Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

Caught Up in the Marketplace


So, between the more insightful articles posted here of late – concerning the profit-driven commercialism that pop music has become – and breaking news that David’s last three shows with Demi Lovato have been canceled (due, reportedly, to Demi Lovato working on a movie), it’s pretty safe to say that David is a bit of a misfit in the current music scene.

First, someone as decent, caring, selfless, and giving as he is would never cancel shows that so many devoted fans paid for.  David, who recently recovered from illness and the loss of his voice, has been quite the trooper.  No matter how much he needed the break from a show cancellation, David pressed on, so concerned was he to not disappoint his fans.  

Yet, if we are to believe the reports that, by contrast, Demi Lovato opted out of the last three remaining shows to devote to her work on a movie, obviously she and Disney have a different work ethic.  

Is David too good, too talented, too benevolent for the music industry in which he now functions?  Knowing that no one is invested in nurturing new artists or giving them good and creative music to develop, how can he thrive in such an environment?  And why do I get the feeling this will not be the last time David will have to disappoint fans, due to decisions made by higher powers? Remember how American Idol forced him to cancel his appearance on the McFly tour in the U.K., thus disappointing a significant number of European fans who had waited for David to finally cross the Atlantic so they could see him live?

And now, thanks to Disney, David must disappoint fans in Atlantic City, Providence, and Manchester.  

One of the reasons why so many of us hold our noses while David swims in this treacherous water that is the exploitative, uncaring business world of music is so that, one day, David will amass enough clout through popularity and fame so that he can call his own shots.

Yet, this is a rather hard climb, and perhaps – thanks to the Internet – we fans are able to get a closer glimpse into the world that David must now navigate.  

Sometimes, I wish I did not have certain information, but now that we do, let us hope David will survive and thrive with his integrity and talents in tact.