Daily Archives: August 26, 2009

Between a Drip and a Flood

Davidarchie.641Every time I think I’m prepared for a “David Drought” (i.e. – OMG! The tour is over! What are we going to do when David disappears from the Internet?!) some new info. comes out letting his fans know his next appearance will be at so-and-so.  First, it was American Idol.  OMG! The season is over! What will I do without David on my TV Tuesday nights?!

And remember how the week after the season finale, David and Cookie were on all the important TV shows, riding the wave of their Post-Idol fame?

Not long after, it was the American Idol summer tour. Then, it was first-single-debut hoopla, followed by music video debuts, then the first album debut.  And, before we could catch our collective Archubreath, the Jingle Balls happened.  Then 2009 ushered in some guest appearances, like the Latino Inauguration Ball and the Pro-Bowl, a solo tour, a UK tour, a Southeast Asian tour, then a Disney teen tour.  

And just when Archies consigned themselves to the “David Drought” in which there would be no David news or events to look forward to once the Demi Lovato tour wrapped up earlier than anticipated, somewhere around the corner was the next unexpected appearance.  So now, we’ve got not only a music nomination to look forward to at the ALMA Awards, scheduled for September 18, 8 pm EST on ABC, we have a performance as well! 🙂  

We’re now going on two years of following David Archuleta. Isn’t it time to recognize that this drip, drip, drip of leaked David news and events will one day lead to a steady flow, maybe even a flood of news should he ever get catapulted to super stardom?  

I’m now learning to accept that David is finding meaningful ways of staying relevant and building up a steady flow of buzz via these tours and appearances.  I have to give David serious props for knowing to skip an appearance at the TCA awards while weighing the importance of participating in the ALMA Awards.  I don’t know the viewership numbers for either show, but something tells me that, for David, what’s more important is his public persona and what he most wants to be known for. In other words, Archies, he’s no longer  a teen star. He fully embraces his Hispanic heritage, and I’m sure the next step is to ask the rest of the world to watch out as he fully unleashes his Archugreatness on some awesome holiday tracks.

After that, let the flooding begin!