“I Coulda Been a Contender” Series: #2

The next single I would have loved to have seen released from David’s debut album is BARRIERS.  It’s a really cute song with a distinct melody and bass line.  Also, I think it would have shown some gradual maturation on David’s part, when you think of him debuting with a “crush,” then moving on to “Waiting for Yesterday,” asking some love interest to consider him since he promises to be a better lover.  “Barriers” now gets into the arena of broken relationships and heartbreak.  Enjoy!

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  1. I’m not familiar with the music business, but ALTNOY was the second best-selling track after the album was released. That may be the reason why ALTNOY became the second single.

    My favorites are “Barriers,” “My Hands,” “Waiting for Yesterday,” and “Let Me Go.”

  2. I just read the latest thread (“Hey Baby, Let’s Go to Vegas!”) at TDC, and for the first time after American Idol, I’m worried.

    Seems like every aspect of David’s career is managed by amateurs. Well, Jive and Azoff are not amateurs, but it appears that their role is secondary. The official fan site is a mess, and the Christmas album will become one.

    HG, when you come back, could you please write an article about this? IMO, the situation is alarming.

    • Peter,
      Have you read the recent developments? Richard paid us a visit at TDC to answer questions about the Christmas album. Now, ain’t that special? We never heard from these people. Perfect timing! Made me sick.

  3. HG, you’re off on vacay and you’re missing all the dramz! haha!!

    That’s okay. peter, Valbraz, Mike and I are holding down the fort here at Soul David 🙂 …. don’t imagine we’ll be getting any special visitors – but I guess you never know these days! hehe

  4. Valbraz, yes, I’m aware of the recent developments. What an interesting day.

    David won’t have a bona fide career until Jeff steps aside. Jeff won’t step aside until he has no other options. This probably means that there’ll be two, maybe three more scandals or other career catastrophes.

    Jeff hiring people is a catastrophe in the making. Jeff won’t hire competent professionals because he feels threatened by them. He wants people he can control. That’s why he is hiring young fans who feel that they owe him something.

    It’s difficult for new fans to find information about David because his website is a big mess and he doesn’t have a publicist. What we have instead is Richard dropping hints about things he shouldn’t be talking about and Jeff acting as an information source for fansites. These sites return the favor by pretending that everything is just fine.

    The person who’s supposed be working on David’s website is following him around with a camera. She is not qualified for this job, nor is she objective enough. She is in love with David’s goofy side, so we have lots of videos that fans of course love but that don’t make any sense to possible new fans. They also include a lot of baby talk and giggling. These videos don’t portray David as a serious artist.

    Making the Christmas album available through FOD is another catastrophe in the making. Unofficial fansites should never become involved in the business side of the artist’s career.

    Jive and Azoff are top-notch professionals, but Jeff’s involvement is preventing them from doing their job. One of the reasons for the inadequate tour promotion is the scandal that became public just before the tour. Reportedly, David canceled several radio interviews because of the scandal.

    Whoever advised him to decline the invitation to perform at TCA is an idiot.

    These are my impressions. I don’t know what exactly is going on, but the situation sure is getting more obvious every day.

  5. Oh Peter,

    You have surely touched a nerve. You are not the only one who found those “Tour Vids” annoying. Apart from the poor editing, to me it showed an infantile side of David than boosting his image as a huge star in the making. My Gosh, did we really need enlightment on what takes place on a regular tour day? People were right to be annoyed with the granting of the website job to Amy. It it were properly announced or even offered to the fan base at large – David’s fans boast of many professional folks from all walks of life – then she would not have to hide from the public. Something is way not right with that situation. Who knows what next will emerge. The chances they take with his image – on camera and off – irks the heck out of me. It’s like playing with live dynamite. Good Grief!

    Yesterday, I was so upset for several reasons. Why ask fans to support the voting on TCA when you have advised your client or the client took it upon himself not to attend the show because of the papa drama. (If this is indeed factual).
    I also made several comments on TDC that they cannot take the fans of David for granted forever. People will get tired of the unprofessional management/label drivel and move on, not necessarily from David, but move on just the same in subtle ways.

    Last but not least, I realize that I am threading on holy grail here, but David will soon have to emerge from la la land – I’m a dork,etc. and take care of his business. He should learn how to market himself professionally and that can only be done with expert advice. People will forgive him this year based on his age and inexperience but by the time the next pop album appears – there will be no room for error.

  6. Joymus, I totally agree: when the next pop album appears, there’s no room for error.

    Something is up, as Freofan put it on TDC. I fear that this something is a disastrous decision regarding David’s management. Jeff may have done a great job with the school concerts and such in Murray, Utah, but he doesn’t seem to realize that they are not in Murray anymore.

