Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Oh David, How I Missed You!

Just catching up and catching my breath after the stripped down version of “Desperate”:

The apology in advance (AS IF!!!), the VOICE, the passion, the smile at the end, the intake of water from a bottle.

David, you will always know how to rock my world! 🙂

And, yes, Joymus, I agree that this should have been performed at the TCA show, preferably just before the Breakout Award was handed out.

What a welcome home that would have been to see my David on TV again.

We can never discount the power of good management.

Big Winner at Teen Choice Awards: Congratulations, David!


What great news to come home to!  Winning all three awards that he was nominated for at TCA (Best Love Song, Breakout Artist, and Best Concert Tour with Demi Lovato), David proves he can still come out on top, promotions or no promotions.

Of course, a dedicated fanbase will go a long way. 😉

Now, so much catching up to do: too bad I missed all the drama when a certain visitor showed up at TDC, but what’s this I hear about an “Executive Producer” on the Christmas album?


I thought said party was “neutralized.”  Or, does the scandal have to be bigger next time around (and let’s face it, guys, you know there will be a next time).

BTW, what does “Reikogate” mean? Anybody?

Also, thanks to all you great and wonderful blog sitters for keeping my blog active in my absence – Peter, Joymus, LittleM, Desertrat, Burkey, Valbraz. You’re all are so awesome for creating a nice community here (and away from certain group think ideologies).  

Now, please get me up to date.

Recaps, folks, RECAPS! 🙂

“I Coulda Been a Contender” Series: #7

Perhaps it’s still a contender, since ZERO GRAVITY was not included on David’s debut album but was available in an i-tunes fan pack.  I don’t really need to make an argument for why this should not only be a single but why it should be playing on the radio like RIGHT NOW while it’s still summer, and while we’re in need of some great summer hits.  This song is perfect for the club, perfect for the beach, and definitely perfect for the car radio as you’re riding on a long stretch of road going at least 80.  Enjoy!