Daily Archives: August 20, 2009

Reading Between the Tweets

davidthinkerIt appears that fans are already trying to read between the lines and interpret David’s silences in light of the cancellation of his last three shows on the Demi Lovato tour.  So, is David being passive aggressive here?  Is he refusing to say anything on the subject?  Is he under a “gag order” by higher ups?  Is he simply avoiding unpleasantness (wouldn’t be the first time)?  Or, has he not yet been told?  What exactly is David trying to say with these recent tweets?

Fun show tonight! Happy birthday to @ddlovato!

Have a show in Fairfax, Virginia today! DC metro area haha

Doing a photo shoot for the Christmas album!

Ashlee’s only with us for a few more hours 😦

Last night I had a dream that I was driving a beat up orange car that kept breaking down on me. It was irritating haha.

Good morning good morning and how do you do?

Update: The Silence has finally been broken!

I’m sorry! :(. It wasn’t up to me lol. At least I’m still performing for the later shows though. Thanks for still coming!