AI Legacy: It’s Always a Competition, Isn’t It?


That’s one of the downsides to this godforsaken show: everything has now turned into a competition.  But for now, I will congratulate David on making this latest Top 10 list of Idol alumni who’ve done well post-AI.

Check out this article.

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  1. Yeah, HG, those articles sure are silly – and subjective. Apparently Cook fans are riled up because he was left off the list altogether – go figure.

    I just watched SOT from Nashville – poor David, he sounded so congested and his voice a bit strained. It must hurt to sing when you’re sick. I hope he gets some down time soon….feel better David 🙂

  2. David himself admitted he wasn’t his best “performance-wise” on his twitter.

    Of course, LittleM, if one is still “competing,” I could see why the Cookies would be livid.

    BTW, where is Brooklyndawn? Come out and play! You are absolutely missed! 🙂

    See, this is why, as Archies, we need to move out of our provincial thinking. Like I said, the closing-ranks, the cheerleading, the incessant obsessing over one show to the next, one VIP to the next, is unnecessarily excluding those fans who are either missing out or want to move on to some other aspect of David’s career. I’d hate to see valuable fans just disappear because of this narrowing of focus.

  3. Indeed. The competition never ends. I shouldn’t read these lists, but somehow I always do. Perhaps all the SVBing has turned clicking on links into something of a reflex?

    Speaking of lists, a Fox listing of the most successful runner-ups had David at number five — and Constantine Maroulis at number four. We are collectively appalled.

    I’ve often wondered why the Cookies are never happy. He won. He sold more albums. His songs are getting airplay. He’s on all the major talk shows, like, all the time. Did they think or hope that David would vanish into thin air after Idol?

  4. Peter, if David vanished into thin air, then they would never have to worry about Cook getting outshined ever again.

    Interesting too that for all the hype and RCA/19E support Cook gets, he only managed to outsell David by small numbers.

    Ain’t no putting a genie back into the bottle once it gets out.

    David Archuleta is here to stay! 🙂

  5. BTW, Constantine Maroulis is an a$$ but I hear he’s doing well on and off Broadway. Got to play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar (a role I’m sure David could act circles around him, I’m sure).

    I’d follow David! 🙂

    I’d run the other way if it were Constantine.

  6. David’s tweet about the three Teen Choice Awards has been deleted? I mean the one with the link to his official website.

  7. That’s the one that I thought seemed strange and so out of character. If it’s no longer there, maybe David didn’t authorize it to begin with?

  8. HG, I think you’re right. It was a nice idea, though, in my opinion, but they shouldn’t have called it “a blog.”

  9. Of course, the idea of using David’s Twitter account without his permission is not nice. But as a promotional idea, it was nice.

  10. Good morning everyone,

    AI Legacy: It’s Always a Competition, Isn’t It?
    YES it is. And speaking of competition and Constantine, I got a good laugh out of this 8/7 article.

    “American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis, 33, got his butt kicked by an Abdul hater…”

  11. Good morning everyone:

    AI Legacy: It’s Always a Competition, Isn’t It?
    YES it is. And speaking of competition and Constantine, this article made me laugh.

    “American Idol” alum Constantine Maroulis, 33, got his butt kicked by an Abdul hater…”

  12. HG,
    Forgive the double post. For some reason, my initial post didn’t appear to go thru. I’m fine if one is deleted.

    Thanks!!!! (note the exclamations) 😀

  13. For every exclamation point, you must vote thirty (30) times in a David-related poll of your own choosing.

    An expression of doubt about Team Utah is forty (40) votes, and a bad word about David’s co-manager is fifty (50) votes.

  14. Obscure Asian contests are perfect for this purpose. Just perfect.

  15. Thank you, Burkey!!! (I will now vote ninety times.)

  16. peter

    Sorry about that link…..

    I though better of it after I posted it.

    This place should remain pure, no voting thingys & no exclamation marks.

    I see you used 3 exclamation marks ?

