More MJ & DJ Parallels

Because it’s that kind of playful, relaxing Sunday:

Little Michael:

Little David:

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  1. Though David has my heart today, I tip my hat to Michael for stage presence and vocal nuance. And now we know Jeff (1:37) has been wearing ball caps for at least 5 yrs. I think it’s about time he come to grip w/growing bald. 😉

  2. Desertrat – I have to agree with you about Michael’s superior stage presence and vocal nuances. But remember while David was learning LesMis at age 6, Michael was already honing his performance skills performing at talent shows and nightclubs.
    Michael was certainly poised for superstardom from a young age – what a loss for us all. Most of all I mourn the silencing of more creativity from such a talented individual.

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    Good points, Joymus. Michael started real early, while David has some catching up to do (but not for long, I don’t think). I believe both were the same age (11?) singing this song.

  4. I was blown away by that same video of Michael just a few days ago. David was a prodigy at 12, and that Shaheen guy is good too, but Michael was far and above even other prodigies, above other seasoned adult performers. I think he had been touring and performing for several years already, yes?

    The downside though was that Michael became a star too early. As Rascal said, David has been blessed with having a more-of-less a real childhood, and has come out more grounded.

  5. Both are so talented! Though Michael appeared a lot more seasoned…. sigh, tough childhood.

    Would David ever sing that way again? Or did that ruin his vocal cord?

  6. Did David ever cover “I’ll be there?” I would love to hear him sing that song.

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