“I Coulda Been a Contender” Series: #6

This haunting, gorgeously sung and penned tune, SOMEBODY OUT THERE, is the kind of single I would have wanted released just to raise the bar and get David seriously considered during awards season nominating time.  Just listen to the vocals, the lyrics, the melody, and tell me if David isn’t destined for some amazing work ahead.  Simply stunning!

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  1. Valbraz,
    From the moment I saw the names I recognized that close knit group. They are former Snarkies but regular IDF’s.

  2. I hate this. It’s definitely a specific subset of the media that are out to bash David. Unfortunately it is “Influencers” – music critics, the alternative press, radio – these jerks could derail his pop career. This is why I sometimes think he might be better off going in a more groban-ish direction. I’m not saying making Groban-ish music per se, but shifting focus away from the pop scene, focusing on gaining fans through album sales, singing on soundtracks, performances, etc….

    OR if not, Team David should take the complete opposite approach and get some top PR consultation, to find out the best way to combat these perceptions. If the tastemakers continue to heckle and insist everywhere they can that david is not “cool”, he will continue to struggle to get airplay on pop radio.

    I still think the best thing David could do for his pop career would be to separate from his Utah team professionally and record his next album independently with highly-talented producers….like Janet Jackson did with “Control.” Maybe Jive delayed the next pop album with the hope that David might gain a little independence in the interim?

    Isn’t this strange, David has been giving amazing performances lately, working his booty off, and all he is getting is bad press. What the heck is that all about??????!!?!

  3. I, too, think that the Utah team needs to go, except for Dean Kaelin, who has a career independent of David. They are probably preventing Jive and Azoff from doing their part properly, with Jeff hiring people and so on. Part of the problem may be that, under the current circumstances, Azoff is not able to take care of everything.

    • I think you are probably right about Jeff vs. Azoff. I think all the band changes are symptomatic of this. Originally Azoff/Jive wanted a professional touring band. Jeff held auditions in Utah anyway – wanted Utah musicians. Jive put their foot down, and David toured with his first session musician band (“The Dang-Its”). Then again another attempt for a Utah based band, with bringing on Kendra, Eli, Alex, Mike. Then somehow Alex and Eli are out, two much more experienced guys are in (to be fair, I loved Alex and Eli). To me the band changes all seem like a tug of war between the different management parties.

      Of course, I could be making all this up too! lol!!!

  4. Also, I hate the idea of David having to put up with just about anything from deejays to get airplay.

  5. I also feel that despite great sales for Crush and media buzz like crazy, David is snickered at for his personality and unfortunately his family baggage as well. Talent aside, he just doesn’t seem to fit the pop star image they have in their minds regardless of what he accomplishes, and that is sad.

    BTW – did you all see the post on FOD concerning Shonleta? Little M, here is where your idea comes in. Apparently 2 of Shontelle’s site administrators got a lot of feedback about her fangirling over David and her label is open to the idea. FOD created a poll because they would like to get an estimated idea of voters all for this idea. I voted – yes.
    I would love to see David experiment with other genres, producers, etc. You never know what will happen down the road.

  6. This is the message FOD received from the admin of ShontelleOnline.com and ShontelleMusic.com:

    “Recently I’m sure you would of noticed the Shonleta post that circulated around the internet, and It actually gained alot more attention in the online world than we thought it would! We did it purely just for fun and good memories.

    “But how about we try to make a Shontelle and David Archuleta duet really happen? I think that would be awesome and they’re are both working on new albums & material, Shontelle’s sooner, if time plays out well, it probably can happen.”

  7. You guys, that is an awesome development. If David’s management won’t help his image, his friendships and collaborations with other artists can make a major positive impact in his pop credibility. Look how somehow Demi Lovato gained instant credibility by writing with John Mayer (I still don’t fully believe she is an actual songwriter, but that’s another issue…).

    Shontelle is great…I love her “T-Shirt” song..it was written by Wayne Wilkins, who I believe also wrote “Touch My Hand” and “Barriers.” I believe she writes a lot of her own stuff too. You know, I’ve often thought R & B audiences and the Latino demographic are two that could be very strong portions of David’s fanbase if they were marketed to correctly. They seemed to do a little of this when the album dropped with David’s appearance on MTV Tr3s, but there has been barely promotion outside kids/tweens since. When I was at the Chicago HOB, there was a 20-30 something Honduran guy next to me, he loved David because he made him proud for his heritage. What ever happened to the Spanish version of “Crush”?

  8. One other thing….a duet on Shontelle’s album would be a great way for David to keep visibility in the pop scene…who knows how long it will be before that next pop album is released???

  9. Little M,
    I really hope that this opportunity can happen for David. Another demographic is the young african-american community. Many of them are getting to know David through Shontelle, if they don’t already. It can only help cement his popularity across diverse ethnic groups.

    • Joymus — Absolutely! Another young singer I think he should collaborate with is JoJo. Interestingly, she’s a white teen girl, but because of her soulful vocals is actually considered more R&B/pop than straight teen pop. Her fanbase is very diverse and has a strong African-American contingent, from what I can see online. I think she would be another great person for David to collaborate with.

      I’d much much rather see David collaborate with people like Shontelle, JoJo, maybe a young Latina (Nelly Furtado?) than the Disney types.

  10. LittleM,

    I didn’t know that about the very first band. I guess the VRS-related fan sites don’t discuss this type of things.

