indie movies!). Anyway, “Garden State” was originally going to be called “Large’s Ark.” What a difference that title change made!

    Hmmm….putting on thinking cap….how to communicate same idea as “Christmas from the Heart” with a different title?

    I do wonder if Dylan will do the talk show circuit to promote his album. Does he ever do this? This could leave less space for David, although 10/13 seems too early to be singing Christmas songs on Good Morning America anyway.

    • You would have to get TeDA to communicate in order for a title change to be done. That may be the challenge.

      • I’m sure we can make it happen if we get Richard 200 followers on Twitter. 😉

        It would be kinda “indie” so not sure this could ever work…but wouldn’t it be cool for that neat sepia-toned pic of David in the studio with the Xmas lights twinkling was in the album art somehow? Maybe should have kept it a surprise…

    • LOL. Get ready to SVB like crazy after October 13.

  6. Did you notice the latest “twitter tease” from Richard….

    “Well, it looks like that one will be 4:51. Cool…..”

    I don’t know what it is about these, but I find them kind of unprofessional.
    I can see showing a day in the studio or a day with the photographer, but these guessing games with words annoy me.

    • What bugs me about this kind of tweet is that it is kinda like bragging about having an in, and keeping others out and envious of the private info only YOU know in your little club. It’s exclusive.

    • Yes, it’s really annoying and unprofessional.

  7. I sometimes wonder, after spending all this time and money on more classic interpretations of Christmas songs (my interpretation based on what we know), which songs Jive will actually choose to go with. We know they don’t have the best track record in that area!!

  8. The Soul David street team will stop total strangers on the street and ask: “Will you please follow Richard Parkinson on Twitter? He’s a musician from Utah. Please. This is really important.”

    (All artists and bands have street teams nowadays, don’t they?)

  9. Well, I would really say what I think of Richard and his tweets, but God forbid he shows up here in our quiet little corner and starts lecturing us on how much we don’t know him. *rolls eyes.*

    • well at least @ManInCap stopped tweeting! Don’t even get me started on that!!!

    • Oh, Oh…..maybe I said too much already…….& a lecture will be forthcoming?

      However, I worked as a professional my whole working career & I do think I can recognize professional vs. unprofessional communication much of the time.

  10. Little M 9:03

    I love your idea of “The Monster Mash” for a Halloween song on David’s album.

    HaHaHa 🙂

  11. Hey – The gang’s all here!!!!

    Hi everyone! I know… I know… I’ve been away for ages. Ive returned to work so time is very limited during the week.

    HG thanks for such a great post. Somehow David always finds a way to help fill the drought times with selective appearances. I think he also knows that too much David all the time is definitely not healthy – haha!Kudos to him for choosing ALMA’s in favor of TCA’s. This way he distances himself from the Disney Pack with a more distinguished television appearance. I feel winning those darn things inadvertently raised his profile so I have no voting regrets.

    With the inability to post as often as before I have fallen into deep Que sera sera mode concerning TeDA. They will do as they wish so fighting seems useless. It IS uncanny that Dylan’s album with a similar name save for one word will also be debuting on Oct 13th. Did anyone research this before hand? Who knows.

    Little M – looking forward to your marketing ideas 🙂

  12. Did Dan Arch close his twitter account?

    • you mean Dad Arch? Yes, after ReikiGate. Well he reopened it, but only posted a couple more times after that…wouldn’t be surprised if he has a private one though.

  13. I don’t know what creeps me out the most, Richard’s little games and boxes of tissues or sites with weird names like Counting David’s Character. Why must David be surrounded by so much awkwardness? Are we weird too? In case we’re not, do we still qualify as fans?

  14. Burkey,
    As even David mentioned in is last vlog – it would be cool to show him recording. I’m all for that but if it will be the quality of his other vlogs from, I hate to say but the obscure tweets will seem like golddust.

    My wish list for David is a really professional-looking vid of him recording. If I keep saying it maybe it will come true.

    • I know, I do not like those vids either! The last one with David sitting on his hands was kind of uncomfortable to watch….not sure these vids would be appealing to new fans…

      BTW, long time no see Joymus! 🙂

    • Maybe it will come true along with a new official professional website?

      We all will have to keep saying it!

    • There is so much unprofessionalism surrounding him and I don’t think he is even aware of it yet.

      He needs a professional photographer, stylist, publicist, web designer, etc.

      Maybe I expect too much & all this costs too much. I don’t know but think the only thing keeping David alive publicly now is his extraordiinary talent.

      • I feel David gets by on his own incredible talent and genuine personality. Look at his twitter. Totally non-fussy – no slick background, nothing. And yet, his tweets are hilarious and he gets thousands of new followers a week. David is doing it all.

  15. Joymus – my next marketing idea would be to make the most out of the ALMA appearance and performance! How to do that…

    *David should perform a song off his album or the FanPack…SOMETHING that can get him some sales at least

    *He should perform something in his wheel house that he can really SHINE on. How about “To Be With You”? Maybe Nelly Furtado or Selena Gomez can sing the harmony part?

    *I think it would be awesome for him to attend with his gorgeous Latina momma! If not momma, why not go with Demi and Selena as a group? Those red carpet pics would get him some great coverage in People, People en Espanol and the teen mags I bet

    I’m excited about this show!

  16. Speaking of vlogs……David just posted a new one:

    • I will say it again…David is his own best marketing!!!

      This vid was 1,000 times better than that produced vid!!!

      So much to dissect here…

      *How adorable is the church shirt hanging in the closet?

      *His eyes!! In the light!

      *Has there been some recent manscaping?? (eyebrows??)


  17. Why is it that Dav’s own vlogs are so much more real and personable than the one from his website team? Wow – His eyes and smile are to die for!

  18. Oh my gosh did you guys see the other pic David posted of his video uploading? hahahaaa!!

  19. Little M,
    I was speaking of the brother. I used to receive his updates, now the page no longer exists.

    • Oh really? What do you think about it? Could be a good thing…he is so young and should really be focusing on school at this point, no? I heard he had some interesting tweets…

  20. haha….see what he says about his internet connection…haha

    Kinda awkward but I found a good connection in front of someone else’s door!

    This is not helpful. It’s over 200 minutes now too! I paid 10 bucks for this internet connection! Going to …

    Bah! Bad internet connections! I have a blog to get up internet! Work with me here please!

  21. hahaha

    he actually says he paid 10 bucks extra for his internet connection

    so funny coming from someone who made, what, $100,000 + this year?


  22. He’s beaming. I think he loves Alaska. LittleM, I’m curious, who feels snubbed?

  23. LM,
    Did you see my question downstream about snubbing?

    I also smiled when I saw the shirt hanging in the closet.

    The $10.00 comment also made me smile. David is frugal to a fault – haha!

  24. Burkey – “wow…..that is weird…….wonder who posted that?”

    it was Richard…I must be psycho…or psychic…or something…lol

    where oh where is peter when we need him??!?!?

    • no kidding………talk about unprofessional tweeting………

      unless maybe it was a joke…….?

      yes……peter where are you? We need your snark. lol

  25. And now he posted this…

    @DavidArchie That’s Al-le-lu-ia… drop your jaw… ahhhhh…. e. e. e. e. … 🙂
    5 minutes ago from web in reply to DavidArchie

    …and is getting ready to post a pic

  26. Studio picture from Richard:

  27. You see, the thing about it is when David is natural, not too polished and just being “Just David,” he’s so dang cute and gorgeous and personable. When Richard or anyone else from TeDA try the same thing, it just doesn’t work.

    Here’s a clue: you’re not 18 and you’re NOT David Archuleta!

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