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If David Were My BFF…

I’d cherish this moment forever…Omigosh Ashley! 🙂

Maintaining the Voice


David’s latest blog:

Hello there to all of you who are reading!

Just another week of updating here. This last week has been pretty interesting since I’ve had the little challenge of trying to perform even though I was struggling with losing my voice. It’s actually been a pretty good learning experience though! I struggled quite a bit the last 3 shows, but what’s interesting is that I loved all 3!
Minneapolis, and then 2 solo shows in Sioux Falls and Milwaukee haha. I think it made me appreciate what I’ve been doing even more, and made me realize the most important thing isn’t blasting away at every high note perfectly. There’s a lot more to music and performing than that, and I need to remember that there’s a connection and feeling in music that doesn’t come by hitting each note technically perfect. I guess I just needed to lose my voice to remember that haha. Anyway, I could go on with that but I probably wouldn’t make any more sense than what I already said :).

Wednesday we had our acoustic show, and that was really fun! We just did stripped down versions of the songs, and I think it allowed people to focus more on the music side of things rather than just the energy. It was a really laid back mood too, and I felt really comfortable. It’s definitely something I’d like to do again!

So my buddy Ashlee has come out for a few days!! It’s been fun having a friend here for me (and for everyone else) to hang out with. I had her come on stage the last 2 shows we had in Sioux Falls and Milwaukee to sing for the encore. We sang Lean On Me, which is a song we used to always sing together at home haha. It’s good to have friends who are and have been there for you no matter what changes you may be going through, and who still treat you with the same respect that they had before – even when everyone else is treating you differently haha. But it’s been great singing that song, and it’s a great song that represents a good friendship.

Something that Ashlee, Kendra and I got to go to after the Minneapolis show was the Parachute and The Script concert! Both acts have really great music and are really talented! We got to talk to both bands afterwards, and they were all really nice and cool guys. You never know how people really are until you get to really talk to them and meet them. So when people are genuine and appreciative of what they have even when they’re successful, I find them really admirable and have a lot of respect for them. So it’s cool to see that and feel that energy from them.

So today is a day off in Nashville, and I had a writing session! One of the writers I worked with today, Joy Williams, actually was one of the writers of Waiting For Yesterday. I’ve had one of her songs (Every Moment, great song!) as my song for the day before too. The other talented writers were Matt Bronleewe and Andrew Frohm (sp? haha.) But I had a really good time. It’s so much fun getting to write and be in the studio! I also did some recording for the Christmas album when I had a day off in Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to doing more writing and recording! I really hope you guys like the Christmas stuff. We’ve really been working on trying to have the songs be heartfelt and have that spirit of Christmas in them. So I hope you guys like it! Well I have a bunch of people waiting for me to come join them dinner, so I’m gonna eat some food now! So ciao as I chow down haha.

Song for the day: She Is Love – Parachute

Another David is Born

jhudA little off topic but David related all the same.  Earlier today, on August 11, one of David’s favorite Idols, Oscar and Grammy winner  and fellow Idol alum Jennifer Hudson, gave birth to her first child, a son named David Daniel Otunga, Jr.  How cool is that? 🙂

I got this news from MJ’s Blog.

Despite her tragic loss of her mother, brother, and nephew last year, 2009 was a year of comebacks for J-Hud, first singing the National Anthem at this year’s Superbowl (and inspiring David, singing the following week at the Pro Bowl, to tune in to her SSB rendition on his cell phone while skipping out on the big game), then winning a Grammy, and most recently performing at Michael Jackson’s memorial.

Now, Jennifer Hudson – who inspired David to attend his first AI concert tour during Season 3 – takes on motherhood. I wish her the best in raising a hopefully musical son who shares a name with my “beloved.”

Congratulations, Jennifer!