Daily Archives: July 20, 2009

Showing Signs of Public Self-Awareness


I had caught it in the twitpic David shared of himself and his stuffed Totoro.  

But, this latest pic really makes it obvious that not only is David aware of a certain public image of cuteness and adorableness, he’s consciously making fun of it.  This is definitely the most tongue-in-cheek snarky I’ve ever seen him, or what David Cook once characterized as his “dry wit.”  There was a time David would be too honest, too self-conscious to “pose” and yet, here he is, giving of himself in a not-so-genuine way.  He is soooooo rebelling against the stereotype either his label/management or his fans have of him as this “super cute kid.”  I think he’s at that age where he truly wants to grow beyond this image, wants to be known for his music, and while he must “suffer” through Disney tween marketability, he’s going to passive-aggressively poke fun at himself (and at those of us insisting on his adorability factor).

And I gotta tell ya: I’m loving it! He’s finally taking stock of his public image and ready to poke a few holes in it.  Hopefully, once he’s at a place where we can take him seriously as a musician, he will continue to maintain this self-awareness and shape his public image on his own terms.