“I Coulda Been a Contender” Series: #5

I haven’t heard much love coming from the Archies for this sweet ditty called RUNNING.  But I absolutely love this tune. It’s got a bit of R&B soul, a bit of a Stevie Wonder vibe going on, a bit of Jason Mraz here and there, and the flow is just so easygoing and fun.  It’s swingin’! I think it’s the kind of single that would really push David beyond so much of the stereotypical baggage he’s had to contend with: from being “squeaky clean” to being “Disney” to being a “cheesy” American Idol alum.  I also think the music video concept would have been lots of fun.

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  1. David Archuleta: Running (and giving high fives)

  2. I think the cellcast was canceled, and there will be no videos from tonight’s special concert?

  3. No Peter, I understand the policy was not David’s but the venue’s. He actually apologized, but you never know if some lucky person is able to evade security – lol!

  4. BTW, thanks for finding these old vids. It always helps to remind you just how far Davud has come and also why he developed the devotion he did.

  5. For the record, Running is one of my favorite songs on the album. It sounds like something one would hear on a smooth jazz station.

    Peter, thx for the tour video; I never tire of watching those.

    I’m listening in on the FOD chat now. Dave (bassist) actually resembles David.

  6. Dave (bassist @ FOD chat) must have just read my post. He just said people have told him that David looks like his little brother. 🙂

  7. He really does. His hair is also as black and thick as David’s in person.

    And Yes, from all reports from people who were at the show – the no camera/cellphone policy was a David-made decision.

    I only recently replaced my CD of the album which I left behind months ago on a visit to my home country. As a result, I actually re-appreciating the couple songs David does not perform in concert namely Desperate and Running.

  8. No news today.

    Dave Filice on Ultimate Ears:

  9. I love Running too… it’s one of my most played songs… I’m still wondering why David said that he would have replaced it with WFY if he’d had the chance. Of course, I love WFY too…

  10. Well Peter and DRt.
    We got our concert wishes come true tonight. Desperate and a mature version of I’ll Be. Strange enough Running will be the only underperformed song from his CD. He only attempted it one time.

    Vee – Nice to see you here.
    HG should be back in the next couple days.

  11. Cause you’re deeeeesperaaaate:

  12. Oh boy..I have listened to Desperate 4 times today and it is just breathtaking!

    Desperate never really stood out to me on the album, but this live performance is amazing!

    I found a really good quality audio & video of it that I downloaded.
    Here is that link so you can take a look:

  13. Thank you, Burkey. The quality is excellent.

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