  17. woops…..thought……

  18. It’s okay, Burkey. I think the writer wants Adam Lambert to win. She clearly has no idea who she is dealing with.

    David will winnnnnnn!!!!

  19. Hi. I too hate the constant polls, etc. However, I do understand the cumpulsion to want to vote to have David be at the top of any poll. I think that we all love David so much and want everyone in the world to see him for the great singer/person that he is and it really, really bugs me that he doesn’t yet (so impatient) have the respect that he deserves by all the dj’s and program directors so that I can actually hear him on the radio in the SF Bay Area. I think that if and when David becomes more widely played on the radio and more people realize who and what he is all about (non-idol fan-type people), then we (I) won’t have this need to prove it on a poll or to try to use any poll as a shout-out tothe media to wake up and see The Voice. Then we won’t have to feel the need to keep the “buzz” going. David as we know creates “buzz” whereever he goes and eventually the whole world will fall in line and then “who cares about any poll”.

  20. Collegemom,

    I, too, understand why it pays off to vote in polls, and I appreciate that people have the energy to vote nonstop. I think that some people, present company included, have occasional problems with the Archuletaville town administration, and sarcasm serves as a coping mechanism.

    • It should be clear by now we cannot vote him to stardom. We have been voting literally non-stop since AI and he has been winning every little silly contest out there in the cyberspace. The reality is, a year and half later, he has no national visibility (other than the occasional internet buzz), no air play across the country, and no singles that are charting. All this voting doesn’t seem to be doing the job of propelling him from Archuletaville to the rest of the world. That’s why you hire professional management. Fans don’t make a star; professional management does (insert mental exclamation mark).

      • That’s true.

        I’m patiently waiting for the inevitable disaster that will rid us of Team Utah. Que sera, seraaaa…

      • Amen YJfanofdavid!!!!!

        I agree w/almost everything you say. However, I’ve discovered that the iCarly & Hannah Montana reruns along w/the touring have given David considerable exposure on the national and international levels. I’m always surprised at the # of young people who say that they never saw David on Idol; I was surrounded by them at the Sioux Falls concert. Also, just by reading tweets, quite a few non-idol people have discovered David via his tours.

        As for voting, I’ll vote on occasion but not as heavily as I did last year. I too believe that good management is key for David to advance further in his career.

      • Desertrat, I have been to a few concerts myself and I noticed there is devoted group of repeat concert goers who show up everywhere. I believe he is gaining new fans at every concert– hundreds at each concert perhaps? Still kind of glacier speed, isn’ it? Gaining fans one concert at a time doesn’t compare in any way to what he could gain by proper exposure in the national media and/or radio airplay. The enthusiasm in the Archuletaville and the indifference in the rest of the world make lonely and frustrated fans — and perhaps voting is our passive aggressive way of expressing the frustration.
        Having said that, it remains the fans’ frustration, not his. From what we see, he is enjoying and grateful for where he is now. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for this fan.

        Peter, I am afraid Team Utah/Co-manager is his Achilles’ heel and he will never be rid of it, disaster or not.

      • YJfanofdavid,

        That’s possible. I think that, at some point, he will have to choose between stepping aside or ruining his son’s career.

      • Isn’t the co-manager under contract with Jive? He won’t be able to go until the contract is expired. And wouldn’t that be at the same time as David’s contract expires? Wasn’t the contract an all in one deal?

      • Good question. Does anyone know the answer?

        I don’t think Azoff is under contract with Jive. I think his management team, including both the professional and unprofessional section, has a deal with David?

        I was hoping that Jive and Azoff would simply refuse to cooperate with the co-manager at some point.

  21. peter,

    You mean TeDA?

  22. I was talking about Team Utah. What was TeDA again? The same thing?

    In Archuletaville, David’s co-manager is the mayor and FOD is the town council.

  23. I don’t have the energy to vote non-stop but I sure can’t help always wanting him to be on top – not so much to beat anyone but to shout out “David’s here and don’t you ever forget it”. (and David never, ever thinks that way himself – that’s why I need him as a grounding role model!) oops – exclamation mark. David just brings out the exclamation mark in us all.

