Daily Archives: August 23, 2009

Stream! Vote! Buy! … Let’s Nominate David for “Most Beautiful People”

Here’s a worthy Stream! Vote! Buy! memo I received via twitter.  Help nominate David for People’s “Most Beautiful People” for 2010.  Can you think of a more deserving person?  Beautiful Voice, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, beautiful soul, just all around beautiful…

Have I sold you yet?

How about some inspirational pics to go with that?


Picture 1




Wait…there’s more! (The hotness! Thanks for the link, Valbraz!)


Popular Videos Featuring David Archuleta

Brunch with David in Providence, R.I.

Got this link from Peter (thanks!) – also featured on Snarky’s and Fan Scene.

Spiderman/Zero Gravity Music Video –  great PR, I must say! 🙂 (Thanks, Valbraz!)

Christmas in August

Just a quick trip down memory lane when David performed “O Holy Night” (a favorite of his, so we can expect this gorgeously voiced tune on Christmas from the Heart). Have we already played the game of “which Christmas carol will most likely be featured”?