Daily Archives: August 16, 2009

Macro-Managing David: Mobilizing Fan Power


Reprinted from The David Chronicles.

If there’s anything I’m most impressed with about the Arch Angels, it’s the way we  support David Archuleta.  Our track record speaks for itself.

Want to see him honored as a teen star at the Teen Choice Awards? No problem.  Just organize until the producers not only invite him as a presenter but actually invent a completely new category just for his fans.  The result?  David wins the first ever award for “Most Fanatic Fans.”

Want to contribute the most money in David’s name for Stand Up 2 Cancer? Done!  

Want to support David’s first single “Crush” on the Hot 100?  Done! 

Want to push David’s first video for “Crush” to No. 1 on the VH1 Countdown? Done! 

Want to mobilize David to be Mr. Twitter Universe?  Done!

Want to help David win 3 Awards at TCA?  Done!

So, now that we’ve proven that we’ll promote David Archuleta and support him every step of the way, how about we, as a fan community, think bigger and better?  I’m raising this question because I’ve been a bit concerned with some “defeatist” discussions on my blog and on TDC when it comes to David’s career and the path that his management has taken.  We’ve proven ourselves already.  If some persuasion is necessary, why not see how far we can mobilize our fan power?

Over the years, I’ve been in awe at what the Internet can do when it comes to mobilizing fans.  Back when Brokeback Mountain lost the Oscar in 2006, so many lovers of that movie, who had gathered at a fan forum, mobilized their outrage and raised the required $25,000 to pay for a full-page Ad in Variety Magazine to express their discontent.  It was so successful, they had debates about how best to use the “surplus” money.  In the realm of music, hip-hop artists like Missy Elliot have staged online contests to get her fans to name her next CD.  And, as was mentioned in previous discussions, singer Jill Sobule turned to her fans to finance her album.  She has described the experience as “liberating,” as I’m sure it was for all involved.  

David may not need to rely on his fans to finance an album at this point since he’s already signed to a major label, but I wonder if the Archies would be willing to mobilize for his promotion in big ways.  I’m not talking You Tube vids or Twitter news and spams.  What if we raised the necessary moolah that his label or management doesn’t spend to really get his name out there?  What if we too invested in a full page ad or a well-placed commercial or billboard?  Instead of having individuals making their own home-made placards and promo fliers, what if we collectively got together to invest in something huge or even something as simple as paying for a top-notch web designer to get his official site looking professional?

We’d have to be careful, of course, for the same Brokeback Mountain forum that mobilized for a movie ad and various charities for rural gays (in honor of the movie) had a scandal when one of the forum members absconded with the money during other fundraising projects (we’ve already had a brush with this early on in the Archie community).  Perhaps his official site should include a special donations section for such fundraising projects.

What I’m really suggesting is: rather than go around in circles arguing about how David is “managed” – with various fans telling other fans that we have no “business” doing so – I say, let’s really step up and mobilize in the ways that count.  Why concede certain decisions when we’ve all shown that we are invested in David’s success in one way or another?  

If anyone can mobilize in a big way, the Arch Angels sure can!