  24. From Joymus on the last thread:

    “BTW – in case you’re wondering, TeDA is my new acronym for Team David.”

  25. David has said himself many times that he is not competitive, so I think that may be one reason why some of us fans get in to these polls & want him to win or at least do well.

    He never asks us to vote for him like many of the others competing against him ask their fan base. So we as fans are “speaking” for him maybe?

    Plus we are clamoring for publicity for him.

  26. Hey everyone! Since this issue of management vs. fan obsessive voting keeps coming up, I have an upcoming article on TDC next Wednesday that’s very timely on this issue.

    Stay tuned! 🙂

  27. HG

    Great……I’ll be interested in your perspective on those issues, for sure…..

  28. HG, we surely willlllll!!!!!

  29. Oh my, Peter. Your fingers must be getting sore. I do hope you are also attending to S and B, though the S part seems to be falling on deaf ears, so perhaps B should be at the forefront. Avoiding all explanation points here…
    Are ellipses subject to additional duties?

    Aside to HG: Love your blog. I always look forward to the next one (insert appropriate punctuation mark here)

  30. Welcome, Knotliser! Long time no hear. 🙂

  31. Knotliser,

    I like S, especially on AOL Music, although I’m sometimes tempted to explore what else they have to offer. I’ve also done some B.

    Ellipses are fine.

  32. “I was hoping that Jive and Azoff would simply refuse to cooperate with the co-manager at some point.”

    How do we know that Jive and Azoff HAVEN’T already refused to cooperate with said co-manager?

    Let’s think about this. No ads, no promos for this Demi/David tour (all the promos have been coming from Demi’s team). No single released and promoted, no guest appearances on TV, no real national buzz about David.

    Contrast this to the support he received last fall when they were pushing for “Crush’s” success.

    This is very strange.

  33. Why worry?
    There’s no hurry

    There may be issues
    but all we really need
    is a box of tissues

    The answer, you see,
    is positivity and SVB

    • HG, I don’t know if you allow cursing on your feel free to delete this if it is inappropriate…

      but I just have to say…
      peter – You are cracking my s*** up today!

      I love this blog!

      sorry for the exclamations…for the offense I will find Richard 100 new followers on Twitter 😀

      • I love your Twitter idea.

        We need to make a list of what we can do:

        1. Give David fifty (50) votes in an obscure online poll (preferably in a foreign language, so that the only words you understand are “David Archuleta.”)

        2. Find Richard one hundred (100) new followers on Twitter. (I’m convinced that many people would actually try to do this, if asked.)

      • Peter,

        This is for your 50 votes for speaking badly of the Xmas album: an obscure online poll (preferably in a foreign language, so that the only words you understand are “David Archuleta.”)

      • Perfect. Thanks!

      • Peter, Are you you-know-who? 😉 All of sudden it kind of dawned on me…Enjoy reading what you have to say here (exclamation omitted). By the way, in the obscure Asian fansite linked above is a contest for the most oppositional resident in the Aruchuletaville, and guess what, Peter, you are in the lead. 🙂

  34. Oh yeah, SVB!!!!! (Lots of exclamation points!!!!)

    Why worry? 🙂

  35. On a more serious note, the circumstances wearing a cap and being what they are, maybe David’s label has decided not to risk any portion of the profit they made on his album?

  36. BTW, from what I’m hearing, it sounds like it’s David who needs the box of tissues for his issues.

  37. David’s label is timid, while his management is … (let me stop myself before I’m forced to cast votes in a senseless poll).

    Sounds like we’ll need many more tissues for our issues.

  38. I’m looking forward to your article on this, and on the Shonleta collaboration.

  39. Richard said we need a box of tissues when the Christmas album comes out.

    I just realized you can interpret that in two ways.

  40. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do a live chat on here sometime? 😀

  41. You people are a riot tonight 🙂


  42. Peter 12:40


    We have poetry now? Hum, you know where it ends, don’t you? Next thing we’ll have a merry-go-round.

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