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davidthinkerIt appears that fans are already trying to read between the lines and interpret David’s silences in light of the cancellation of his last three shows on the Demi Lovato tour.  So, is David being passive aggressive here?  Is he refusing to say anything on the subject?  Is he under a “gag order” by higher ups?  Is he simply avoiding unpleasantness (wouldn’t be the first time)?  Or, has he not yet been told?  What exactly is David trying to say with these recent tweets?

Fun show tonight! Happy birthday to @ddlovato!

Have a show in Fairfax, Virginia today! DC metro area haha

Doing a photo shoot for the Christmas album!

Ashlee’s only with us for a few more hours 😦

Last night I had a dream that I was driving a beat up orange car that kept breaking down on me. It was irritating haha.

Good morning good morning and how do you do?

Update: The Silence has finally been broken!

I’m sorry! :(. It wasn’t up to me lol. At least I’m still performing for the later shows though. Thanks for still coming!

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  1. I don’t think he’s trying to say anything. People forget that he’s eighteen. He’s wise beyond his years in some respects, but he’s still eighteen.

  2. True enough.

  3. Sorry for butting into your blog. And sorry in advance for being long winded.

    I just wanted to make some comments on this controversy over David not acknowledging the pain and trouble everyone is going through due to the postponed concerts. I keep reading here and on TDC that David owed everyone an explanation and that they wanted him to at least acknowledge their pain, and pronto.

    Everyone is looking at this with older life-experienced colored glasses. The only mistake I can see David making is not having a true PR person in his employ. Someone who knows what the heck they are doing and not just “learning as they go.” I do not blamed David for any of this fiasco.

    First, when the first three concerts were “cancelled”, David did his best to reschedule solo shows in those areas. He was successful at arranging two. Portland was the earlier cancellation and there was no time to reschedule something there because they were then out of the region. Logistically not sound. These dates were cancelled by Demi’s team. No apology by David necessary, none given. He never mentioned these until much later when casually mentioning one of the solo shows was to make up for a cancelled show.

    Second, this second batch of cancellations, different story. One, they are not cancellations, they are “postponements”. Again, why should David apologize for that? Demi’s problem. Demi’s job to announce.

    Third, lack of acknowledgement. One, with nothing, in his mind, to apologize for, why would he? He didn’t even know he had upset people. In his mind, he’s probably thinking “postponements” not “cancellations.” Looking at the timeline of his tweets and from where his tweets came from, he was not at his computer, he was on his phone. He has no Internet access on his phone. He would not have seen all the upset tweeters demanding answers. Instead he was recording, spending the last of their time together with Ashlee, doing a photo shoot, etc. By the time last night when he was finally posting tweets from the web, from his computer, from which he can see the tweets, all of the angry and confused tweets had gone away. They were long gone. Along comes a lone tweeter that mentions her disappointment and he acknowledged that right away. Again, giving a clue to his thinking, “At least I’m still performing for the later shows though. Thanks for still coming!” Again with the cancellation vs. postponement thinking.

    Fourth, some want to know why he doesn’t “understand” the logistics involved in rescheduling vacations, flights, hotels, etc. Really? You think an 18-year-old who in his whole working life outside of the music business was a few weeks at a part time job at an amphitheater truly understands scheduling and rescheduling vacation? What part time summer worker do you know of that gets vacation? And he has a father, that as far as I know has only been self-employed and a mother that does not work outside the home. How would he truly understand what’s involved there?

    He has a tour manager, Ray, to schedule and reschedule flights, hotels, etc., for him. Why would you think he would truly understand what’s involved there?

    Fifth, does he TRULY understand how many people were coming for a final 4-5 concert blitz? He knows he sees some of the same people here and there. I’m sure some told him, “I’ll see you in such and such in a week.” He knows that sometimes his fans come from long distances, but I don’t think he really and truly gets how far some will go, or that they were all seemingly coming to the final shows.

    Sixth, does David TRULY understand the unbelievable anticipation and emotional investment his fans have in seeing him? He knows he’s loved by the fans. He knows a lot of their stories. But, does he truly get how devastated some would be? I think not. WE know it as we share it amongst ourselves, but does David know it?

    Give the kid a break! He didn’t live up to some people’s expectations. Let’s TRY to look at it from the perspective of an 18 year old and not as an adult with some decades of life experience under our belts.

    Wow! Seemingly only one misstep, in some eyes, in nearly TWO YEARS of dealing with fans. A he’s been phenomenal at it. You’d think the world had come to an end all of a sudden. He’s just soooo disappointing. We’ve lost some respect for him some say.

    Good Lord!

  4. bravo, amen, tell it like it is and all that dorman59… i think some people in the base look too much to david for some sort of acknowledment or validation of personal needs and desires, or look to him to have the answers to all the questions they may have, especially those pertaining to circumstances beyond his control… he is in desperate need of a top notch publicist or pr team to handle this sort of communication, pronto. no excuse for why he doesn’t already have one. i never felt it was his responsibility to be the front man for this disney debacle, and will never place that responsibility on his shoulders… my hope is that this mess prompts his mgmt team to hire some professionals to handle his pr, so the onus for this type of communication with fans is rightfully removed from him….

  5. Again, true enough, Dorman59.

  6. Everyone is looking at this with older life-experienced colored glasses. The only mistake I can see David making is not having a true PR person in his employ. Someone who knows what the heck they are doing and not just “learning as they go.” I do not blamed David for any of this fiasco.

    Dorman59, I agree with this point of view (and your entire post). He’s only eighteen.

  7. I think some people in the base look too much to David for some sort of acknowledgment or validation of personal needs and desires.

    This is also very true in my opinion.

  8. Great post Dorman59! I agree; I only hold David accountable for not surrounding himself w/a experienced and savvy management & PR teams. At this stage of his career and his life, I don’t expect him to know all of that.

    Touring contracts (esp. the insurance part) are very complex. I seriously doubt that Demi has the clout the cancel a concert just because she needs a break.

    BTW, this link is re. a case where Britney Spears was sued by the tour insurance company for canceling part of her tour due to a leg injury. It’s very interesting what’s expected of performers w/regard to their health.

    Last, David was desperately trying to get thru all his gifts per this 8/18 tweet. Guess he found out at the last minute that shows would be canceled and that he needed to clean up and pack.

    “Spent 3 hours going through gifts and letters and I’m not done… I honestly don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all of it.”
    11:20 PM Aug 18th from txt

  9. David is going to Alaska. His orange car needs more fuel.

    SVB! SVB!

    Take your pick:

  10. Gee, I know this week has been incredibly busy for me, but where is everybody? *waves*

    • We’re here…..we’ve been shocked & crazed over the tour cancellations by the D/D/D team (disney’s/diva/demi)

      It really was shocking that they would do that…….maybe not shocking for them but I cannot imagine that this team would even consider doing what they did.

      HG…..I am also in the middle of a new house project. Our daughter is building a house right next door to us as we speak. Busy time.

  11. Here’s David with Demi’s big sister Dallas, Johnny B., Kendra, and Demi’s little sister, I think.

  12. Hi everyone!

    I went back to work this week and it was exhausting.
    Teaching is quite taxing on the body – not so much an intellectual job as a stamina marathon. I’ve been here but have nothing to add really, other than I’m glad the Demi tour is over. Ok, I’m happy that many cool young girls and boys had a chance to meet David and fall in love with him.

    Today was the last show, wasn’t it? Can I open a bottle of wine? Of course, I need to buy one first.

  13. You mean, it’s officially over?!

    *Pops champagne.*

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