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David Dream: Sequence #14


I woke up in a sweat – the good kind. I just had my 14th David Dream. And it was a hot one! 🙂

I dreamed that, just outside the complex where I lived, a movie shoot was taking place.  It was for a new movie musical starring none other than David Archuleta.  When I wandered out, the movie director randomly picked me to be an extra.  My role?  To be a perfect stranger who walks by David, who randomly grabs me and pulls me in for a kiss – being that his character is a “Mack Daddy” type.  (See what happens when you tune into Demi Lovato webcasts where David gets called “Mack Daddy”?)  

Before my very important scene, I’m watching from the sidelines, and there are a bunch of repetitive scenes.  One of which was a really cool one featuring music that was similar to West Side Story’s “America.”  David does a flamenco dance with a dancer dressed up like Frida Kahlo before he breaks out into a dazzling solo number.  And he’s doing some amazing foot work and hip motion.  Seriously, he was slaying us left and right!  At this point, I’m jumping up and down thinking of how the movie is going to be and what my scene is going to be like.  There’s a point where I get to watch a playback of the dance scene, and they play it in slow motion, and David looks like a rock god movie star!  

Later on, the director introduces David to me before rehearsing the “random kiss of a stranger” scene.  My part is supposed to be easy: David grabs me, pulls me in for a kiss, and afterwards, I’m supposed to swoon. (As if I would need to play act that, right?)

David and I are all kinds of bashful meeting each other, but the director gets right into business, giving us our cues.  And before we get to practice our kiss, I wake up.

Dang it!

Fondly Remembering Sacramento, Under Pressure in LA

david_sacrementoHere’s David’s latest blog (I too have fond memories of Sacramento – ah, those jeans! That vest! GAH!):


I wanted to drop a quick line or two… or more.. haha. I’m in Sacramento right now, where I had my very first Jingle show during the holiday season last December. It was a lot of fun. At that specific show we had Katy Perry, Jesse McCartney, Boys Like Girls, and my good friend Shontelle!!! First time meeting all of them. We also didn’t have a show yesterday, so I just had some interview stuff and did things for the Rising Star Outreach foundation. I then went to see Harry Potter 6! It was a really good movie!

This last week was our San Jose show too, and my family came! I got to hang with them that night, and it was nice spending quality time with them, even though it was just for the night. The next day I had to fly out to Utah to do some recording, which is kind of funny since I was flying away from my family to go work in Utah haha. But it was great getting to record more Christmas music! After that I went to LA the next day to record some more Christmas songs. I am working with Eman on a bunch of these Christmas songs so it’s good working him again. Maybe we can get some pop stuff going after all this Christmas stuff too haha.

Tomorrow is the LA show, and I’m always nervous for anything in LA lol. It always seems like there’s more pressure, but I’m really excited for it! It should be fun with everyone coming. I have some friends coming too so I’m looking forward to seeing them! Some familiar faces.

I’d also like to mention that Brooke White’s new album has come out on iTunes! It’s so good!! So happy for Brooke :). It has that good old-fashioned raw sound to it, and it’s just refreshing to hear. I’m pretty sure the official release of her album is the 21st, but has been released on iTunes. Another good album that has come out is Owl City! I went to their concert a while ago and they have some really good stuff. So you should check both of those albums out.

So sorry this is a sloppy blog lol. I felt like it was organized in my mind, and there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot. But I guess it’s good that my mind has finally stopped going on and on and on about nothing. But hey I need to head to soundcheck now! I’ll talk to you all later!

P.S. it’s Tom Fletcher from Mcfly’s birthday tomorrow, so wish him a happy birthday!

P.P.S. A lot of you aren’t familiar with Totoro. He’s an anime cartoon character thing from a movie I loved when I was a kid haha. I really don’t know how to explain him. I’m sure he’s on google though. It’s from the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Songs for the day: When We Were One – Brooke White Hello Seattle – Owl City