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Music That Has No Point But to Make You Dance, Dance, Dance


One of my favorite targets of my ire and scorn is today’s current music scene.  Maybe it’s an indication that I am, indeed, getting old and no longer qualify in the “young adults” category.  Still, sometimes I hear an interesting diddy with a cool hook and danceable track, and you realize there is absolutely no point to the song but to be fun and silly and irreverent… you know, all the ingredients needed to get you on the dance floor.

Perhaps it’s the mood I’m in today, but on my way home from work, I was just bopping my head along to Asher Roth’s “She Don’t Wanna Man” (featuring Keri Hilson) while I was at a stop light.  I think it is perhaps one of the more pointless songs out there, but sometimes pointlessness is the point. It’s the kind of fun stuff you really can get into during the summer. 

david_gangstaAs much as I love Inspirational David and am so eager to get my hands on Christmas from the Heart, I also love his quirky, dry witty, fun-loving dorky self, and how cool would it be – at least on David’s next pop album – if he got to do a pointless fun and danceable track?  

Actually, it’s high time some of our Idol alumni started doing some good spoofs pertaining to the “endless competitions” or the boxed-in stereotypes the show has spawned.  I think it would be all kinds of fun if Cookie and David did a fun duet making fun of the endless “Battle of the Davids” neither the media or Idol fans tire of. Or, what if he and Jordin (or maybe a nice trio, featuring their fellow AI and label mate, Alison Iraheta) did an ode to “when we were 17” (i.e. being the “teen sensation wonders” that the show tried to spin them into)?  All done to a danceable, hookable track of course! I’d love to see Simon come undone since he loves to dish out criticism but has a tough time taking it in.  heh.

Still, what a way to take off the edge – both from critics and Idol fans who take the show (and the contestants who come off the show) so seriously.  

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll always prefer the David that makes me cry (especially if I’m supposed to be stocking up on boxes of tissue come this holiday season), but who can deny that he’s equally as moving when he gives us a good laugh?

Just let the music play!

A Cure for Arch Angels Fatigue

Because sometimes I have to remind myself why I’m a fan.

Do I get tired of Archies?  Yes.  David Archuleta?  Never!

(Thanks, Joymus, for embedding this video here in the previous thread)