    • Noooooo!!!! Please, please tell me the something that is up isn’t about dropping the professional side to the management? When freo said “something was up” I took it to mean something more personal. Freo – or anyone in the know – can you shed some light on this?

      By the way, this blog is fast becoming my favorite source of David info. I only wish it had a more continual flow of conversation. HG when you get back maybe we can talk about ideas for increasing the traffic? (if you’re interested in that, it’s your blog after all! 🙂 )

      • It was just speculation on my part. Jeff and Richard have become more active for some reason, and the Christmas album will probably be available through FOD.

        This is my favorite fansite as well.

  7. I personally think that he can have his dad co-manage for as long as this makes him comfortable, but in many other ways that count, especially image-making, its time to start taking baby steps forward. Not that he should portray something he is not, but at least a more mature artistic side. He should begin second-guessing decisions regarding his career, weighing its consequences. Even this situation with Amy, David is smart enough to have researched her background and contend that it would be a conflict of interest to have her on board or question the covert way her being on the site would reflect back on management. After all she was the admin of a well-known fansite.

    He could also as needed sound ideas off people who are more experienced in the entertainment indudstry as friends and family while well-meaning, are sometimes too close to the subject to see another side of things, or what the fans see from afar. Newer people provide a fresh perspective and would tend to be more objective, even blunt at times. Cute, adorable, I just want to sing, David is not sustainable over the long term without time and opportunity for self-reflection. Granted he is busy singing and touring but a time comes when he has to stop and take stock. He shouldn’t really have to sweat the small stuff but in reality – he does, as every serious artist out there will tell you.

    • Hi Joymus!
      What you say here makes a lot of sense, but many in the fandom seem to wish for David to behave as a kid forever. ‘Please, never change, David!’, they say. How can we love him and wish for him to be ridiculed for behaving like a kid? I don’t understand that.
      He needs to let go of the childish things and face the realities of his chosen business that affect his chances of having a solid career and being taken seriously.

      “Cute, adorable, I just want to sing, David is not sustainable over the long term without time and opportunity for self-reflection.”

      Absolutely right!

  8. You are so right about new and more experienced people providing a fresh perspective and a certain level of bluntness.

    I believe a professional designer could fix the website in a day. I assume Amy has been working on it at least since that strange what’s-your-favorite-bird-giggle-giggle tour video.

    Also, you can almost always count on the tour posters and other materials to be horrible. Why can’t they use professional designers?

    I have never been this interested in anyone’s career. Lately, after waiting patiently for things to change, I have been so frustrated with everything that I often feel like pulling my hair out. 🙂

    • ‘that strange what’s-your-favorite-bird-giggle-giggle tour video’

      That was funny! That interview was ridiculous to put it mildly.Is anyone else put off by the patronizing attitude towards David? Really, these girls are not kids anymore. Some people say they’re clever and have great sense of humour. For me they sound like a ‘David page’ at a Disney site for 8 year olds.

      Sorry I missed the discussion here. i was busy screwing up at TDC. I think I was rude to big R but believe me when I say I carefully toned down what I really wanted to say.

  9. Peter,
    I feel the same way about everything behind the scenes concerning David. So much so that today I was contemplating drawing back a bit and admiring him from afar. When I watch any other artist perform I don’t worry about intimate details about their music, image, promotion or marketing.

    Maybe my nose is too close to the fire because the little things are stressing me out big time instead of enjoying what he chooses to put out as an artist. Is becoming harder to see David without thinking of what ifs.

    If only he wern’t so darn charismatic and talented no one would give a fig about the back room stuff. When you look at other artists ( and I use the word loosely here) like Miley or Joe Bros – what comes to mind is slick, or smooth, and for now drama-free. I don’t wish for him to be burned unnecessarily by unprofessionalism but it may actually take a couple more instances before he wises up.

  10. Okay, Richard was over at TDC earlier, again today. I wish someone had asked him, is David cool with you posting here?

    Seems strange for management/insiders in a star’s career to be defending themselves to fans. Is this the norm? I haven’t been a big fan of anyone in years, since before web 2.0 😀

  11. The Christmas album will include a duet with Charice?

  12. Peter what are you saying? Did a little birdie whisper something in your ear?

  13. Hi…….mostly lurker here……..

    Regarding the duet with Charice……..
    Someone over at FOD saw it posted over at Charice’s twitter.


    Here is what she said:
    “Just done recording for @davidarchie xmas album. @davidarchie, i recorded somethin for you. You’re gonna laugh hard. LOL.”

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