    • I know for sure band auditions were held in Utah by Jeff and Co., but then nothing came of it. When it was asked why the eventual L.A.-based band was chosen for the Jingle Balls, someone in David’s camp indicated the label pushed for it.

      Then I remember when the Dang-Its were fired and the fanbase was worried, the VRS talked about how that band was too expensive at over $100K/month (why the fans needed this detail, I do not know). Everything else is speculation on my part, but these things I saw on FOD back at the time…

  11. Dear Jive and Azoff,

    Please get rid of Jeff and save David’s career.

    Thank you.

  12. I agree that David’s had all the Utahn influence he can possibly deal with. Shonleta is a great idea too! Yes, LittleM – that could help David get some radio play. I also believe the Christmas album is a Utah team’s brainchild. Somehow I can’t see Jive behind this project. But that doesn’t matter anymore. Que sera, sera…

  13. Valbraz,

    I’m also beginning to believe that the Christmas album is Team Utah’s brainchild. The high level of unprofessionalism is a strong indication of that. If Team Utah is responsible for this project, then there will be little to no promotion. Que sera, indeed.

    I think this Utahan stage of David’s career will end in a disaster, but I know I will enjoy the music, no matter what happens. And David will get a second chance because of his exceptional and undeniable talent.

    If David does a radio promotion tour, Jeff will probably travel with him. For the deejays, that will be like shooting a sitting duck.

  14. There is a rumor that the opening act will be a very special surprise tonight. My guess is that it is Daniel. We shall see….

  15. LM, I was thinking about that too. His twitter activity has been practically non-exixtent this past week and he’s normally a twitterbug.

    this is VERY far-fetched, I’m also wondering if there could be a possibility for the lead singer to Script to make an appearance. David saw them in concert just last night. IDK – the first possibility is more likely.

  16. There’s also a rumor that Demi is at the TCA tonight. I hope the David & Demi tour wins one of those surfboards.

  17. Actually The Script is performing tonite in Chicago — I’m going to see them! 🙂

  18. What time is David’s show EST?

    LM – Enjoy! Through David, I watched a couple of their vids on YT. I quite like them. The man w/o a name? is a great song.

  19. This is one of the best songs I have heard in years:

  20. Peter,
    Your link does not play!

  21. Dang it. Let’s see if this works:

  22. I also discovered The Script through David – bought their CD a couple months ago I guess and I LOVE it. They have so many great songs. Breakeven, Rusty Halo, and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved are probably my favorites, but I love We Cry too, as well as the other songs on their CD….their lead singer also has a fantastic unique voice (like someone else we know, eh? 😉 )

  23. Yeah – grooving to the beat! – LOL! It is a work of art. The one I could not remember was – The man who won’t be moved.

    I wish David has this kind of third world groove. It would make him seem more-hip (Music-wise).

    Maybe because I was born in another country – I have always had a preference for British/European groups. I think they take more risks with their music. Its more experimental and the overall sound just unique imo.

  24. Where were you born, Joymus? I was born here but have spent time living in Europe. Sounds like we share some musical tastes! I love Brit jangle rock…ie…Morrissey, Travis, Keane…as welll as EuroPop like Lily Allen and Mika!!!

  25. Strange enough – the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact. We are a multi-cultural cosmopilitan society. Almost everyone is mixed racially – Black, East Indian, White, Chinese, Spanish, French, Lebanese, Syrian and Carib (indian native). Throughout our history – we were colonies of Spain, France, and lastly Britain, so many of the british customs remain. And yes, we drive on the other side of the road -lol!

    Our radios played music from around the world and we are responsible for Soca/Calypso and the invention of the Steel Drums. I was also exposed to classical music, so my musical taste run the gamut.
    As a matter of fact, I am still trying to learn all the different aspects of American Music but my musical sensibilities are outside of the USA.

  26. Peter,
    What part of the world are you from?

    I think we may soon have to move over to an underused thread. Hmmm.

  27. Joymus, one of my best friends is from Trinidad!!!! His mom moved back there recently. Interesting what you say about the multi-culturalism, b/c he looks Indian rather than Carribean, due to his roots! It’s really interesting.

    Peter, I’m also curious about you, as you sort of appeared out of the blue on HG’s blog! Did you used to post somewhere else before?

  28. LM,
    That’s Terrific!
    Externally I’m black but I also have Carib, Spanish, Scottish and Portuguese ancestry. My grandparents spoke Spanish and Patois (broken French but not Haitian Creole). As a matter of fact for Christmas, the whole country engages in Parang Festivals which are competitions for the best group singing Parang Music. It is a custom from Venezuela, we are only 6 miles fron Venezuela, it is songs about the birth of Christ in Spanish.

    We also have a large East Indian population who came as indentured workers after slavery was abolished. They contributed also many customs and religions to our society. Hinduism, Muslims, Baha’i for example. I grew up watching Indian movies with subtitles (bollywood) every Saturday afternoon – lol!

  29. LM – what time is your show?

    When I first came to live in the US, I was always stumped by the race question because I never really had to think about it before.

  30. my show is at 9:30 – I better get a move on lol!!!

    Thanks for sharing about your background – that is so interesting!!! Makes me want to visit Trinidad even more now 🙂

  31. LM – Maybe next time you’ll tell me a bit about yours. Have fun!

  32. Thanks – ciao ciao!!!

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